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Jun 30, 08 at 10:33pmdwg14390

1) Origins
2) Pros/cons
3) Special Moves
4) Standard Moves
5) Tilts
6) Aerials
7) Grabs
8) Abilities
9) Spacing
10) Approaching
11) Techniques
12) Matchups
13) Final Comments

Name: Samus Aran

In August 6th, 1986 a video game was released from nintendo called Metroid. The game was not very popular as nintendo's other gold charm (literally) The Legend Of Zelda.
Despite it's popularity many consider metroid to be the start to a revolution. The american guide told us that samus was a boy while the japanese guide never said weather she was a girl or guy. In the end after beating the game in a
certain amount of time you find out that samus isn't a dude??!! SHE'S A CHICK!!!WTF!!! Yes samus was one of the EXTREMELY few (if not only) girl in that time of video game history who never once portrayed the damsel in distress role.


* Many Projectiles
* Heavyweight
* Great Recovery for a heavyweight
* Tether Recovery available
* Bombs have various uses including recovery
* Easy to use in the air
* Zero Transformation allows her to transform into Zero Suit Samus
* Longest tether out of all the non tether dependant characters.
* Grab lag can be shortened if you were running
* can Grab Cancel


* Very Big
* Sorta slow
* Some moves have lag
* Almost every K.O. move has been nerfed since melee.
* Very hard time K.O.'ing opponents.
* Trouble with opponents smaller than her
* Zero Transformation Works 1 way.
* bomb jumping is harder
* can't attack out of her bombs
* Slow moves
* Slower Roll
* Good moves are hard to hit with
* Only opponents which she does have an advantage are already hard enough as is
* Slow in general (ya that's a lot of slow)
* Pit

Special Moves:

Samus Aran has a load of projectiles, from missiles to bombs Samus is you're go to guy (or gal) for explosions.

Neutral-Power Shot:

Samus charges her arm cannon. The beam takes approximately 4 seconds to charge fully. This is her strongest move, and provides good knockback. You don't have to charge it all the way however you can't charge it in the air and if you are attacked while charging you lose your charge.
An Uncharged shot causes about--3%
Fully Charged is about--25%
K.O. ability is around--115%

Side Special-Missile's: One of her most useful moves and great for edgeguarding, Samus has 2 types of missiles!!
Missiles won't do much here, as they should usually be used for racking up damage. Don't be to dependant on them and remember, they arn't going to kill people (a super will do that around 300% lol) there basically to stop people from reaching the ledge and to stop approaches and cause damage.

Seeker Missile:

Smaller, grey&red colors. This missile follows your opponents and can be quite a pest. They don't go as far, nor do they have the power or knockback of a super missile, but they follow your opponents and can lead into more missiles or other attacks.In order to perform a seeker missile you must keep the control stick pressed in the direction you want to shoot and tap b. Keep the control stick pressed until after she aims for a seeker missile. Causes 5%.

Super Missile

Big, Grey&Green colors. This missile is incredibly strong, and provides good knockback with good damage. Ideal for keeping opponents at bay. However their harder to hit with and easier to dodge, but go longer and hits harder than it's seeker counterpart.
In order to perform a super missile attack, You must tap on the control stick left or right and tap b. Let go of the control stick before she aims for a super missile. Causes 10%.

Down Special:
My personal favorite is Samus's down special. The bomb drop. Samus transforms into her morph ball and drops a bomb. She can have up to 2 bombs at a time. Bombs no longer explode on contact though. A single bomb does 9% and little damage. Usually bomb drops are used for

* Recovery
* Breaking combos/grabs
* Bomb jumping
* Mind games
* Spacing & getaways

As you can see Samus's bombs are very useful.

Up Special-Screw Attack:
Samus curls up, goes real high while spinning releasing an electrical surge. The screw attacks main purpose is for recovery however at higher percentages you can use this to rack up good damage. Why at higher percentages? That way you blow the opponent far while your left helpless. Best use this on platform stages like battlefield. Causes around 11-13% pending on how close you are.

Standard Attacks:

Samus possesses strong standard attacks. Though some will leave her open most are a good way to finish off your enemies.

Unlike most Samus can only attack twice. She first Punches then slams you with her arm cannon. The punch causes 3% while the combo causes 10%. A good quick pick me up though don't use it often, as it's easy to counter attack.

Side Smash:
Samus puts her arm cannon behind her then does a hard punch with it. Does 13% Uncharged and 18% fully charged. It's one of her good K.O. move. K.O.'s around 120%.

Down Smash:
Samus twirls around and sweeps people with her legs. Does 15% uncharged and 21% fully charged. K.O.'s around 145%.

Up Smash:
Samus aims her cannon up and uses her flamethrower. It is a great way to stop aerial attacks as well as rack up quick damage. She pulls it of surprisingly quick too. Uncharged does 17% while fully charged does 23%.

Samus's tilts are quite powerful and you'll be using them to K.O. your enemies. Learning when to use them is key.

Up Tilt:
Samus raises her legs (similar to ganons) and hits it down hard. Does 13% and K.O.'s around 140%.

Down Tilt:
Samus crouches then quickly aims her cannon down releasing a firey explosion. Great K.O. move, and quick aswell. Does 14% and is a great way to get your opponents in the air. K.O.'s around 145%.

Samus does a simple side kick. Causes 7%, her diagonal up & downs does 10%.

Running attack:
Samus hits hard with her oversized shoulders . It's another way to bring your opponents in the air at higher percentages. Does around 6-10%.

This is where Samus shines. Samus is surprisingly easy to manuever in the air and has great aerials. Use these alot to win the match.

Neutral (Nair):
It's basiclly like Luigi's sex kick without the sex lol!! She performs an air kick, which doesn't cause alot of damage nor knockback but has other purposes. Does 9% and is great for sheilders.

Foward (Fair):

One of her best aerials. Samus does her flamethrower attack, which is a great way for approach. Does 18%.

Back (Bair):
A great K.O. move offset by it's difficulty to hit with. Samus does a back kick with great power that does 10% and K.O.'s around 140%.

Up (Uair):
Samus holds her legs together aims them up and spins like a drill. Does 11% and is a great way to attack in the air.

Down (dair):
Samus aims down and spikes you down with her arm cannon. Very similar to Mario's fair. Does 15%.

Grab air (zair):

BEST. MOVE. EVAAAA!!!. No seriously this is one of her best aerials. Her grab can be used in the air and causes minimal damage 4-5% to be exact but it's great range, and semi powerful blows, little lag, it makes for a great attack.

Samus uses her grapple beam to grab meaning tether. While this may be bad if it misses it has great range and lag reduces if you had the control stick tilted like running.

Jab: Samus hits you with the palm of her hand. 1% each.
Up: Samus shoots you up with her grapple. 9%
Down: She throws you down with her grapple. 6%
Back: Throws you back. 8%
Foward: Throws you foward. 9%


Samus has various abilities most which requires missiles and bombs. Here are some Techniques to perform with her.

Samus is a medium heavyweight (heavy if you only count the 3 types alone). Usually heavyweights (like bowser or ganondorf) have bad recoveries. Samus has many ways to recover both vertically and horizantilly.
Bomb Jumps are used for horizontal recovery.
Screw attack is for vertical.
Tether is another option,and she has the best & longest tether out of all the non-tether dependant characters which doubles as an attack.

With Samus it is easy to have plenty of space between her and her opponents. With her missiles and bombs she has room to breath and time to think.

To do this is quite easy. Simply drop bomb go back, drop bomb, go back & repeat. The opponent can't chase you like this nor can he/she/it grab you. You can even plan out how close the bombs will be together!! However if you plan to do this you must remain crouched at all times. Crouching will reduce the lag of how you come out and into the morphball state. You also do a small slide. Here is how you should do your bombdropping.
Something like that where the lines represent the space and the dots represent the bombs dropped. Doing something like this will help you escape tough situations and your opponents are forced to attack you in the air. Here you can simply use Fair or Usmash to counter attack. This does not work well against opponents with better reach and projectiles.

Missile Spacing:
Using your homing missiles with a well timed super missile here and there will help you get away to make your getaway. However some projectiles like Snakes or Character's with Reflectors like fox can easily stop this.

Zair is another way for samus to space though this is more of an approach rather than a space it can still work like one. Simply zair a large opponent or an opponent in the air and work your way back. This won't affect grounded small opponents.

Samus is one versatile character. Moves that can be used for spacing can also be used as an approach to apply pressure!

Seeker missile and Super missiles are great ways to get close to your opponents while they constantly get hit or dodge you attacks. Though it still won't work on reflectors though.

As said before it's better for approaching even if your still far away! It's good to keep your space while moving foward forcing your opponent to move backwards. A great pressuring tool.

Another aerial to get close with this one's easier to hit, and has almost no counterattack with longer reach being the only exception. This amazing move will get you close to your opponent in no time!

Another good move with High priority, the nair is a lot faster to pull of, and more spammable, with the cost of harder to hit and less reach, it's still a good approaching move.

Melee Combat:

Of course Samus will face opponents up close. In every match this will happen and most people assume she can't compete up close but thats were there wrong. Here's a tip.

When an opponent is close to you, F-tilt is your friend. Believe it or not this is actually a fast move. Of course a diagonal f-tilt is better since it causes more damage and
can be easier to hit with though harder to pull of.

Using your standard aa attack is actually a good move but only to be used sparingly. Don't rely on it to much it's really only to give you a chance to come up with something else. Once you do this you might not have a chance to follow up so throw it in every once in awhile.
However you can do the a attack followed by Ftilt though it's quite a nuisance to pull it off. Try not to use it to much.

Dsmash is surprisingly good, it can kill people at much higher percentages so it won't be that a usefull kill move though it can be good to keep your opponent at bay. It'll send them away (not to far though) and allows you to run smash them. This is good if you want them of your back, however it's range isn't all that great, evading this move will leave her open for punishment but it's one of the few good moves she's got.

Running smash is also another good attack but not by much. A better one is D-tilt. This move is good because once you hit with it you send your opponent in the air and can follow with a fair, or uair (uair is better). It is also a great kill move, however it can at times be hard to hit, it comes out fast. Rumors have it that she might have invicibility frames at the beginning of this attack. No confirmation yet but I will have to try it out.

Running smash can lead to several things depending on how early you do it. (your opponents percent). At earlier percents it'll send the opponent more horizontally, there you can fair or nair. At higher percentages fair, or uair will do.

Dtilt followed by an uair is a beautiful execution. Even better if you pull Uair of twice! Controlling samus in the air is essential to pull some of these moves of quickly, even then you always have to predict your opponents and how fast can they recover from attacks.
Dtilt will almost always turn the fight to the air, fair followed by uair or uair twice are some good moves but the first will lead to more possibilities and you can even pull of a couple of nairs while your at it!!

Missiles are not a wise choice in close quarters since there is some lag and is easily punishable leave this for edgeguarding or when there far away.

Bombs also don't do much however they can be used to break grabs. A very well timed bomb can help stop chaingrabbers (like IceClimbers) However this must be a short while before the grab begins, then before they can even begin the bomb should set you free, however it requires alot of practice and you must read your opponents well to tell when they will grab. Because of the risk (you can't attack out of them leaving you open) and difficulty of pulling it off, it should be used at a minimal. That or for an escape.

If the opponent is at a high percent don't be afraid to pull out a screw attack every once and awhile. However DON'T use this move more than once!! You can't follow up on it and if your opponent is a fast faller well your pretty much screwed. It's still a decent attack nonetheless. It's purpose is recovery and should stay that way but at higher percentages it should deal a good amount of damage and will send the opponent away safe from you. This works even better with stages that have platforms such as Battlefield, since Samus will land faster. Again this move is to be used rarely and only when you want to rack some cheap quick damage. Just make sure you know what your doing before you do it.

Using a dtilt followed by Uair then finish it off with a screw attack is a great way to knock up some damage.

Another way is Down air on a grounded opponent. If it hits the opponent should fly upward, when he reaches your hight before he/she can recover and counter you can pull of a variety of moves including the screw attack.

Usually a screw attack is only for finishing up combos.

Another is using dair, nair. While some may disagree with dair, it will hardly ever be of use since samus has better and faster kill moves and it's main purpose is for spiking, but it can be used to attack. Shorthopping nair is actually better than most might think. While it's relatively weak, and causes almost no knockback, it still a good move to get in some cheap shots. It also works against smaller opponents aswell such as Metaknight and Kirby. Nair apparently also is a great way to stop shielders.

Utilt is also a good attack for dealing with enemies in your face. It's sorta fast, good move on your part, is a ko move (not until way higher percentages though) and can usually be done after an ftilt. Try not to use this move to much as it becomes predictable and only hits opponents in front of you.
Side smash is also good uncharged but it comes out sorta slow. Throw this in every once in awhile to send your opponent away then follow up with an aerial attack (preferably nair or fair) or and up smash.

Samus can do good in close combat encounters, however she clearly isn't the best. Most of these moves will leave her open at one point, and it becomes even easier to punish her this close. Your best shot is to perform some aerials on a grounded opponent and hope they hit. Dair will leave you open at the beginning but it's one of the good close moves she's got. Uair and Bair should be left when the aerial combat begins and even then Bair should be left out of the pictures since it's her one of her few cut clean kill moves she's got. You don't want the stale negation move to affect it, trust me. Fair and Nair are your best aerials to use in close quarters and ftilt works a lot better than most might think. Dtilt is also a great move thats fast, can kill, and doesn't leave her nearly as open as others with the cost that it will only attack opponents in front of her not in back. Try to stay in the air and pull something off.


Samus has various techniques to use against her opponents and also good for mindgames.

Grapple Canceling:
This is basically a mid air grapple that can be canceled with no lag upon landing. A relatively easy way to perform this is to short hop, when you begin to descend press the grab button, it will extend, upon landing you will suffer no lag and can perform any move immediatly. quite useful really.

Half Power Shot:
This is when you charge your power shot halfway to cause 18%. The attack isn't the factor here it's the knockback. It causes the same knockback on the side of Final D. as a full blast in the middle of the stage. Great way to trick your opponents as you don't have the flashing. But only useful on the sides of the stage. The blast causes about 18%, so your opponents don't know or might even forget your shot!! However even with a full one it's difficult to hit with and you have to plan this out, not be completly random since most people can dodge the blast. It might work better than you think.

Here is another use for the bombs. If you are above your opponent keep dropping bombs while performing the bomb jump. Here the opponent must keep sheilding, dodging, using their special sheild or run away. This is a great way to mark your territory.

Bomb Jumping:
Here is when you keep bombing to keep your self in the air. You simply drop a bomb right before you fall again drop another bomb. The first one should exlpode causing you to go up then drop another and keep going on from their. Note: It is alot harder to do in this game and won't work as well as it did in melee.You go lower and lower each time.

Double Missile:
Here's a cool trick for mindgames. When Samus performs a missile of any kind she has to wait awhile to perform another one. Well come on in and reduce that lag with this move!! Simply jump, before you land shoot a missile then samus should touch the ground simply shoot another missile and you would have shot both missiles really fast!! It's easier to perform with seekers than with supers but both work well. Another way is to short hop, at the peak of your hight the moment you begin to drop shoot missile, land, shoot missile.
This is a good technique for edgeguarding.

Zero Transformation:
In this game Zero Suit Samus is also playable! It's Samus without her suit for those who don't know, Samus has different ways involving zero suit samus, usually of her starting as zero by pressing the shield button when choosing samus. However their is a way to transform into zero during the match!! It's quite simple really but screw it up and you won't be getting a second chance. Right now I only know how to do it with the GC controller but I believe that it's possible with the other 3 controller types aswell. Simply Press on your taunts (d pad) UP, DOWN, UP. REALLY REALLY REALLY fast.

Don't just do it once or it might not work keep presing up, down, up, again and again till you get it right. You may however accidentally do your side taunt, DON'T GIVE UP!! even though you are in your side taunt continuosly press the code and she'll still be able to transform.

However this will leave her open both before and after the transformation, so if you are good at it do it under these circumstances
  • When you launch an opponent
  • When the opponent dies or is temporarily stunned etc.
  • When you die use the revival invincability frames to your advantage.
This is really the only time you should use it. It gives you an edge and keeps your opponents at bay. USE IT WISELY AS IT'S ONLY PERFORMED ONCE!!! You can only do this as Power Suit Samus not the other way around and yes you do get the items. Use those to but some might find it cheap.

Match ups:
Samus's worst matchups are those with reflectors, small size, and better reach than her. She can however easily take on Bigger opponents

Samus has many many bad counters. Preferibly those with reflectors, air game, and of course size. Small characters like metaknight and kirby absolutly destroy her. Reflectors already cancel out some mindgames and moves, you have to be even more careful around these!


Samus's mortal enemy pit is the perfect counter to samus. With a reflector, a Projectile of his own, and fast attacks, he was made for her. What doesn't He have!!?? His fast attacks won't let her do anything and he even beats samus at her own game....THE AIR. Samus just can't compete with him. Fight one at your own risk as there's little samus can do to stop him.


This little pain is basically a death threat to all Samus players world wide. Really Metaknight lacks projectiles but makes up for his "in your face" moves. He can easily get to you, his small size make him hard to hit. If a metaknight isn't trying to get you in the air he's forcing you closer and closer to the edge. Really a good zair will only stall metaknight however if you can get close enough while keep zairing you might get some good stuff out of him. Overdoing will however end up with your demise not his. It's better to keep your space and await for a moment to rush in. You survive alot longer than him so use that to your advantage.


Ahh yes P.T.'s first pokémon squirtle is quite the pain. He is very, VERY small. Not only that but most of his attacks are fast leaving you at a disadvantage. Thankfully he's the slowest of the pokémon he has. Your missiles won't do you much good here, and bombs are a small defense as he can take the game to the air where he is faster. The only good thing here is his low K.O. power, squirtle won't be killing you for awhile. And due to Samus's adaptability she can stand a quite long time however it won't mean squirtle isn't capable of killing......


These Space animals destroy whats left for samus.
Wolf likes to lie low to the ground making it harder for samus to connect and Fox's speedy attacks ruins poor samus. Really the only thing she has here are her aerials but even then Fox and Wolf can easily take her out. Wolf's range on some of his attacks and Fox's speedy attacks will leave Samus very confused. There reflectors just ruin samus's projectiles and their attacks ruin her period. Be careful of their speedy attacks, and K.O. moves or you won't be alive for long. Time out when to use your projectiles and some aerials actually work quite good against them. (Uair and Zair)


When will the bad matchups end!!
Dedede is really big which is a plus for samus. It's easy to approach a grounded Dedede with fair or nair. Nair is quite good against him, though you might want to keep your distance with this one, especially when your near the ledge of a stage. Missiles won't do much good due to the waddle dees but it can still work out. just don't use it to much. Bombs do much better in this fight especially around him where he's forced to move on. Try not to make this an air game because of his multiple jumps really bair is a fast one so try to stay infront of him in the air, even though it's alot easier to use most of your aerials he can still jump more than you and is one of the hardest to ko characters in the game.
This alone makes him already difficult to K.O. and the fact that he can chase you of screen. It's a lot easier to hit him with dtilt which is great for getting him in the air. The waddles become a pain in the @ss when you spam your missiles he spams his stupid dees. They even stop your charge beam!! Since he can infinate chaingrab you the match becomes even harder, but zair becomes your best friend in the darkest time. Staying infront of him while in the air gives you an advantage so make good use of it and since most of your kill moves requires you to get close, the powershot must be used very wisely here. Dtilt and bair also becomes a valuable asset, to finish him off. Staying in front of him is your best choice. On the ground always keep your distance to avoid an infinate grab. Get behind him only on the ground and try to bring it to the air where it's your best shot. Your nair and fair are faster than his fair but be careful for his neutral. It's surprisingly fast and just plain surprising. Utilt is actually the best move you can do to him in the air so try to stay close to him when performing this move for maximum results. Expect a long match with this penguin. Dedede has an advantage over Samus but she can hold off on her own, keep your distance, and plan out attacks very well.

Good Matchups:
Beleive it or not (probably not) Samus has some good matchups. There usually big and heavy, but even then there heaviness already makes them hard to k.o. (and samus has poor k.o. ability) but fortunatly she can give them a run for their money. Don't always assume that you'll win since their basically even matchups with Samus having a slight advantage.


Ivysaur doesn't bode well against samus much. Since his weakness for fire, it's pretty easy to do things to him after a dtilt. Fair and Upsmash are also benefiting from fire weakness he has and should you launch him far his easy to gimp recovery can be blocked by your tether!! Though that's only if you want to be show offy. Bullet seed will pretty much destroy the aerial approach so try to keep it in the ground. His sorta small size isn't that much of a problem he's still sorta big. Missiles are good against him though there only for racking up damage. Usually you'll be finishing him off with a dtilt so try not to spam it to much. A bairing Ivy can easily be solved by a zair. Seeker missiles work best here, and side b is solved by getting by the magical fair wall. Never attack him from above or you'll sit down watching the screen as Ivy traps Samus in bullet seed. If you do get above him make sure you are high enough so the bullets can't reach you. Grab him alot and keep throwing him around, using your fire moves (fair, dtilt, up smash) you shouldn't have to much of a problem with this poké.


Ganon is slow, huge, not that great of an opponent for Samus. Ganon can't compet with Nair, Fair, or Uair, he's really easy to hit with Zair even when he's grounded. Missiles ruin anything he's got along with bombs and slow speed makes for easy getaways. Be wary for if your hit it will hurt....hard. Ganon is surprisingly fast in the air though and he also has some tricks up his sleave. Be careful on how you approach this beast but a nair can easily be the beginning of how you deal with him. In the air try to attack him from the sides never above or below or you'll get it. On ground if you cant missile him or bomb him ftilt and utilt can get the job done.due to his heaviness it'll be hard for samus to finish him off properly. However his weakness is his recovery. Simply keep your distance and throw in a couple of quick hits, if you can take him of the stage, nows your chance to finish with dair, other aerials or missile edgeguards. If it's any conselation it's that your tilts are faster than his. When in the air keep your distance with zair then home in with fair. Try to get him on the ground since thats were he can't compete. Keep moving about in the air and in the case he performs a special a good place super missile should protect you. Grabbing him is another option, just make sure you don't throw him up. He will screw you if you throw him up. By following him you fall victim to dair. Throwing him foward is your best option, here you can do several things as long as you don't let him have a chance to recover.


Zard is a big fat dragon. No wonder Samus has it easy . On the ground Samus has him outmatched with missiles, bombs, tilts and the works. Though you'll need to get close to perform your tilts and that's where he gets no but seriously take your distance with him and don't get caught up in his flamethrower or rock smash. Attacking from behind will utterly destroy him. Though you can perform fair on him quite easy when he's on the ground. The air is a different story. Not only does he have more jumps for you he also has higher priority aerials than yours. Though since he's so heavy, you'll be able to control the flow of the air flight as well. Here you need to play it out very carefully all charizard needs is 1 second before you become victimized by fair. Zard has more jumps but is impeded by his heavyness. You still have a couple of advantages, his jumps don't take him very far, and he's easy to spike. Since Zard doesn't have any long range moves it's okay to keep your distance and still win. But don't be afraid to go in for a close kill just make sure your on your toes, it's very bad if you screw up, up close. On the ground Samus has the advantage unfortunatly Zard has great speed and will want to get all up in your face. In the air your air game really comes in handy but you'll have to get in close and his aerials out prioritize yours, fortunatly you can keep your air game going and you'll still do a good time here just make sure to be carefull as his aerials hurts but your screw attack and zair are enough to get him off your back. If he fairs and your not caught up in it avoid it at all costs!! The best way is to try to get behind him and pull of aerial attacks while he's still grounded. Zairing him is a good safe way to fight him. In the event that you do get caught up in one of his aerials (not dair/uair) start planning on dair or fair to get out of the situation. Samus and him are pretty equal but since Samus has a good time with him usually you'll end up winning.....wierdly yes but still winning.

Last Comments:
In the end Samus isn't that great a character. In fact she's considered by many as one of the worst. Her kill moves are slow with the exception of others like bair or dtilt which at times are just plain hard to hit with. For a heavyweight though she surprisingly has a good recovery. Her edgeguarding isn't that bad either. I really like Samus, but don't expect to train her really quick and easily thwart your opponents. Samus is hard to master and in the end doesn't pay very well. Knowing when to use her is key, and how you perform you moves is also a factor. If you really really want to main Samus, I'm not going to lie to you. She will be hard to learn, and sometimes you'll wonder why you didn't get that kill. However I can only hope that this guide helped you be a better Samus player. It doesn't matter how they place in the tier list. It only matters if you like them and their play style. Being hard to K.O. she is a survivor and I appreciate that, most matches last a good long while when I'm her as opposed to my other mains who don't last as long as her. Since she's so underestimated I hope that this guide will give her recognition and instead of being brushed off, she should be noticed more. I hope that all future Samus players can find unique ways to use her and I hope this guide helped you.

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Aug 27, 08 at 11:28pm

Shouldnt you include that some of her aerials or I think missles auto-cancel? o.0 I know her Zair should autocancel and maybe her missle. I dunno could be wrong.

Aug 27, 08 at 7:10pm
HD Samus

Now I understand why , it was so hard to me defeat Metaknights.

Aug 9, 08 at 4:02am
Kilik 64

Ok, what would be a general method of play with Samus? As in, you telling me what I can do with her, but what SHOULD I do? Also, there's still a lot of stuff that needs to be moved from the melee combat section to the movelist section. Example:

quote you
Dsmash is surprisingly good, it can kill people at much higher percentages so it won't be that a usefull kill move though it can be good to keep your opponent at bay. It'll send them away (not to far though) and allows you to run smash them. This is good if you want them of your back, however it's range isn't all that great, evading this move will leave her open for punishment but it's one of the few good moves she's got.
This should all go under Dsmash in the movelist part. After telling me what the move is, you tell me how it's useful. See how much better that flows as opposed to telling me how to use it much later in the guide?

Aug 8, 08 at 11:39pm

I thought I did add those

anyways I checked again and I added some strategies in the matchup section.

There not all done and I'll gradually add more the more I fight other players.

Also added MK.

Aug 8, 08 at 10:26pm
Kilik 64

A lot of the stuff in the melee combat section is unnecessary. Much of it talks about the usefulness of each move, which can and should be done when you fist introduce the move in the matchup section. The melee combat section should be more about strategies to use when fighting at close range.

Aug 8, 08 at 9:45pm

well I bumped this thread since god knows nobody will remember it.

I changed alot and added more stuff.

I learned alot since I wrote this thread so here is the new version.

Jul 4, 08 at 10:32pm

okay I reconsidered, since I was leaving soon I did rush on the guide assuming there be no time.

I've taken a look on some of your comments and I changed the guide, I changed some stuff aswell as added more to it.

I hope it's better know. Though I won't be able to change it again until august 2 and I didn't want to leave it like this.

So I hope it would do well till then.

Jul 1, 08 at 6:43pm
Kilik 64

This guide does show some nice tricks, but it doesn't explain how to fight when you aren't spamming projectiles. You only have one scenario (approaching) and its basically just saying to spam projectiles and then get close while they're busy. What do I do then?

Jul 1, 08 at 5:13pm

quote kratos2112
quote Kenshuma
I went straight to the Pit matchup section and stopped reading after I saw good reach

quote dwg14390
Last Comments:
Samus is a great character that's a heavyweight with excellent recovery and easy to control. Many people underestimate her abilities and refuse to use her and only use her zero form. She's always been one of the least popular, or used characters and has always been misunderstood. Here's hoping that this guide will help you understand Samus more and maybe even pick her up as your next main!!

compared to ganon and bowser and other heavyweight samus who is also a heavyweight has a really good recovery. Bomb jumping gives her horizantal distance, and screw attack gives her vertical, she also has an optional tether aswell.

Jul 1, 08 at 5:03pm

i think its a good guide, yea it may be that the author who made this has a favor towards samus, but he still provides information on how to use the character as well. Anyone is entitles to their own guide and opinion.

and if u wanna fight a good samus send me a pm

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