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May 8, 08 at 7:12pmCrystalLaser

Okay, so at the end of Crisis Core, Banora is this giant cave with a luminescent light and crystals everywhere.

Well I have one question: Where is this in FFVII? Something like that does not just disappear. I have a hunch it's either the Northern Cave or a generic cave you have to go through.

Your thoughts?

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Jun 18, 14 at 11:07pm

I would just like to comment on the two questions posed above about the location of Banora and Madeoheim.

I missed the referee to Banora being located on the island where Mideel is curently located. however I vaguely remember the continent being mentioned during one of the earlier missions. I am about to be on my New Game+ and will pay more attention this time, as the previous poster has a good point and if that island is where I go for the mission. Then you can positively conclude that, mideel is the correct location. Especially since in FFVII we find Mideel in an already rough condition as if it has recently been built. Which is odd.

As for Madeoheim, it is not located "Near" Icicle Inn. Icicle Inn is located INSIDE of Madeoheim. If you remember in FVII the name of that snowy town near the Norern Crater is called "Icicle Inn". While playing Crisis Core you can clearly see that it is in fact the very same place. They just didn't have a name for this town during VII's creation. You can compare screenshots or go play VII and Crisis Core and go to Icicle Inn/Madeoheim and compare the town. It is exactly the same. Building Architecture and location, right down to the big wooden telephone pole looking thing. It's all there. Thus you can conclude absolutely that Madeoheim and Icicle Inn are one and the same. (Only Icicle Inn is literally just the name of the Inn located there and was used for the towns name in VII.)

Nov 1, 12 at 10:30am

That could be true, but... Mideel is already existing in Crisis Core.

PS: Sorry if my english is bad, I'm french.

Jun 18, 08 at 8:14pm

I gave thought to that.

Since both Genesis and Angeal both lived there, rebuilding the town to exactly the way it was would mean that they would have to duplicate their families as well. But, since those two caused such a commotion with the disappearances, betrayal, and clones, pretending they even existed in a fake Banora would still leave traces that the two even existed.

However, so would a giant ass hole called the Depth of Judgment.

So, in order to cover it all up, they redid everything. Filled the Depth of Judgment, rebuilt a town SIMILAR to Banora, and named it Mideel, therefore covering up there ever was a man named "Genesis" or "Angeal" and the the incident they caused.

I think Nibelheim was rebuilt the way it was because Zack nor Cloud didn't cause as much of a commotion, and the town could be rebuilt without someone asking questions.

Jun 18, 08 at 6:56pm
Lazy Kerauac

You make a very interesting thesis. I follow the logic up to rebuilding a town there, but in the example of Nibelheim, they made the town exactly how it was, even done to the cloned people (although it is stated somewhere that they lost their accent). So why wouldn't Banora be Banora anymore?

Jun 17, 08 at 7:42pm

Sorry to bump this, but I have a hypothesis:

I recently got my PS2 back and investigated the Mideel area. After inspecting the area and the destroyed Mideel, I think Mideel IS Banora. After Zack defeats Genesis and leaves, Banora is restored (either by Shin-Ra or Ultimate Weapon), and a new town is built.

Now remember what Tseng said: ANY misconducted caused by Shin-Ra MUST be covered up. Which would give Shin-Ra a very good reason to rebuild Banora into Mideel and pretend like Banora never existed.

When Ultimate Weapon wakes up, he destroys Mideel and opens up what Genesis made in the past, only since the Goddess no longer dwells there, the Depth of Judgment Zack was in previously just become flooded with Mako energy.

That would also explain the environment Cloud and Tifa were in when they were restoring his mind, as well.

May 19, 08 at 10:52pm

Huh, interesting idea. Where does the US build and launch their rockets? I don't even have a live example to compare it to

I do think it very odd that in a world boasting so much technology and higher living standards that all the towns seem really old fashioned. But I guess that would be credtid to the year it was made.

If there's a remake of FFVII, do you think they'll include Banora?

May 16, 08 at 12:56pm

yeah teh jail thing is weird, mayb Hollander used it to keep cretures traped like Hojo or something, and that could have ben easily been creted by Shinra since they had continuos contact with Banora
i also agree that it is there but non visit-able
of course on a PS1 motors we couldn't have towns loaded with people, if you want a good example of a thing alike you have Rogue Galaxy where you arive at this planet wich is the far advanced in tecnology and whre the main chracter sets foot the FMV shows people all around the place, literily it was loaded, an imense crowd, but when you strat to play they all evaporatre since at max in hta same area are 20 people so form there you can see
and teh Roclet town, maybe the thing was a choice from Cid or maybe Shinra wanted things to be a little secret or something

May 15, 08 at 7:03am

I'll have to agree with the earlier statement of not actually showing all the towns/people in an rpg, especially one as old as VII. I used to joke with my sister that I could actually write down all the people in the FF world on one side of loose leaf paper. I think it's well shown in FF AC when they give the feeling of sheer popluation in a new city such as Edge that there are infact a heck of a lot more people in these places then it originally appeared. I mean, look at Rocket Town. Honestly, would Shin-Ra really build a rocket in a small hick town? I think it should be much bigger than a dozen thatch-roof houses.

And on the same note, but a larger scale, I doubt that a FF world has you seriously believing that there are only a handful of towns on the entire planet. So it is very possible that Banora exists, just not visit-able. There are probably hundreds of other towns of the same nature. Not to mention that they actually added a bunch of extra houses to Nibelheim, making the town about twice the size.

I think this was already mentioned, but Banora was cited to be on the Mideel continent, but I'd have to agree that it'd be hard for Zack's motorbike to make it from one continent to another like that. And so if we run with the idea that Banora is on the main continent, what about the crater-y looking place that you later find Lucrecia at? It's cave like, with an eerie glow. And she was involved with all the Jenova project stuff... I thought it'd be worth a shot to bring that up.

And one more thing, while on the topic of Banora, was it used for a prison facility or something? What the heck was up with that creepy jail complex! I understand that the lab was used by Hollander to research a cure while on the run from Shin-Ra, but he wouldn't have had time to make it, would he? It looked really old...

May 12, 08 at 6:58pm

Well, Banora was like someone else explained it. It's basically nestled within the world. From peering around at the surroundings it's somewhere somewhat Tropical(?). I would place it in between Costa del sol and The gold Saucer (closer to Cost del sol). I doubt the bike could fly over an ocean nor at the time could he have boarded a ship with a bike without being founded thus we see Bikeless Zack at the end of the game hitching a ride. So it couldn't have been another continent.

May 12, 08 at 4:02pm

LoL.. that sounds like something out of Xenogears.

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