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Jun 14, 08 at 2:55pmgamez expert

Hi everyone, i'm sure most of you have found getting the summersault emblem (perfect 10 score on vault) a real pain to get. Well i have worked at it and found the presise combination of actions that will get you a perfect 10:

R= Swing remote down only
N= Swing nunchuck down only
(R+N)= Swing remote and nunchuck down together

1. Get max speed and a "GREAT!" jump
2. R , N , (R+N) , R , N , (R+N) , (R+N)
3. Land perfectly and press A

You will know if you have done this correctly because you will release a spray of large stars on the last action

Notes: You must get a "great" jump otherwise the best you can get is 9.9. Do the combintion at a steady pace but not too fast, you should release a spray of stars each time if you do it correctly. Finally, this should give you a very good chance at a perfect landing but if you get a wobbly one, just keep trying untill you get a perfect one. If you do all that just as i said, you will get a perfect score and the emblem

I have tested this combination and it has worked for me 3 times in a row. The character i used was daisy so i cant be fully sure this works the same on other characters, but it should do. I've posted this in the cheats section of this game and here so please test this yourself and say if this works for you or if it got you the emblem

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Sep 28, 12 at 10:26pm

I got the Perfect 10 with Mario first, then a few other characters!!

May 25, 12 at 1:29am

It Works With Sonic
I Got it twice in a row

Aug 13, 10 at 2:36am

quote ShinySwellow
Geez people he's only trying to help.
yeah give the guy a break he's just trying to help:)

Apr 5, 09 at 9:03pm

By the way, gamez expert, your combination is a myth. I tried it and it failed. The best I got was like a 9.875 or something like that. And plus, you almost literally have to hyperventilate trying to get max speed. In other words, this combo fails.

Apr 2, 09 at 7:24pm

Geez people he's only trying to help.

Jun 18, 08 at 3:07pm

you could have used the thread "i need help on archery and vault" cause that is asking what u know.

Jun 16, 08 at 1:08pm
gamez expert

Sigh, did you read the first part of my reply? True enough both of these are relating to the event vault but their topics are actually different. My thread is stating and discussing what the combination for perfect 10s are and testing them. Your one is just to say what your high score is, no discussion really, just what your score is. Therefore since these are of 2 different topics they dont fall under the multiple thread rule. In my time i've fought my point against moderators, super mods and analysed every rule here, even a few hidden rules that arnt mentioned. So trust me, i know what i'm doing

Now tell me, have you even tried this method in all this time yet? Has it worked for you or have you just come here to start this thread on a bad note and advertise your thread?

Jun 16, 08 at 12:54pm

Ok but it's also against the rules to make mutiple threads about the same general thing. Just listen to what im saying. Use the other thread.

Jun 16, 08 at 12:48pm
gamez expert

Actually that other thread's topic is what is your high score. This threads topic is discussing weather this method is the correct one and to draw attention of people who are stuck on the vault. So even though both threads are about vault, they are infact different topics. Also if people are stuck on this (which quite a few will be), what thread do you think they'd go for? A highscore list where people just say a number or a thread that actually states it has the method needed? I am more than aware of neoseeker rules when making new threads and this one is completely allowed. So i just have a few things to say:

1. Stop spamming in my thread please
2. Stop advertising another thread (doing so is actually against the rules)
3. This forum has little activity anyway so 2 threads about vault but with different topics isn't going to hurt it unless you do whats stated above

There may actually be people who have tried this and want to say it works but are being scared off by you saying this thread has to die. To all of those people, i say this thread is allowed, you do not have to go somewhere else cus tozaki is advertising another because this thread is completely within all rules

So now thats over with, genral, if you say you used another method then howabout saying what you did? It actually does matter what combination you try cus i've done the exact same jump sercumstances many a time but with different actions and each one gives a different mark. If you say theres another combination that gives a 10 then how about saying what it is?

Jun 16, 08 at 12:23pm

Please use other thread and not flood this forum

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