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Oct 24, 08 at 12:05amAmano Murokumo

It'll never end.

But for those who would like to read, allow B~Smith and myself to describe to you the details of the tales of Adore.


Amano + Adore

My inspiration for Adore has been based from the following song.

Ava Adore

As I had mentioned in my interview, both the words and tone of the song etched a vague idea in my head which I shortly farmed and created into a story. This is often how I create most of my Roleplays, however Adore was different. It was a world of mentally vexed individuals playing with the idea of love in every possible way. What intrigued me about this, is that this wasn't 'fantasy'. The story itself is clearly based on a fantasy world, but the emotions that were being dealt with are all too real. They are things that all of us feel whether we like it or not. These people were dealing with the extremes of situations that if we expierenced even once in our life, we feel as though someone above hates us.


The mind is powerful, yes, but is it strong enough to deal with certain things? And what happens when it does give away to the weight of so many burdens? Do you pitifully end your life with a blade, or do you forcefully attempt to push what's causing your pain into hell itself? Mental downfall and strain was what Adore was about more than anything else. An interesting little story about guilds against each other stood as an attractive front man, but once you got in, you realized it was so much more.


Opal/Arachnid (who I'll refer to only as 'Opal' from now on) is the main character of Adore. When I went through the creation process, I wanted to have a very basic character to play as. He wore a black coat and had long black hair. Nothing really original about that. His mind, though. Well, his mind was generally a decent depiction of my own. The way he thought, responded, acted and sympathized was usually on par with my own ways. I think this fact easily drew me further into Adore as well. I didn't feel like I created something that was gonna become something I couldn't control, since I felt as if I was in it myself. Opal also wasn't a very extreme character. His true thoughts on things were often hidden - again like myself - and he took care of situations in the best ways he felt he could. His own selfish emotions usually took the back burner on low heat.


This is also a project where I didn't have an initial muse. The dark themes and the gothic art style of Adore was what I felt from that song, and sparked an interest in the style. From there, I ran with it until slowing down so B~Smith could catch up. Just as he joined most of mine, Brian Smith joined Adore as well. It didn't take long for him and myself to begin collaborating ideas via AIM and phone. Actually, with a nudge by a character named 'Ava', he was well on his way on creating the gods section of Adore. To this day, those ideas are his own. I have helped him with a few things here and there, but when you read about the gods, you're reading the works of Brian Smith himself.


Adore, the Role Play, has had three different Role Plays. The order in which the story is place chronologically goes as follows,

Adore: Shades of Black (Created third.)

Adore (Created first. Takes place about one-two years after SOB.)

Adore and Admire (Created second and takes place about half a year after 'Adore'.)

Shades of Black shows us how Geist came about, and how the guild Adore acted in it's earlier days. 'Adore' in it's own sense is the climax of the series. It's the middle child, yet the most drastic plot changes happen here. Adore and Admire was almost a sort of fan-fiction for myself. In a nutshell, it's Opal vs. Love.


All three are different in purpose while having the same vivid malevolent theme. And all of these stories will be summed up, and given the endings they never received.

Content rated 'M'
Blood and Suggestive themes present

Skip ahead to read. I'd like to use this spot for credits.

Billy Corgan- Thank you for making such a song to inspire such a story. Among other things.

B~Smith- Thank you for joining and helping me make the heights of Adore.

Andrea Driscoll- For allowing me the expierence of capturing her as the character of Junebug.

Broken Alleluia- Thank you for loving Mercury.

Aulis Vaara- By God, thank you for creating such an interesting character.

Keiichi/Lei14- Thank you for letting me post such a Role Play.

Following - in no particular order - is a list of people who I'd like to thank for initially joining said Role Plays

-Servent of the god
-Norad 2

Adore and Admire
-Warrior of Chains
-Broken Alleluia
-Servent of the god

Adore: Shades of Black
-The Shadow Sun
-Aulis Vaara
-Warrior of Chains
-Broken Alleluia
-Tyto 72

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Nov 14, 08 at 2:31pm

Hey. I ain't noticed this thread 'til now. Good stuff.
Now, since everyone else's been postin' info here, I will post here just to wrap up some o' my character's loose ends if ya don't mind.

This is the last post in which Five-C appeared; I'd made it long ago and it remained inconclusive because the thread had died.

Now, what I'd say happens after that is that is this: Five-C survives his fight with Kenhé, manages to save Consonna from captivity and, just when he's about to go off to reunite with Geist, she convinces him to come back with her to their world. Being a team player, Five-C concludes that his own world needs his help more than Geist does, and agrees to go. Consonna leads him to a newly-discovered temporary portal and, escaping the detectives' pursuit, they go back to their world together. Five-C never sees Geist again... But he does leave a written note, just so he doesn't come off as rude.

There we go. Not that it matters much now, but I was just itchin' to wrap that *bleep*er up.

By the way, I had this planned all along. So don't think I just made up a rushed ending because the topic was dead or anythin' like that. I mean, I did make it short here, but that's just 'cause I don't wanna flood this thread with too many details.

quote BSmith3
No one really knows who Five is, or where he came from, or why he's being trailed by mysterious detectives, or how he came to join Geist, or… well, it's better not to even ask.
1. He's a superhuman and former police chief.
2. *cough*Earth*cough*
3. Ehhhh... He kinda stole some evidence from them, and then resisted arrest after that. That's a pretty big offense in the eyes of the law.
4. He came to this world after accidentally walking through a near-invisible portal. And decided to join Geist because he likes fightin' crime. It's, like, his main thing. Crimefighter for life!

All right, thank you for your time here, aaaaaand... I take my leave now.

Nov 6, 08 at 3:18am

quote Aulis Vaara
quote BSmith3
In the land of [wait a sec, we're never told the name! 0_o],...
quote Amano Murokumo (in Shades of Black)
Raithe is the leader in technological advancements throughout Ralesmare
I just figured I'd give you a head's up before Amano kills you.
Oh................. shuttup.

*Hangs head and goes off to edit*

Nov 5, 08 at 8:44pm
Aulis Vaara

quote BSmith3
In the land of [wait a sec, we're never told the name! 0_o],...
quote Amano Murokumo (in Shades of Black)
Raithe is the leader in technological advancements throughout Ralesmare
I just figured I'd give you a head's up before Amano kills you.

Nov 3, 08 at 8:55pm


Part 1 of the summary is up! Check it out!

Oct 26, 08 at 3:09am
Amano Murokumo

Since none of the three Role Plays we had finished, Smith and Myself are summing everything up that was said, and filling in what was never given a chance to be said. All three Role plays had ideas till the end, but we just didn't get to execute them.

I really did like what you brought to the table, Servent. As I credited you up there, thank you again.

Oct 26, 08 at 2:51am
servent of the god

yeah I've always liked this one and when I didn't join I'd read up on it. Although I would like to ask if this is the end of the series or?

Oct 25, 08 at 7:41pm

And with all those reservations out of the way, I shall now open the floor to anyone who would like to put in their two cents. ....Or more, we'd kinda appreciate donations. >_>

But seriously, it'd be nice to know people are actually reading this thing and are actually into the Adore story. So speak up, let us know you're out there!

We'll be working on the summaries and stuff for a while but once we're done, we're giving Adore the epic 20-page ending it deserves! ....Okay, that's the adrenaline talking. But stay tuned, kids.

Oct 25, 08 at 7:28pm
Amano Murokumo


Oct 25, 08 at 7:27pm
Amano Murokumo

*Reserved for another*

Oct 25, 08 at 7:26pm
Amano Murokumo

Guild of Adore in Adore and Admire

Name: Peter 'Pete' White
Rank: Rose
Age: 37
Blade: Helvetica and Defense pistols x2

Pete is a man bearing the weight of the Southern Adore guild. He leads - and is respected by - all of his subordinates. For about only a year has this Southern expanse of Adore existed, and yet Pete has managed to find all who fit the strange and asking qualifications of Adore. Of late, however, his motivation has plummeted and his personality maliced. No longer does it seem his heart or mind is in the 'good' of the guild, but rather in realizing what is actually happening. Pete spends the majority of his days by 'Bridgett's' gravestone.

Name: Bridgett
Rank: Petal
Age: 36 @TOD
Blade: None

Bridgett is deceased.

Name: Crow
Rank: Leaf
Age: 21
Blade: Butterfly daggers

Crow is often referred to as 'simply messed up'. His past is full of the sights of death, and the loss of attachment due to death. His family was murdered, his early crushes were murdered, and his friends were murdered. Being without proper guidance to bring him back to the middle, Crow has learned to love the dead. Necrophilia is the best word to describe the dabblings of Crow. It's said that on one night while making love with his teenage girlfriend, he decided that he should be the one to kill her since he figured she'd die anyway. Since then, Crow finds his love six feet under the ground, or still warm if he's lucky.

Name: Wendy Shultz
Age: 35
Rank: Triad 1st
Blade: 2x tantos

Wendy seems to be one of the clearer minds in the guild of Adore. Really, her main concern is the defeat of Kelli Helica. This doesn't mean a death even, but just a victory over her. Aside from that, she loves Gunner Baxter and does what she can to ensure Adore's safety as one of their quickest members. Her skill with throwing knifes is nearly unmatched and equal with Kelli's. This fact alone helps fuel her obsession. It's also known that Wendy chronically uses bird metaphors for her tantos.

Name: Ander Quill
Age: N.A.
Rank: Triad 2nd
Blade: Quill Katana

Ander has recently up-and-left Adore.

Name: Gunner Baxter
Age: 41
Rank: Triad 3rd
Blade: Straight Blade

Gunner is the best sword fighter in Adore, and for this reason he often seeks a decent challange. His signature custom white poncho and long kilt are known to virtually anyone across the land of Sheath and otherwise. A white headband is strapped across his left eye, which was lost during his only losing battle. The opponent who took his eye has yet to be named by himself, and he claims once said person is defeated, only then he'll speak openly about it. Gunner carries about him a calm and stoic visage which serves well in placing confidence in others of Adore.

Name: Graffe Gates
Age: 18
Rank: Coats Flower
Blade: Steel Katana

Graffe is the leader of the multi-skilled portion of Adore called 'Coats'. He's young, but known to be skilled with a blade and mind. His speciality is cutting fights or battles short with quick critical stabs. Graffe also bears a very intelligent and thinking personality. It's for these reasons that Pete trust Graffe to lead the Coats, and to put up with such a responsibility. One of the sole attributes of Graffe that causes him to stand out (and solidify his age) is his strange hairstyle.

Name: Mercury
Age: 22
Rank: Coat 1
Blade: N.A.

"He could kill Pete, but die by Blade." This quote is often spoken about Mercury. 'Blade' is the lowest rank in Adore, while 'Pete' is obviously the highest. It's asked 'why does that make sense?', but to explain it is to explain Mercury's fighting ability. The fact is, Mercury doesn't fight at all. It's not even known if he has training with a blade of any type. He does, however, use his opponents mind against them. He makes them see the worst memory they've ever seen, or perhaps something that's still to come. A common occurence in fights with Mercury is 'a trip to Mercury'. People who lost to him claimed to have been taken to a massive tree with black bark. It's at this place that the worst and most scaring memories are relived.

Name: Rita Weeci
Age: 23
Rank: Coat 2
Blade: Running Spear

Rita is generally a left alone woman. She wears simple home-sewn skirts and ponchos and prepares her hair with a simple 'backwoods' decor. Her spear skills specialize in the field of fighting multiple opponents at once. A slightly curved black rests at the end of an eight-foot pole made from decently strong metals. Rita has the persona of being a reliable Adore member with reliable skills.

Name: Jotenheim
Age: 36
Rank: Coat 3
Blade: Amy's Bow

Jotenheim is a strange man garbed in remnants of black cloth sewn together with metal stitching. His scalp is bald and his skin is pale, which when mixed with the clothes, give him a dark appearance. Jotenheim has openly claimed of dying once, but was reborn in the Forest of Hills. How this happened is uncertain and is mostly ignored due to it's relation to a possible lie. The archery skills Jotenheim has are admired by all who see them, and greatly appreciated by Graffe Gates. Other than being a worthy guild member, Jotenheim mostly takes the back seat.

More to come~

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