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Aug 20, 08 at 6:29amLord Majin

Okay I use Wolf as my main character and just a few days ago my 3 smash homies went to a tourney in Baton Rouge and the players at the tourney said that they don't play with Wolf beacause he's an easy character to play with and he's foward smash and down smash is cheap! They say that a person can just spam the two and earn victory! Okay that may be true but really, People chain throw and every other cheap thing so why call such a great character cheap?? Anybody??

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Mar 7, 14 at 8:38pm

No he is not cheap he's a great character!

Mar 4, 14 at 6:48am

Wolf sucks.

Jan 22, 14 at 11:19pm

Meg the only truly cheap character is barred from all tourneys as a given and that is metaknight but hey the mentality for competitive brawl is use underpowered characters in final destination so if wolf is barred that is why because his recovery time can truly be awful but his attacks are devastating if not countered fast but that's what p off me about the brawl competitive community the idea of being good is to adapt to a situation so using an underpowered character may be weaker but less expected and using an overpowered character would be easily expected because so far the smash competitive is one of the most various I have seen so far

May 3, 12 at 8:22am

Meta Knight's moves are also cheap...

Aug 21, 08 at 2:26am

quote Slepten
Final say: There is no cheap in competitive brawl

You just gotta deal with everything. If you can't, your not good
Wisest words Sleppy's ever spoken.

Aug 21, 08 at 2:04am

Wut? Wolf's weaknessses are more than his strengths. He takes alot of effort to master him as well as others.

his fsmash = ftw

Aug 21, 08 at 1:29am

Final say: There is no cheap in competitive brawl

You just gotta deal with everything. If you can't, your not good

Aug 20, 08 at 10:33pm
Kilik 64

Wolf's Fsmash has range that makes it really annoying sometimes, but it's not cheap by any means. Everyone at that tourney is just garbage at Brawl. Even if those moves were cheap, the idea of you not being able to beat someone who only uses two moves is stupid.

Keep using Wolf and have fun with him.
quote master10000
he ain't cheap, well not compared to ike
quote PichuRocks
No character is truelly cheap...

Ike is overpowered
Wolf is overpowered

You two are examples of why China doesn't allow free and unrestricted speech.

Aug 20, 08 at 9:50pm

Wolf is a case of misunderstanding all over the place. His recovery is nowhere near as useless as people say; you just need more precision than the other space animals. It's very true that Wolf has a spammable f-smash and that he has less weaknesses than other characters (and some disjointed hitboxes), but he tends to suffer from cool-down time and his blaster is not even close to as spammable as people say. Otherwise, he seems to be overused because he counters MK (kills him in range game and can stop strings with reflector) and Snake (blaster sets off bombs and stops Snakedashes and reflector stops grenades and rockets [I think d-air beats Snakes tilts too]). He is definitely high tier (if a list ever comes out), but he will never be any more than that.

Aug 20, 08 at 9:42pm

Wolf's balanced at best. Though his strength lies in ground-based attacks, he completely lacks in aerials. And if they think he's cheap because of his smashes, then I have no idea what they call Zelda.

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