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Oct 19, 08 at 6:15pmQuierta

Welcome to the first ever Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Time Capsule!

what is it?

The Time Capsule is basically a thread that you post in to show where you are in the game.

There will be a certain format that you can post in, or you can make your own format.

It will be opened once every few weeks, so whenever it opens you have a chance to post your stats in it. Then it will closed, and be opened again so you can post more stats.

It's basically a way for you to look back in time and remember "Hey, I remember when I was there, and I only had one cow, now I have 4!" or something like that.


You can only post once every time it opens! So once it opens, you post once. Then it closes, and when it reopens, you post once.

And don't edit it! The idea is to see what you had on that date, so once you post, try not to change the post at all!


This is only the suggested format. You don't have to use it, you can use your own, but you can feel free to use this one!

In-game date:
Other notes:

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jul 7, 12 at 12:27pm

o3o ~
In-game date: Winter 20 Year 4
Animals: 2 Chickens, 1 Ostrich, 1 Horse, 2 Cows, 2 Sheep, 2 Ducks, 1 Silkworm,1 Goat
Money: 30,833G
Buildings/Upgrades: LV. 5 house, Fully upgraded Cook/Barn
Furniture: Who cares? ._. Ive got everything either purple/gold/white(cept baby bed is blue)
Tools/Upgrades: All Gold, Watering can LV. Max everything else LV. 4
Other notes: 4 Rainbows, 1 Son, Married Toby<3, Own 2 Plots and a Vila, Unlocked all available Rival children, Total income for this year 342,900G/Total income for last year 68,820G

Aug 11, 10 at 1:27am

In-Game Date: Winter 12 Year 2
Animals: Sheep, Cow, Goat, Ostrich
Money 20,000
Building House Level 4,Barn lvl 1
Furniture: Double Straw bed Basic furniture, frying pan, oven, pot
Tool Upgrades: None:| I an thinking of upgrading my axe for lumber
Other Notes: Married to Renee on Spring 7, son born on Winter 7
3 rainbows, Shelly at 6 hearts, animals between 3 and 9 hearts.
Luke, Bo and Dale are good friends. Befriending the bear.

May 31, 09 at 7:42am

In-game date: Winter 8th Year 3
Animals: None
Money: 8821
Buildings/Upgrades: Level 1 Coop, Level 1 Barn, Level 2 House
Furniture: All the basic stuff, Red Tv, Calender, Oven, Mixer, Aging Pot, basic double bed
Tools/Upgrades: All basic tools except iron fishing rod, Level 2 Hoe, Level 1 Sickle, Level 2 Watering Can, Level 3 Axe, Level 3 Hammer, and Level 2 Fishing Rod
Other notes: Married to Toby<3 and a newborn Daughter named Maria, Darrens Rainbow

May 21, 09 at 10:12pm

In-game date: Spring 4th Year 2
Animals: ostrich, cow, goat, 2 chickens, silkworm, sheep
Money: 27,893
Buildings/Upgrades:level two house, barn, coop
Furniture: sm + lg sofa, complete kitchen, a few outfits, all the books, etc.
Tools/Upgrades: all on level four
Other notes: 8 hearts on Calvin, Owen, and Luke (trying to decide between them, probably Luke) 3 rainbows, mama bear almost likes me, Kathy, Cloe, Selena, Renee, Maya, and Toby are my great friends, and I almost have a rabbit! Cool! This makes me feel accomplished!!

May 21, 09 at 8:07pm

In-game date: Spring 18
Money: 296
Buildings/Upgrades: just the beginning small house
Furniture: what it comes with and a calender
Tools/Upgrades: watering can, fishin pole,hoe
Other notes:none

May 21, 09 at 2:56am

This thread is open to replies again! =D

Feb 12, 09 at 11:57pm

quote Chad
In-game date: Fall 4 (Year One)
Animals: One foal, one silkworm, and five chickens
Money: 11777G
Buildings/Upgrades: Level 2 house, Barn, Coop
Furniture: Telephone + what you begin with, in the kitchen I only have a frying pan and oven
Tools/Upgrades: All tools, no upgrades (but most are level three or higher)
Other notes: Have Kathy at three hearts, and Reene at two hearts. Not sure which I'm planning on marrying yet. ;P No rainbows atm, but do have the Harvest Quilt completed.
In-game date: Fall 4 (Year Two)
Animals: One horse, one silkworm, one cow (currently pregnant), one sheep, one ostrich, one duck, and eight chickens
Money: 134452G
Buildings/Upgrades: Level 5 house, Barn, level 2 Coop, Level two Town House, seaside house, and mountain house
Furniture: All of the gorgeous/gold kitchen utensils, modern tv, white sofa, and a telephone in each of my houses.
Tools/Upgrades: All tools golden, all at level 4
Other notes: Married to Kathy for a little bit, not sure what I'll name my child yet.

Feb 10, 09 at 3:40am
Anime Gurl

All right this goes out to all of the noobs out there! BAWAHAHAHAHAHA

In-game date: winter 4th third year
Animals: Cow x3(MOOO), sheep x2, lamb x3, ostridge x1, and HORSEY!x 1 Money: 387,999 G's
Buildings/Upgrades: 4th lvl House, Sec lvl coop, and first lvl barn
Furniture: Its all of the gorgeous stuff
Tools/Upgrades: sicket, axe, hoe, hammer, milker, and saddle
Other notes: I'm married 2 gill, We have a fully grown kid i'm on the last tree

Feb 8, 09 at 8:13pm

In-game date: Fall 20, year two
Animals: three cows, a sheep (pregnant), two goats, a horse, six chickens, three ducks and eight silkworms. I have the orange cat and collie (medium) dog too.
Money: $305,889 o_____o
Buildings/Upgrades: level five house, level two barn and coop, and level two villa on mountain plot.
Furniture: Um. almost everything ):
Tools/Upgrades: gold hammer/watering can/hoe/axe, silver fishing rod, normal sickle
Other notes: Still not pregnant. Working on Gray and Luke to get their friendship up. Luke is at four hearts, Gray is at two. and yeah, waitin for baby. Also working on Edge's rainbow :3

Feb 8, 09 at 1:45am

The capsule is back open again - post your stats in here! =D

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