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Jun 28, 08 at 9:42pmThe Omega

Lots of stuff to report here since this is a new forum. I will keep editing this post as I enter things in for all the stuff that has been reported to this date. Feel free to add on news I haven't gotten to and I'll try to link to it from this original post.

General Game Notes
- Will take place 20 years following the events of Diablo II
- The Worldstone, which Tyrael protected at the end of DII LoD, has been destroyed, no longer shielding the world of Sanctuary from Heaven or Hell
- Can choose the gender of your character
- Along with the regular storyline, there will be class-based quests
- Stat assigning will be automatic as you level up, reducing different types of builds within the same class

Barbarian - Same class as Diablo II version that adds some moves from the warrior class of World of Warcraft.
Witch Doctor - Class similar to the Necromancer. Raises undead to fight with him (such as zombies) and has own magic attacks as well.
Wizard - Basic magic using class, similar to the old magic classes of previous Diablo games, this class now has new tricks like Slow Time and Disintegration.

Scavenger - Similar to Dune Threshers, they resemble burrowing Leapers.
Dune Thresher - A more dangerous Sand Maggot. Burrows underground and pops out to attack its victims.
Undead - Self-explanatory. Similar to undead from previous Diablo games.
Khazra - They are the Goatmen from Diablo II with a new name.
Gnarled Walkers - Evil walking trees of DOOM! Think of treants, except more deranged.
Dark Cultists - The pic of them makes them look like Darth Maul with his face melting, inhabited by a green glow. After reading about them, the closest I can compare them to are the Zakarum Priests from DII: Act III.

World Map

New Tristram - Essentially, a "new" Tristram was built by merchants outside of a Cathedral (sounds like the old Amazon Encampment). It's nearly deserted and is run down, but according to that web page it sounds like you'll meet Deckard Cain there early in the game.
Caldeum - A once major and proud city, it has become run down and filled with ill citizens after their Emperor died. The Zakarum are located in this city, and the web page mentions they quarrel with a "mage class." Possible mention of another class right there.

Tristram Cathedral - Sounds similar to the Cathedral in previous games. This Cathedral is located in the old Tristram itself, built over the remains of the imprisoned Diablo. Since that time, the Zakarum have encamped themselves on the inside. The web page mentions the Fallen are in this dungeon, a returning enemy not yet mentioned in the bestiary.

Deckard Cain's Journal - This brings up an interactive book that tells the story of what occurred in Diablo and Diablo II. You click the bottom corners of pages to turn the pages.
Diablo Timeline - Brief history of the events from Diablo and Diablo II.

Further Information

IGN Interview with Rob Pardo
That name reminds me of the Saturday Night Live announcer That interview contains numerous gameplay videos as well, so check them out. Some major information from that interview are:
- Going to be more of an action game than Diablo II
- More questing and role-playing elements than the previous Diablo games
- Boss battles that are more "epic" (Legend of Zelda was mentioned as an example)
- Game will once again be separated into acts
- Will have indoor and outdoor elements like DII, except the maps will be less randomized
- 5 classes with Barbarian and Witch Doctor confirmed (WD sounds similar to Necromancer in style)
- Likely to be released a year to a year and a half from now (maybe holiday 2009 season to early 2010)

Blizzard Fans Q&A

First Gameplay videos are listed one post below.
Official Diablo III Trailers and Wallpapers - That page apparently contains a 20 minute gameplay demo, so check it out

60 Screenshots - Gameplay views looks similar to the camera views from Diablo II and Dungeon Siege.

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quote Cmm
After a long time...

Artisan System


May 12, 12 at 2:39am

The German and English EU digital installers have certain issues. If you downloaded these installers then you need to update them to be able to install Diablo come release. You can do that HERE.

A short clip by Blizzard explaning what Diablo III is.

Blizzard is planning on adding character profiles.

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4 days till I can patch 4 long days

May 9, 12 at 9:10am

this will prolly be useful to some once the game comes out:
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A Tristram comparison.

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