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Nov 10, 08 at 9:54pmButchSmudge

Its on BBC1, Saturday at 7:20pm.
quote Wikipedia
Merlin is a British television drama series that began in 2008. It is based around the Arthurian legends of the mythical wizard Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur, though differs significantly from more traditional versions of the myth.



Colin Morgan - Merlin, a young sorcerer who attempts to keep his powers secret.

Bradley James
- Prince Arthur, the future King of Camelot.

Richard Wilson - Gaius, Camelot's court physician and one of the few to know Merlin's secret.

Anthony Head - Uther Pendragon, Arthur's father.

Edit: Changed start time, due it being wrong. Thanks BadWolf, for pointing that out.

Im added a Heroes, Villians section, Thanks to Badwolf for suggesting it and PM'ing me the entire list:


  • Merlin: Merlin will one day grow up to be the greatest wizard the world will ever know. For now he is just a young man, leaving home for the first time and entering the exciting world of Camelot.

  • Arthur: Blessed with good looks and outstanding fighting abilities, prince Arthur is the heir to Uther's Throne and has the future of Camelot on his shoulders.

  • Uther: King Uther maybe a tyrant, but has restored peace to Camelot after years of chaos. His hatred for magic runs deep and he will stop at nothing to banish it from the land forever,

  • Gaius: As Camelot's humble court physician, Gaius has learnt to keep his head down but Merlin's arrival on the doorstep changes everything.

  • Morgana: The orphan ward of King Uthur, Morgana is a feisty, spirited girl and her beauty in unparalleled to the kingdom.

  • Gwen: Gwen might only be a servant but she is noble of heart and counts her mistress Morgana as a close friend, despite the difference in their station. Gwen is short for Guinevere.

  • The Great Dragon: The Great Dragon has lived for centuries and knows all the secrets of past and prophecies of the future. For now he is a great help to Merlin in fulfilling his destiny, but Merlin should remember that the Dragon just to give advice and get nothing in return.

  • Lancelot: travels to Camelot to offer his services as a great fighter. From humble beginnings he has dreams of becoming a great knight and protecting Camelot. However, his upbringing prevents that from being so, a knight of Camelot must be of Noble blood.


  • Mary Collins: An old sorceress who is out for revenge after Uther executed her son, Thomas, for the use of magic. With the help of her magic pendant, she has the ability to shape shift, enchant through sound and and kill with the use of her voodoo doll.

  • Knight Valliant: A formidable warrior from the western isles, Knight Valliant was driven by greed and would do anything to win Camelot's famous tournaments, including using magic.

  • The Afanc: The beast bought to life by Nimueh; it is made of the elements created from clay and dwells in water. With it's rows of razor sharp teeth and strength, the Afanc is a formidable beast indeed.

  • Edwin: Edwin is a sly, secretive and bitter man that comes to Camelot claiming to have a cure for all ills. His face is terribly scarred as a result of the great purge, when his sorcerer parents were killed.

  • Soffia and Aulfric: Father and Daughter Soffia and Aulfric have been banished from Avalon and become mortals. If they want to return they must sacrifice Prince Arthur, to the Shde elders.

  • Mordred: Mordred is a young druid boy. The druids are a peaceful race that know all about Merlin 's destiny, but Mordred could be a bigger threat to Camelot than anyone anticipated.

  • The Black Knight:Brought back to life by Nimueh to reap revenge on Camelot, The Black Knight is the spirit of Tristan de Bois, Ygraine's dead brother. No mortal weapon can kill him.

  • Kanen: A ruthless and brutal barbarian, Kanen leads a group of bandits that wreak havoc across the kingdom. Him and his men attack the village of Ealdor where Merlin's mother still lives.

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    Dec 24, 12 at 4:09pm






    Dec 24, 12 at 2:20am
    advent kid

    Season 5 Finale Tomorrow, on Christmas.. sad it's the finale season though.

    Promo for 5x13 (finale) Merlin says " I have Magic" pretty obvious ending, in my opinion.

    hoping for a Arthur & Morgana closure in this episode.

    Oct 07, 12 at 3:32am

    Part 1 of Arthur's Bane was fantastic and the preview for next week looks orgasmic.

    Oct 06, 12 at 10:26pm
    advent kid

    Downloading the Season 5 Premiere at the moment, Anyone seen it yet?

    "Arthur's Bane (Part 1)" October 6th

    "Arthur's Bane (Part 2)" October 13th

    Episode 3 October 20th

    Better be some more Ar/Mor (arthur & morgana) Scenes since they only got one scene together the last season even though Morgana is still supposedly evil in Season 5

    Oct 03, 12 at 1:56pm

    quote Darknet
    So a fantasy show like this is still around after 4 seasons? Wow. Is it any good?
    It doesn't do much in the way of "new" or "innovative", but like Enhance said, it's a solid show. Very entertaining.

    Oct 03, 12 at 1:53pm

    quote Dragoon
    Can't wait! Just got around to read the spoilers a few posts up about this season and they sound good.

    Darknet, I think it's a pretty solid show. If you like fantasy television shows then I doubt that this would disappoint.

    Oct 03, 12 at 1:45pm

    So a fantasy show like this is still around after 4 seasons? Wow. Is it any good?

    Oct 03, 12 at 10:58am


    Aug 01, 12 at 10:14am

    Dont watch Merlin but after seeing the adverts for the new season can anyone tell me what song it is?

    Jul 16, 12 at 8:12pm
    advent kid

    Merlin Comic Con 2012 - MTVGeek Interview with Colin and Katie

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