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Jun 16, 08 at 5:33amTEDIZ MASTER

Balance or Feral: I want to know which spec would be better for endgame.

I want a druid build that's Good for PvP and, but also good for raiding.

would feral be better, with the cat's ability to surprise opponents in PvP and rip them to pieces with DoTs and melee attacks, and still be able to melee DPS in raids?

would a balance build be better because of the moonkin's armor increase, the ability to root a target and attack from a distance in PvP, and the +5 spell crit chance to itself and other party members to increase spell DPS in raids?

or does it all just come down to what style of play the player likes best?

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Dec 17, 12 at 5:29pm
Supah Druid

nvm that i made a mistake im forgot about druid cat form i was thinking about bear form ya feral best for me cause maim stuns and gives u a chance to attack without them attacking sorry about other thing i said

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Dec 17, 12 at 4:40pm
Balance Dude

I'd prefer Balance Moonkin Form cause they do alot of damage nad u can atack from a range

my names :Icecreamman add me lol

Apr 20, 12 at 8:14pm

I've been a huge fan of Feral for a long time, but it's true. Cat DPS just isn't as viable as Balance.

Apr 09, 12 at 7:53pm

I'm a feral and I always thought that there are sertan times when you don't need to go to cat or bear form you can still do balance attacks and resto moves

Jun 21, 08 at 7:46pm
Sonic Flash

Serious guilds will grab a moonkin as support DPS, like an elemental shaman and shadow priest. They'll take one if they can get it, as the various side benefits and debuffs provided by them are beneficial to the raid as a whole.

I should also mention that I've been raiding every night this week as the resident moonkin for my guild in Black Temple. It's more important that you know what you';re doing and have good gear than what spec you are. I've seen moonkin that basically just bought the vendor PvP set at 70 and called themselves a moonkin, and specced all wrong, and expected to get invited to raids. I took every opportunity to belittle them. >__>

Jun 21, 08 at 4:13pm
Inferno Penguin

I always got into raids as melee DPS. :/ I'd offtank occasionally, but for the most part I was in kitty form most of the time.

Jun 21, 08 at 7:35am

Druid raid diagram:

- You will [never] get into an end-game raid as [feral DPS]
- You will [very unlikely] get into an end-game raid as [moonkin]
- You [may] get into an end-game raid as [a feral tank]
- You will [almost certainly] get into an end-game raid as [a resto healer]

For random DPS, moonkin will do more damage and is more viable 90% more often than feral. Ranged dps is almost always > melee dps anways.

Jun 16, 08 at 11:22pm

Also remember that DPS its hard to find a group if your not a tank or healer. In some groups people r gonna force u to heal.

Jun 16, 08 at 6:24pm

quote Menkoy
and still be able to melee DPS in raids?
Lol, Kitty DPS isn't exactly something people would look for, if anything you'd be tanking if you were feral and going kitty if you're not needed to tank at that moment.
I've played a warrior to 43, and I hated tanking for 5-man instances. so I'm assuming I wouldn't like bear form tank in raiding either.

quote Menkoy
Both specs can PvP and raid though
thanks. I'm gonna go balance. I'm more of a DPS person. don't like tanking.

Jun 16, 08 at 12:30pm

and still be able to melee DPS in raids?
Lol, Kitty DPS isn't exactly something people would look for, if anything you'd be tanking if you were feral and going kitty if you're not needed to tank at that moment.

Both specs can PvP and raid though, it just depends what the guild needs you for. Balance is viable because of all the crit it gives, feral is viable as an offtank and melee dps. Feral PvP you can sneak around and gank people like a rogue, Balance PvP you run around critting everything to death.

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