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Oct 17, 08 at 8:46pmGamer of the Year

I love these threads Bassically you post something you've done that either is just a cool idea, very helpful, or just fun.

1. Build a community lot with a workout room, a pool, and classes for ballet, etc. (if memory serves, you can do that if you have Freetime, right?) Boom, you got a YMCA

2. have a party on the second day of pregnancy, and you have a baby shower

3. build a little fenced playpen for the toddler, with a gate, all the toys, and the changing table, that way he'll keep out of trouble

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Sep 05, 14 at 11:31am

399. Do the Legacy Challenge! You have to create a founder then keep the family going for 10 generations.
400. (yay) Also the 100 Baby Challenge. You can probably figure that one out :/

Jun 16, 14 at 11:16pm

I did that. It was fun until the nannies started a fire and I couldn't take out the fire because there was no door. It was frustrating.

quote Agent Angel
102 :: Keep hiring Nannies and use 'move_objects on' to place them in a little fence with the basic necessities and call it [img][img][/img][/img]a 'Nanny farm'.

May 04, 14 at 11:47am

395. Film your sims and put the videos together in Movie MAKER. Make the plot be interesting like Teen Pregnancy, Abortion, anything. Or make it about the life of an average sim.

396. Make a sim get really fit, then have them marry a fat sim.

397. Sorry if this has been said, but USE MODS AND CUSTOM CONTENT! I have so much of it. It's fun.shou

398. Make a sim owned business (WITHOUT OFB). To do this make a residential lot, move a sim in, do changelotzoning community in the cheat box, and BAM, sims should come. If you need to do something like put something in inventory, just change the lot back to residential, do it, and change it back to community.

Apr 29, 14 at 11:08pm

390. Read about how studying Life skills can help on the Sims wiki. These are things worth learning. IF you have 2 sims fighting ..send them for counseling (anger mgmt /couples conseling) Make fire prevention learning a MUST if they start a fire. All sims in military/sports and adventure careers etc. should study physiology (so should doctors) All pg sims (and spouses ) should study parenting so you can then check on the babys needs.

391. INTEENIMATOR is worth it if you get the right package and all it wont mess with your game (also be sure to take out the pkgs when installing an expansion) It adds a new layer to teen life with risky pregnancy.

392. The mod ACR is very cool to add to game as Sims will interact relationship wise more autonomously.

393. One of the BEST downloads is THE SHOP AT HOME COAT RACK> Never buy clothes again. So nice to have this at home and change sims clothes whenever u want.

394. I will end all these ideas I shared ..........with DEATH. In every forum I look for scenario ideas I find DEATH lurking everywhere. It seems players are obsessed with it . I never thought I would be but one happened! It started with this : there was a giant fire at a park I built where I'd teleported a bunch of sims for a big party and I had stuff too close to a campfire. The whole park burned killing about 20 of my sims. It was DEVASTATING. I mean some of my FAVORITE sims were killed and almost every household was mourning . There was a real DARKNESS to my sim world. I had the idea that there would be a clean up party at the park...until one sim was killed by being scared to death when seeing a ghost! It was QUITE the scenario I'm telling you. Well I got to thinking and finally made a VERY RICH SIM come to town..showing up out of nowhere. IF he were in Sims 3 he wouldve had the evil trait. But I didnt know first. He became the BENEFACTOR and got the lot cleaned up and built a fantastic garden with hundreds of flowers and trees and paths and a special room where Sims could come to view their familys urns one last time. I teleported all the familys and we ALL mourned big time. Well when this scenario played out I built this rich sim a huge house and he was lonely (and also crazy) so he was throwing big parties..and one night he decided to keep one of the guests. She was locked in a room. She disappeared...never to be seen again. There were a few other disappearances after that also. Oh my, it was definately a BLACK time in my Sim days. Finally the benefactor ended up committing suicide. The house was up for sale and of course it was haunted. The family that bought it were constantly bothered and ended up having it razed to the ground where they found the urns which were sent to the cemetary. AND SINCE THEN I DONT PLAY DEATH SCENARIOS. I mourn when my sims accidently die . They are loved.

Apr 29, 14 at 10:35pm

385. Have a stay at home mom own a toy store at home which she opens for a couple hours a day .

386. The Garage/auto sales. I had twin brothers inherit (cheat) they built a trailer and opened a home garage up starting with the restorable car. They also bought garage items to sell (think of the VROOM collection and the YOU GOT MUSCLE collection as well as ATS tinkering and pile of junk etc. ) My shop is open day and night . The brothers take turns sleeping and dealing with it.

387. Sim a little low on money? Have a garage sale. Take items from their house and put them up for sale or buy small items from the catalog and line your yard up with tables . Hold a one time Saturday sale if you dont want to continue the business.

388. I have a fun at home pizzeria in red and white checked decor (ATS) It has a jukebox and pinball games. The pizza is a hacked download that you can make $ off of . Also inges pinball machines. The Sim that owns this lives in a small area behind it.

389. College Life. I play 8 at one time . All available teens and their friends. I play one full semester at a time. At the end of each semester they have a big party with the hacked beer, kegs and wine etc. In senior year they hook up seriously and become engaged. Since Sims have 72 hours before having to leave college after graduation I make them study all the life skills (parenting, fire prevention, anger mgmt. etc. )

Apr 29, 14 at 10:16pm

379. Robot shop . I had a great black and red shop. Theres a hacked computer out there that has all the robots on it that you can order.

380. Use a notebook l, write down and follow your Sim legacy. Make plans for them. Think about their style and which things you want them to own.

381. ANY kind of shop ( Use Inges stuff . make OFB MUCH easier and better) I like the chocolate shop idea (also theres a GREAT bakery set out there in cc) Its fun to make a group of sims work hard all day then socialize at night.

382. Save the Kids! The social worker is so annoying!! ugg . When kids are taken I dont cheat I just make a story up (Sim was suffering post partum depression for example ) I DO have another family member or even a good friend (must be in a different household) go and adopt the kids and have the family pay them (buy them something then give as a gift) DID YOU KNOW that all recently taken kids are always first up for adoption?

383. The ELDERY in the game have grown on me. Usually they are VERY NICE (see exception in the mean grandparent gardening scenario) they are also very GENEROUS. They work hard to max their family relationships (have them over for dinner and play games and invite out etc. ) They give GREAT gifts and they get obsessed with pictures. (getting painted or having others take pics of them with family members). My elderly want to leave a legacy. They want to be remembered. When they die I pause the game fast, save it, go to neighborhood screen and get a family member/good friend moved in so they can inherit All the stuff in the house.

384. Nursing home. I use inges reservable beds etc. . Each gets own bedroom. They get p/t jobs and use the bonuses to decorate their rooms (and give gifts to family/friends). There is a communal kitchen area and living room. Theres also a church on site with a place for urns. (put bedrooms upstairs and they wont be bothered by the ghosts at night) . I play Pleasant View and move the Katt lady in so theres cats around too.

Apr 29, 14 at 9:47pm

371 : band family/club. Make all proficient at playing instruments. Use Inges pay door. Create a stage with lights with seating around it and a dance floor. Have some kind of food setup. Use Inges teleport plant and bring people over to hear the band and party. Also use hacked beer kegs and its also fun to use the costume trunk and have everyone dress up or just the band. (toga party?)

372. Search "sims 2 farmer wants a wife " contest. This is a fun game idea. Ive also modified it for a "man hunt" where the male contestants had to do manly things etc. Each day or 2 a contestant is eliminated (sometimes with consolation prizes put in their inventory). The winning sim marries the contest holder and they go on vacation/honeymoon.

373. 8 sims (4 male 4 female) "Real World" Move all sims into small house. Get to working and get promotions. Fall in love and move out when married. Build onto house or move when they can afford. No cheats. Can have own bedrooms that they decorate with bonus money from promotions.

374. 8 sims (4 male 4 female) "Real world: work edition" Have a plan (see Farmer wants a wife contest for how this works) Each day sims will have a different focus on skills ex: cooking, mechanical, charisma...etc > Assign points for what each skill is worth. Also points for relationships (as friends are needed for promos) and big points for promotions. The sim with lowest points each day is sent to family bin. The winner gets a vacation and the house and all the $ earned to that point. (can send losers home with consolation prizes by buying stuff and putting in their inventory)

375. Hippy Life . Use the hippy looking decor and get the bubble blower. Get the hydroponic grower also grow marijuana (cc) Sims family could all have pleasure aspiration. Throw parties a lot. Have a commune and garden and be "all natural"

376. Farm Family. Do you know about the " Cycle of Life" animals? These are great. Esp. chickens (cows are good but they are set too high and the family will always be trying to get milk from them) . I really enjoy Seasons and using things in it for farming.

377. Mean grandparents/adoptive family on farm. Make the kids work all the time until social worker takes them. Very challenging when you feel sensitive for the kids and sneak them off for some fun or to do their homework.

378. Amish family. Use inges school hacks to homeschool. Sew. garden. NO ELECTRICITY. Challenge yourself to decorate and consider what they might use in the house.


Apr 26, 14 at 9:40am

367: (idk if someone already said this but here we go) Try to make the set of your favorite TV show and make all of the characters to go with it.
368: Make 2 sims with contrasting personalities and put them on free will. Sit back and watch this go down.
369: Try to get every cat breed/color
370: Build your own water park (yes, I know that you can't really do this but there are tutorials on youtube that use cheats)
Yay!! We`re almost halfway there!! This is gonna be so cool!!

Feb 28, 14 at 10:54am

22. Make twin sisters/brothers, then have one of them be married. Have the non-married twin have an affair/ have a kid with it's twins' partner

Jan 27, 14 at 9:03am

366. this is kind of wrong...but i was bored and did it any way.

create a Ariel Castro scenario, make a fat bald sim, make him romance aspiration, two floor house
make him befriend passerby women, and then make them move in, keep them hostage on top floor each separate rooms no windows, lock the doors to torture them by starvation, no bathroom etc. let one out at a time, for various tasks...then create a charles ramsey looking sim, come to the rescue, become enemies with Ariel, kick his butt, punish him to a square room no windows, create a mystery fire, and set the girls free, in my ending, one of the girls becomes the next kidnapper to men pedestrians, and Charles marries another one of the girls.

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