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Sep 7, 08 at 9:14pmgasolinedream

I am lvl 50 and Golben keeps creaming me! I can't revive anyone because he keeps killing them right away and he absorbs their attack anyway. Is there an order for Rydia Summons? It seems to start w. Ramuh for the most part. Someone plz help!

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Oct 11, 15 at 8:35pm

To those who said this was easy or even beatable:

What cheat code were you using to make this beatable? Slow does NOTHING because you NEVER get Rosa to go first, so there is no way to beat this.

Why did they bother making a version of this game that had a battle that was unbeatable like this?

Jul 16, 15 at 1:32am

If you don't revive anyone and just have Cecil use libra and rydia summon whatever the right element is, it all comes down to luck. If you die with that method try again. It has never taken me more than 10 minuets to defeat him even with the unlucky trys.

Mar 20, 15 at 11:50pm

Heh, welcome to the most difficult boss fight in the game! (Apart from super-bosses I haven't got around to).

Jan 20, 15 at 8:41pm

The first time I battled him, Cecil had just been KO'd against the dolls befor the final hit to win.

The story battle didnt progess properly because I didnt/wasnt able to revive him before Golbez summoned. After letting him slaughter me, the game didnt go into the Rydia diolog. Just... game over.

Make sure Cecil isnt KO'd at the end of the doll fight, or the Golbez battle doesnt progress right and it ends in a game over.

Nov 8, 14 at 12:14pm

I killed him finally, with your tips guys

1) I used Spider silk to slow him ( cuz i failed to slow him before he Cold Binding us all)
2) I used Cecil & Rydia only (Pheonix down - Ether - Hi-potion on needs)
3) I used Libra to analyse its weaknest
4) I used the right element Summon (weaknest)

I got him with 3 summon,

I think that Barrier Shift randomly set a protection but just as info,
My summoning order was;

And he's dead!

Jul 11, 12 at 8:41pm

I was able without slow. First few turns where he does nothing, cast shell and protect (for good measure) on Cecil. Then after he kills everyone, Cecil used pheniox down and rydia heals with high potion. When i managed to get everyone up, i had yang attack, i had non-elemental claws equipped and had rydia summon goblins till her magic ran out. Rosa healed, kain did minor damage and had Cecil defend. (had him holding a fire sword, didn't want to change him healing golbez)

Feb 4, 12 at 8:39pm

I managed to whack him without Slow and at level 32 with Cecil and Rydia at 27. I only revived Rosa and kept her Cecil healing Constantly and Rydia summoning. Its not that I didn't have an easy fight, he kept on Osmosing Rydia so I was Praying with Rosa while Cecil did the bulk of the healing and Rydia would be throwing Hi-Potions as well. So my hits were far between but it was a very good fight that I enjoyed thoroughly and won on the first try. Try changing the bar from Active to Wait, it helps ALOT

Oct 11, 11 at 9:45pm

o yea and nice 2 year jump bob

Oct 11, 11 at 9:34pm

well just like BobGuy said if u can use reflect on one of ure guys and then start casting magic but carful when he shifts

Feb 17, 11 at 2:39am
Nihil Scribe

Hey. Trying to take on Dwarf Castle Golbez, but I keep getting wasted. I'm at level 37 with Cecil and 39 with Yang and am pretty high up in terms of HP and MP, and it's easy enough for me to revive my party starting out with the fight against GOLBEZ. I can use Cecil's Libra, but GOLBEZ will use some ghey move that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Rosa or Rydia to do magic. So I'm basically stuck Libra-ing him and only able to do low-damage stuff while he pummels away endlessly and heals himself. . .
So how do I prevent him from stopping ROSA/RYDIA from using magic? I've tried the REMEDY item and, when Rosa could still do magic, ESUNA, but neither of those work against Golbez' anti-magic bullcrap. Any tips?

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