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Aug 20, 08 at 12:06pmJabba Overkill

So...It has been in a previous thread (something similar to this at least) and after seeing the "create an ability" thread I thought it would be nice to take out your imagination here...

You should include in yous descriptions...
-and how you unlock this Aeon

I'll start...

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Sep 16, 12 at 8:28pm

I can't quite think of a name for it, but mine would be a water aeon (to fill in that last elemental aeon). It would be obtained between Ifrit and Ixion, so it's stats would be between theirs. It would start with Water and Watera, and it's special attack would be a medium sized wave cascading over the opponent, causing damage and darkness. You would obtain it in Djose (Move Ixion to the Thunder Plains, a small temple where Rin's Travel Agency would be, the agency itself being one of the side rooms).

Sep 16, 12 at 10:32am

Little hint guys...75% of these aeons of yours are too overrated and are way to strong and they have every magical attack that is and is not in the game and even physical attacks and they are indestructible...they aren't supposed to be that strong

Jul 26, 12 at 4:48pm
Jabba Overkill

quote Deadly Flare
A barefoot little girl with brown hair wearing a pink blood stained night gown carrying a teddybear. she is also wearing a necklace with a heart containing a picture of her and here parents.
I see you avoided every cliché in the book here...only thing you forgot was her hair hiding her face.

Jul 26, 12 at 3:38pm
Deadly Flare

A 6 year old little girl from zanarkand who was brutally murdered by sin.She was able to escape as a fayth and have a will of her own.
A barefoot little girl with brown hair wearing a pink blood stained night gown carrying a teddybear. she is also wearing a necklace with a heart containing a picture of her and here parents.
Before you finish any closter of trials you should see pyrflies gathering in a certain spot go near it. you now its the one because the closer you are to it the more you will hear a little girl crying. choose the action take a closer look. There will be a cut scene where you will see yuna explaining what happened to the little girl and see yuna comforting her.You will then be asked if she could go with you. IMPORTANT you will be given two choices which one you choose will drastically change her stats, attacks, and overdrive so choose wisely. Choice A is : yuna says"We would be delighted" Choice B: tidus says HELL YEAH! we could use some more man power Uh wait I uh OH you know what I meean."(I will put A and B next to stats and attacks that depend on the answer you choose)
Everything but A:Darkness B:Light and both sleep
Hp: A 50,000 B 55,000
Mp: A 600 B 400
Hp and Mp will grow only when A you defeat an enemy B when she defeats an enemy
Attack: Natas will slap the opponent with teddy causing from 1,000 to 3,298 damage
Loving/Angry Teddy: Loving will cause teddy to walk to the opponent and give them a hug which will cause 10,540 damage Angry will cause teddy to take a big bite out of the opponent causing 6,000
Prayer/Offering to the gods:Natas will mix a random choice of six of your items( Pheonix down, ether etc.) causing a blast which takes 35% of damage to your opponent but also to her.
White Magic( Only accessible if you chose A)
meditate: gives 25% of your mp back
Helping hand: will summon another aeon to fight along side her for 1 turn
I need help: Natas will not be able to do anything but any damage aimed at her will go to the aeon of your choice until she is fully healed or until the other aeon dies.
My savior: Casts haste ,protect ,shield and boost her all her stats up by 3 times them self
A Mothers Love: causes enemy to not attack Natas for 5 turns
Black Magic(Only accessible if you chose B)
Shocking fear: causes darkness blind and silence on your enemy
Master of The Elements: opponent gets hit with firaga,blizzaga,windaga,and thundaga 3 times
Your demise: your opponent gets poison blind silence all there stats lowered by 45%and a 35% chance of death
Daughters Pain: cause natas to be able to attach two times for 5 turns
Overdrive(When Natas uses her overdrive she cannot be used anymore during that fight
A: Gods Touch: Natas looks at yuna smiles then is surrounded by pyrflies when they leave she has been turned into a beautiful woman with wings.Teddy has been turned into a knight with a sword in both hands and while natas flies into the air teddy attacks the opponent which each get hit 10 times. Natas is then seen in space aiming a white arrow down on the enemys then releasing it causing a big explosion of white light. she then flies down gives yuna a hog then bursts into pyeflies.
B:Satans Wrath: Natas shows an evil grin while the world is covered in darkness. you hear an evil laugh then see slashes of light showing the enemy being attacked by an evil looking creature. then the world is back to normal but yuna sees a demonic like figure standing in front of her. it is wearing a necklace with a little girl and what seems to be her parents. the creature is then engulfed in a black liquid that seeps down through the ground.
My Pain( only obtainable if you have two saved games where you have chosen A and B) Natas is split in two where there is a girl wearing a tattered white dress and a girl wearing a tattered black dress. the draw a pentagram around the enemy/enemies then go to yuna and hold her hands then close there eyes. The world spins and is transported to zanarkand when sin attacks. the enemies are then attacked by sin( this overdrive will cause immediate death to enemies).

Jul 9, 12 at 9:16am

quote easymode
Has maxed strength and health but zero everything else.

so has no accuracy, so no physical attacks will hit. Also no defence whatsoever so all attacks will do huge damage.

Jan 21, 12 at 4:02pm
Oh yeah im cool

Sairen, a all-type Aeon, he is found in where you fight the 2 Ronso's. It is a secret Seymour summon that is released after you kill/defeat him. First you defeat Seymour then go back. Then when you reach where you fight the 2 Ronso's, you see Sairen. It is almost as big as Shiva, and it is a elf-like summon with a crossbow. The arrow on the crossbow is a random colour. As turns pass, if he uses a normal Attack, depending on the colour on the arrow it will cast magic. Example: Normal attack and the arrow is purple. It will cast Slow or Slowga on the enemy. If it is yellow, it will cast Haste or Hastega on itself, etc.
Black magic:
None. Casts random magic when using normal Attack.
White magic:
SOS Nul-frost
SOS Nul-fire or whatever it is.
SOS Nul-wave or whatever it is.
SOS Nul-shock or whatever it is.
Aeon Song. It cast all good status effects on itself. It casts all status effects on all enemy's. If it has full MP while using this, Sairen is then at full health while using this, but he is asleep. Using this costs 65 MP.

Pain-shout Bubble-count. It casts all good status effects on all party members when the summon is defeated. If Shiva hasn't been used in the battle, all Aeons are at full health, full MP, and in Overdrive. This costs 50 or under MP.
MP: 180
HP: 3756
Attack: 83
Defence: 78
Speed: 68
Evasion: 79
Magic Attack: 73
Magic Defence: 68
Magic Evasion: 90

Immunities: Sleep (unless used Aeon Song with full MP), Death, Breaking Attacks (Armor break, Mental break, etc), Arrow's colour.
Weakness: Opposite of arrow's colour.
Resistance: Same as arrow's colour.
Type: Arrow's colour.

Jan 1, 12 at 6:44am

Wow, dug up from the dead. Looks like fun though.

Yuna's Final Aeon. Has high speed and commands time itself. He looks fierce but is really a gentle soul with the goal of protecting his summoner but draws attention to himself most of the time. He's just as tall as Yojimbo and uses the same fighting pose that he does in Dissidia. If defeated in battle, you can see him hug the summoner as he fades away. No elemental strengths or weaknesses.

Starting Stats:
Average HP/MP in comparison to the other Aeons.
High Attack
High Magic
Low Defense
Decent Special Defense

Starting Skills:
Delay Attack
Delay Buster
Quick Hit

Starting Abilities:

Starting Magic:

Blitz Kompress

Tidus uses his sword to slash at the enemy multiple times. Yuna throws up a blitzball. Tidus blasts magic at ball and time stops. He then jumps at the ball and spikes it at the enemy multiple times. Each time it hits, his past selves from seconds ago hit a ball at the enemy and the present Tidus does a Jecht Shot Mark III at the enemy as well as his past selves. When the ball finally makes contact, it implodes and may instantly KO an enemy.

This shot hits 15 times.

There we go.

Jan 1, 12 at 4:35am

quote FFXmaddean
quote o_ffxmaster_o
so if u encounter him, its game over 4 ya even if u use auto life he'll kill ya)

quote o_ffxmaster_o
u'll have to fight him.
Lol, so he's kinda impossible to get then
. It ain't impossible have a aeon out when he uses it it will kill the aeon but not you

Dec 13, 11 at 6:45pm

quote Jabba Overkill
quote Epoch
It breaks all DMG caps, including 99,999.

Why does everyone insist on making unrealistic Aeons? Also breaking 99,999 would mean there would be a new BDL cap for Meteor... 999,999? Isn't it a bit too much?

its my aeon ill make it how i want.

And as long as yojimbo can be exploited to 1hit kill everything, i dun wanna hear it!

Dec 13, 11 at 6:39pm
Jabba Overkill

quote Epoch
It breaks all DMG caps, including 99,999.

Why does everyone insist on making unrealistic Aeons? Also breaking 99,999 would mean there would be a new BDL cap for Meteor... 999,999? Isn't it a bit too much?

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