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Aug 14, 02 at 2:39pmLaStChInEsEHeRo

ok i hate when they just have #'s instead of real names, so i decided to fix it. So you the Madden freaks will get an easier refrence for players names who are missin. Here we go-
Bears- #60- Terrence Metcalf

Bills- #44-Jarrett Ferguson
#30-Kevin Thomas

Browns-#65-Melvin Fowler
#68-Joaquin Gonzalez

Chargers-#71-Toniu Fonoti (Local boy from Hawaii)
#72-Matt Anderle

Chiefs-#59-Scott Fujita
#18-Marc Boerigter (Shorten the last name Marc)

Colts- #37-James Lewis
#65-Curt McGill
# 9-Greg Zolman

Cowboys-#65-Andre Gurode
#20-Derek Ross

Dolphins-#53-Seth McKinney
#24-Omare Lowe

Eagles-#39-Sheldon Brown
#62-Scott Peters
#95-Justin Ena

Falcons-#64-Martin Bibla

Giants-#76-Jeff Hatch
#54-Nick Greisen
#68-Omar Smith
#62-Terence Wagner
#17-Darnell Dickins

Jets- #81-Chris Baker

Lions- #72-Victor Rogers
#35-Andre' Goodman
#90-John Taylor
#83-John Owens

Packers-#74-Aaron Kampman

Panthers-#34-Dante Wesley

Raiders-#66-Langston Walker
#88-Doug Jolley

Rams- #51-Courtland Bullard
#64-Travis Scott
#37-Steve Belisari

Ravens-#5-Dave Zastudil
#49-Chad Williams
#91-Omari Jordan
#63-Mike Collins
#84-Javin Hunter
#92-Ma'ake Kemoeatu

Redskins-#57-LaVar Arrington (real # is 56)
#35-Rashad Bauman
#40-Rock Cartwright
#45-Robert Royal

Saints-#65-LeCharles Bentley

Seahawks-#91-Anton Palepoi
#54-Keith Miller

Steelers-#71-Kendall Simmons
#93-Scott Shultz

Texans- #61-Fred Weary
#69-Chester Pitts
#41-Ramon Walker
#63-Charles Hill

Titans- #24-Tony Beckham

Vikings- #24-Willie Offord

I am Finally done i would like to say thank you to all the Rookies who signed on time to get put into this game. The guys on this list can go to hell

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May 17, 03 at 4:19am

quote CoopDawg
Everybody can go to hell in this thread except for Matt Anderle (player on Chargers). I know who he is and went to his high school. He is a very good person and hopefully will continue trying to make it in the NFL. He got cut by the Chargers, but is on the Minnesota Vikings practice roster right now.
so just because he is on this list and you know him he doesnt have to go to hell? what if i knew a player on the list and he is a good person as well does he have to go to hell? what if i knew all the players on the list and they are all good people. do they still ahve to burn in hell? would you go to hell too if you were on the list?

Mar 20, 03 at 1:06am
Alec Towne

Travis Henry is no.20

Mar 18, 03 at 1:53am

havent played online in awhile is there a more recent roster update?

Mar 11, 03 at 10:38am

Ok folks here is your update on player movments up until March 12, 2003.

S Dexter Jackson (Bucs)
QB Jeff Blake (Ravens)

S Cory Hall (Bengals)
WR Peerless Price (Bills)
DB Tyrone Williams (Packers)

CB Corey Fuller (Browns)
FB Harold Marow (Vikings)

LB Jeff Posey (Texans)
LB Takeo Spikes (Bengals)
TE Mark Campbell (Browns)

QB Jake Delhomme (saints)
RB Stephen Davis (Redskins)

TE Desmond Clark (Dolphins)
QB Kordell Stewart (Steelers)

DE Carl Powell (Redskins)
S Brian Leigeb (Colts)
LB Kevin Hardy (Cowboys)
DE John Thornton (Titans)
DB Tory James (Raiders)
TE Reggie Kelly (Falcons)

P Toby Gowin (Saints)
FB Richie Anderson (Jets)
TE Dan Campbell (Giants)
WR Terry Glenn (Packers)

QB Jake Plummer (Cardinals)
DT Daryl Garrdner (Redskins)

CB Dre' Bly (Rams)

Green Bay
FB Nicholas Luchey (Bengals)
CB Al Harris (Eagles)

OL Zach Wiegert (Jaguars)
OT Greg Randall (Pats)

DT Montae Reagor (Bronco's)
S Rich Coady (Titans)
WR Brandon Stokley (Ravens)

OL Jay Humphrey (Panthers)
WR Donald Hayes (Patriots)
LB Mike Peterson (Colts)
DE Hugh Douglas (Eagles)

LB Shawn Barber (Eagles)
CB Dexter McLeon (Rams)

WR Derrius Thompson (Redskins)

DL Billy Lyon (Packers)
CB Dernard Walker (Bronco's)

CB Tyrone Poole (Bronco's)
LB Rosevelt Colivin (Bears)
SS Rodney Harrison (Chargers)

New Orleans
OT Wayne Gandy (Steelers)
CB Ashley Ambrose (Falcons)
LB Orlando Ruff (Chargers)
P Mitch Berger (Rams)

New York Giants
RB Brian Mitchell (Eagles)
P Jeff Feagles (SeaHawks)
C Ryan Kuehl (Browns)
FB Jim Finn (Colts)
CB Ray Green (Dolphins)

New York Jets
WR Phil McGogham (Bronco's)
OG Tom Nutten (Rams)

FB Jon Ritchie (Raiders)
LB Mark Simoneau (Falcons)
LB Nate Wayne (Packers)

DT Dana Stubblefield (49ers)

LB Clint Kriewaldt (Lions)

FB Lorenzo Neal (Bengals)
WR David Boston (Cardinals)

S Damien Robinson (Jets)

St. Louis
C Dave Wohlabough (Browns)
OT Davis Loverne (Redskins)

Tampa Bay
OG Jason Whittle (Giants)

OG Randy Thomas (Jets)
OG Dave Fiore (49ers)
DT Brandon Noble (Cowboys)
DE Regan Upshaw (Raiders)
OG Lennie Friedman (Broncos)
QB Rob Johnson (Bucs)
K John Hall (Jets)
WR Patrick Johnson (Jag's)
S Matt Bowen (Packers)
RB Trung Candidate (Rams)

I will try n keep it current so look back every now n then for updates.

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Mar 5, 03 at 8:43pm

Heres some more: Detroit-Dry Bly, Chiefs-Dexter McCleon
Although i dont remember the numbers

Feb 25, 03 at 9:36pm

Yeah thats a real guy....Jim Drunkenmiller was great at Virginia Tech so my team the niners moved up in the i think 1996 or 1997 draft to pick up the huge first round dud, they picked him instead of jake plummer. The guy bounced from niners to miami to I think cfl or nfl europe, didnt know the colts picked him up though, what a waste of talent he turned out to be.

Feb 22, 03 at 3:58am

I just went to to look at the Colts website and it said that their 3rd QB was some guy named Jim Drunenmiller #00, is this guy real?

Jan 10, 03 at 10:53pm

ohhh and thats not cory sauter ,,, hes on the bears,,, the colts only have two qbs right now.. ea probably just made this dude up to fill the 3 slots

Jan 10, 03 at 10:39pm

tee martin qb <fa> is on phi. so is tim hasselback <fa>
mike westbrook bengals is gone, skip hicks <rb> is on carolina <fa> marco battaglia <free agent te> is on Pit. Fred Baxter <fa, te> is on the patriots. tony stewart <fa,te> is on the bengals. tom knight <fa cb> is on Bal.

Jan 10, 03 at 3:23pm

Ok the Rosters have been updated online.
Here's the latest Name List-

Bucs: LB #56 Ryan Nece

Chargers: C #60 Jason Ball

Colts: The thing with the colts is they picked a guy up it just wasn't the guy EA put in. So if anyone knows the mystery guy please post it n I will Change the the name. If not you can change him to QB #6 Cory Sauter from Minnesota

Miami: RT Greg Jerman

Eagles: LT #77 Atris Hicks

Redskins: #56 LaVar Arrington

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