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Oct 17, 08 at 8:46pmGamer of the Year

I love these threads Bassically you post something you've done that either is just a cool idea, very helpful, or just fun.

1. Build a community lot with a workout room, a pool, and classes for ballet, etc. (if memory serves, you can do that if you have Freetime, right?) Boom, you got a YMCA

2. have a party on the second day of pregnancy, and you have a baby shower

3. build a little fenced playpen for the toddler, with a gate, all the toys, and the changing table, that way he'll keep out of trouble

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Feb 28, 14 at 10:54am

22. Make twin sisters/brothers, then have one of them be married. Have the non-married twin have an affair/ have a kid with it's twins' partner

Jan 27, 14 at 9:03am

366. this is kind of wrong...but i was bored and did it any way.

create a Ariel Castro scenario, make a fat bald sim, make him romance aspiration, two floor house
make him befriend passerby women, and then make them move in, keep them hostage on top floor each separate rooms no windows, lock the doors to torture them by starvation, no bathroom etc. let one out at a time, for various tasks...then create a charles ramsey looking sim, come to the rescue, become enemies with Ariel, kick his butt, punish him to a square room no windows, create a mystery fire, and set the girls free, in my ending, one of the girls becomes the next kidnapper to men pedestrians, and Charles marries another one of the girls.

Jan 25, 14 at 9:35am

361. Make a CL with a Starbucks/Caribou Coffee, log cabin inside & outside, deer antlers, tables, cash register, counter with expresso and coffee machines, play calming music

362. Make Curious brothers marry Transvestite men, who look like girls, longest hair makeup, jewelery, (i dressed mines in Kimonos and those wooden clogs, closet thing to a dress and heels lol) then curious bros get abducted and prego

363. Make all alien babies criminals/buglars. every life stage fail them, as a child and teen etc.. make them poor

364. Create Psych Ward/Halfway house for annoying or unwanted sims, kill some by starvation, help some get a job and maybe move out.

365. Buy 1000$ empty lots, build traliers, make a section for trailer park filled with poor sims

Dec 23, 13 at 5:02am

359. I dunno if someone already said this but anyway Make your own town with everyone who lives there (not really a good idea if u live in a big city tho lol) and make your house and family and stuff.

360. (yay) if you have the family fun stuff pack, then you can do an underwater themed house. then you can download blue skin and blue hair and stuff and there you have it, a merfamily that live on land!

Oct 24, 13 at 5:19am

Iv got 2 -

1. Make a Big Brother House -
Make 8 sims and move them in a mansion. Every 3 days find out who is disliked the most by every sim and move em out. Keep going til you've got 1 winner.

2. Have a baby. Get a nanny. Make sure the only fun thing to do for ur nanny is hop in the pool, (Delete everything fun but the pool). When ur nanny gets in the pool, bring up the cheatbox (ctrl,shift,c)
without brackets. Then type in
moveobjects on
Go into furniture mode. grab the nanny. Move her out on the grass. Turn the cheat off
ctrl, shift, c
then type in
moveobjects off
Now press play and watch ur nanny swim EVERYWHERE while doing things! Its sooooo funny!

‡ )

Sep 06, 13 at 3:40am

I made a big creepy castle and a strange family (No children just two married couples and their creepy parents, pops and memaw ) Then I started to move in small families one at a time. Each time a small family moved in my creepy family killed them off. Eventually I had a big graveyard in the garden and a very haunted house. I then killed off my creepy family, moved a guy in there and made him live alone..

Aug 01, 13 at 2:40pm

Create many robots and have them all constantly fishing in a pond once they all reach the gd fishing badge your on your way to becoming a millionaire

Apr 22, 13 at 1:36pm
I'm cool

Hey I wanna get my first download what's best?

Apr 15, 13 at 4:15pm

354: Create a family of sims that each personify holidays. (Ex: Valentine's Day, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day,Birthday.) Use body shop or downloads.

Come on guys, we can't stop till we reach 1001!

Apr 07, 13 at 5:42am

Do something really funny and dno just yeah
eg: im doing about a lady who gets stranded on a beach (you can get a beach if you have bon voyage)
and theres a jungle on there and she goes through and theres stripey orange things in there and plane creamy things and she starts to panick and theres grey big things but there all cats and dogs in the end lol thx

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