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Oct 3, 08 at 7:11pmFFXmaddean

Final Fantasy X NeoWiki

Introduction To NeoWikis

What Is A NeoWiki?

A Wiki is a type of website that allows any visitor to add and edit the information.
The NeoWiki is basically a Wiki for the people of Neoseeker.

Final Fantasy NeoWiki

This is the NeoWiki for the whole of Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy NeoWiki

Final Fantasy X NeoWiki

This is the NeoWiki for the Final Fantasy X game.

Final Fantasy X NeoWiki

Wiki Formatting


For any other formatting, ask here.

Who Can I Talk To About the NeoWiki

For any questions about the NeoWiki you can always ask here, or the WikiStaff for Final Fantasy will help you. Also if you want someone to check your work post here and say the page you want checking.

Getting Started

Important, No Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when you copy material from other sources and claim it as your own. This must not be done, work must be original.


If you want to help out with the Wiki but don't know where to start then follow these steps to produce a guide:

Either on a word processor or even a piece of paper write list of everything you need to write about. The guide should be split up into sections to make it easier to follow so a list is handy.

Always start with an introduction on the topic then move on to the basics. One example, for an Aeon its HP, stats and description before moving on into deetail.

Once the basics are covered, go into detail. Sometimes you will find you need to talk about covered in another guide. For this, write some brief details about it and then write See guide [[Example]] for more details. This is to be done at the bottom of that page.

Your guide will possibly need to contain some images.You can either take these images yourself and submit them with the guide or use a picture off the internet making sure you give credit to where it came from. If you can't get an image, or would like someone else to get a better one, put an image tag in place e.g. [[image:image_name.jpg]] and usually someone else will get it for you.

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Oct 26, 11 at 4:27am

One last thing

Tomberries;; the most annoying capture farm in the game spent 5 of my precious 200 hrs finding the little guy only hints I can give for old school gamers is:
- coffee or beer while you farm
- if you find one hang about that area
- avoid the temptation to curse square
- you use flee more than any other part of the game (cursed urns)
- farm steals (mugs & cash)
- (have your weakest characters up front since you'll be looking at about 100 battles no sense wasteing exp on your top end characters

Oct 25, 11 at 3:16pm

Hi names Joe just Joe

playing ffx as I've played alot of online RPGs and got rather bored with story lines but found ffx like reading an old favorite book, followed alot of advice on here some good some not so good or inefficient just thought I would chuck my two pence worth in:

The age old bhpl question my personal view is yes they are right... Both of you

armour that I just used for penance was non bhpl and kicked his ass just fine... (with out stat maxing) as I was seeing if I could kill him in less than 200 hours

My armour prefrence was:
auto haste
auto protect
+20 def
4 characters wt auto phonix
1 with master thief
2 with auto potion

(one mess up armour with ah ap aphonix and for some stupid reading mistake auto med (although this was good for malboros)

The bhpl armour was very good but darn it takes time for both getting bhpl for 7 folks and also 80 odd hp spheres nor to mention grinding gill for clear sphere so for economy of time non bhpl is my fav and does the trick nicely

Blitz ball; ah used to be a favorite for me not so anymore after having played 298 games b4 wakas cw unlock part came up my enthusiam for the game faded and having only draw one and won 296 games my record being an 11-0 game when the oposition had signed a new goalie and I was able to score from halfway line I came to the conclusion there is no ultimate team! Tidus yea good waka not so good but the computer is a bit thick and scoring easy only thing that suffered was my attackers rarely got to tech copy many people say nimrod is the ultimate goalie to be honest I didn't find this maybe the stats are random for each new campaign.

Lastly love who ever came up with don tomberry ap trick I finished sphere grids in 2 hrs for all my characters so thankyou wasn't thought of when I first played any way just off to kick penance's arse again to make sure 1st 4times weren't a fluke, ps aside from cws and armour I mentioned above also got 5 ribbon armours (ah aprot aphoix x3 mthief x1 & apotion) they are pretty sweet as well

Big love to possibly the best ps2 game

Apr 13, 11 at 10:06am

quote adamblankz
Hi everybody! My names Adam and i just joined! I love final fantasy X. It's my favorite game of all time! Possibly the best to come out on the ps2. I recently wrote a fan post/review on this awesome game. If you could please read it and tell me what you think about it. That would be awesome. And please give me your honest opinion about your thoughts. Here is the link:
I read it. But i cannot tell you that i liked it. I didn't like it because your writing is a bit childish. Reminds me of the essays i wrote when i was 10 years old. You sure know how to describe your feelings but try to use a little more proper language. Another thing is that you are being repetitive when saying that FFX is a great game, one of the best PS2 games etc etc. It sure is, you sure like it, but saying it over and over again accomplishes nothing but making the reader not wanting to play it. I can understand how you feel about the game, i felt this way when i first played it but try to express it in a more delicate way. Use different expressions and more specific words. It is a good try nevertheless and it should be encouraged. Keep it up

Apr 12, 11 at 7:43pm

Hi everybody! My names Adam and i just joined! I love final fantasy X. It's my favorite game of all time! Possibly the best to come out on the ps2. I recently wrote a fan post/review on this awesome game. If you could please read it and tell me what you think about it. That would be awesome. And please give me your honest opinion about your thoughts. Here is the link:

Jun 2, 09 at 9:53pm

Well, it's that, then just the general formatting of the whole page is sloppy. I regret to say that I won't be able to work on it until next week, if given the chance, because I've got several projects and the SAT piled on my plate.

By the way, if you all want me to look into anything, just let me know.

Jun 2, 09 at 8:26pm

Basically, there isnt a picture that links to that (ie: they are yet to download the required picture). I leave alot of my work like that until i can be bothered to get pictures, then get a load in one go.

Jun 2, 09 at 2:38pm

I've just checked, and I get the same thing as well; it's displaying the alt text because the images have been taken down for some reason. Or at least it seems like it to me;

Link that Image 1's slot gives (doesn't have a picture).
Link that Image 2's slot gives (has a picture).

Jun 2, 09 at 12:25pm

I hate to double-post, but I'm at another computer and I have the same problem, so I know it's not my home computer... making this a little more difficult

Jun 2, 09 at 1:52am

Okay... here's what I got.¤t=Wiki.png


Jun 2, 09 at 1:32am

Take a screenshot of what you see, and host it on Photobucket/Imageshack, and then post a link to it here and we'll take a look.

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