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Apr 29, 08 at 12:38ammidterm360

I've seen this topic in a few other forums and would like to see this sites viewers comments, please do not spam me, or call em a noob for going off topic, this is entirely for fun

The setting is quite simple, the imperium of man in a war against the galactic empire from star wars, both have no enemies anymoe and are free to concentrate fully 100% of their efforts towards eachother, in the ensuing battle, who wins?

well infe i'llguess i'll have to double post and get the ball rolling, I think it'd be the imperium of man personally, they have the space marines (astartes) and psykers and the like

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May 22, 15 at 1:42am

Imperium. The SM, Sisters, and Guardsmen, all vs JUST the GE. Jeez.

I have to give this one to the Imperium, due to the fact that they have the Holiness, they have augmentations, and better armor. (Have you seen how much Stormtrooper armor sucks?) And, yes their firepower might not outmatch the GE, everything else does.

If you disagree with me, I don't care. Mostly due to the fact I'll never see this post again. Ever.

Jun 23, 14 at 9:19am
k I'm gonna do it

The fact that warhammer is for adults and Star Wars is for kids make everything in warhammer have a ruthless efficiency so warhammer all day.
Pls remember the IoM wages war for so f***ing long with enemy that could finish the SW universe in matter of year make the topic look like some Kid try to prove that their toy is better than other.

May 30, 14 at 8:26am
Unicorn Swag

This is a no brainer. Star Wars all the way. So, the space marines are genetically engineered. We'll, so are stormtroopers. The Empire would have 2 sith. That's worth about all the imperium's space marines. All it would take is one good force lightnting and the entire battalion of space marines is incapacitated. Darth Vader and Darth Sidious would kill everyone who opposed them. I'm pretty sure even a marine can't survive being chopped in half by a lightsaber. Their shields and armor can't stop lightsaber. Only beskar can and the imperium of man doesn't have that resource. The mandalorians are probably as good as or better than the marines plus they have armor that can resist everything including a point blank cannon shot. Star Wars will take it all the way.

Nov 27, 13 at 3:29am
Jerek Adams

Alright time for some real world stats provided by Lucas Arts and Sir Isaac Newton.

Star destroyer. 8MT per turbolaser blast (lucas arts) multiplied by 60 turbolasers on an class 1 Imperial SD. A total output of 8 x 60 = 480MT / salvo. That's pretty devastating. (for the lols the enterprise e only emits 5.75MW per phaser bank).

First, Nova cannon. Bore is 50m. Fires its round at .95c or 95% the speed of light. Most battleships rounds (in real life) are 20 times longer than the bore of their gun.

So 50m x 20 = 1000m or 1 km (that's okay a nova cannon is 3.5 km long and the cruisers that carry them are 3.5 km long. Larger vessels carry them as well.

Volume of a cylinder 50m in diameter by 1000m long. V = (pie/4) x d(squared) x length. V= (3.14/4) x 50m(sq) x 1000m. V = .7854 x 2500m(sq.) x 1000m = 1 963 500 cu meters. Or in km 1.964 cu kilometers.

Mass = density per cubic meter x cubic meters = 7850kg/cu. m x 1 963 500cu. m = 1.54 x 10 to 10th or 15 400 000 000kg. I used the density of steel although the round is loaded with plasma warheads which are likely lighter than steel but the adamantium casing is far far far heavier. So say a wash (although I may be understating by quite a margin).

95% speed of c = 186 000 mi/s x .95 = 176 700mi/s. or 282 720km/s or 282 720 000m/s.

E(kinetic) = 0.5 x mass x velocity(sq.) = 0.5 x 15 400 000 000kg x 282 720 000m/s (sq.). = 6.155x10 to the 26th Joules! Or 615 500 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Joules. Or 615 yotta-joules.

One tonne of TNT = 4.184GJ or 4 184 000 000 Joules. So 615 500 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 / 4 184 000 000 = 1.47 x 10 to the 17th tonnes of TNT. Or 147 000 000 000 000 000 tonnes. Or 147 peta-tonnes.

Now the blast of this round is much worse and takes out an approx. blast radius of 3500km. The plasma warheads are far worse than the kinetic energy but I remember a GW fluff (Which I can't recall) saying it was 2.5 times stronger than the kinetic energy of the round.

So. 147 petta-tonnes x 2.5 = 367.5 + 147 = 514.5 peta-tonnes. Per shot. Every 30 minutes.

An Imperium cruiser can soak 2 rounds resulting in destruction, that's right, 2 of these rounds! So a durability of lets say 1 exa-tonne but really its 1.029 exa-tonnes.

Star destroyer fires 480MT / volley. So in tonnes 1 029 000 000 000 000 000 / 480 000 000 = 2 143 750 000 volleys from a single SD to destroy a cruiser. Said cruisers that conservatively number in the hundreds of thousands for the Imperium of Man.

Lets throw all 35 000 SD of the Imperial fleet at that one cruiser! So 2 143 750 000 volleys / 35 000 SD = 61 250 entire fleet volleys! This means the ENTIRE Imperial fleet has to fire 61 250 volleys to destroy this cruiser!

Say they can fire every 5 seconds. 60 / 5 = 12 volleys / min. So 61 250 volleys / 12 volleys/min. = 5104.166667 minutes / 60 minutes per hour = 85.06944445 hours / 24 hours/day = 3.545 days. Of constant firing with no losses.

Now 8MT turbolasers are a threat to capital ships in SW. So the nova cannon itself will shred them, and the broadside of a cruiser is a low tera-tonne yield event which also shreds them. Now we can name the flagship of this campaign "The Shredder".

One IOM cruiser could wrap all of the empires SD's. At it's height. A SD has 60 heavy guns, an IOM cruiser has 3000+.

So know that we have official numbers from star wars that cannot be disputed as the BELONG TO THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OWNERS AND THEY OVERIDE EVERY FANBOYS BASELESS STATEMENT REGARDING THOSE STATS, well its a wrap. IOM for the curbstomping.

The empire is outnumbered, outgunned, and outlasted in all categories. That nova cannon can slag DS II, one shot! Psykers will demolish the force users, and Alpha+ class can destroy planets, instantly with a thought. A lasgun will punch basketball holes in unarmored flesh, an unarmored blaster wound is survivable as seen with Leia on Endor's Century Moon. The God Emperor banishes souls from all time and existence as if they were never there. Sorry Palp's and Kun. IOM FTW.

(I know way too much about this crap).

Feb 2, 13 at 4:20pm

Star Wars republic comando's are no were near Space marine's or Terminators
dark gods would make thousand's of traitor clones,Jedi's and make the sith more evil oh DARK TROOPERS ARE NOTHING COMPERD TO THE ASSAULT MARINES. star wars can only fight on one flank as proven in movie's and books were warhammer fights on thousands of flanks every dayin all matters of shape and form oh yea it takes ages to get a clone trooperand about 30secs to get a warhammer 40k gaurdsman and the Lord Commisars are probbly to stubborn to be affected by jedi powers look at this logicly you force choke a commisar and the gaurdsmen run to aid him so the jedi has a choice now he can now kill the comisar and die by the gaurdsmen or he can llet the commisar live and get killed by him about 20 secs later. eather way its a lose lose for star wars. and a Win WIn for warhammer ok the empire and rebels would probly last for a while if they kept on running but thats were deathwatch come in they are specely trained space marine's and have acess to evrything the IoM has to offer and have the best ships to catch there prey.

Feb 2, 13 at 3:45pm

star wars would have no chance of wining because of these:orks you cant kill them so you end up putting more recorces to planet deffence's which makes the other army's any cost of space ships harder to control. Chaos: if you win agenst them the dark gods put the planet into the warp. Eldar have their god of war which is made out of fire and lava.Space Marine's : you kill a mighty hero in star wars he's dead forever in warhammer he comes back in about 20 min is a massive machine reddy to fight back with better and more deadly wepeons and a Gaurdsman flak armour can withstad a laser were the storm troopers seem to die in one hit. Tau: they are sniper's clone trooper's would not see or hear them.IG:The baneblade and mas production.dark eldar: clones would be torcherd there for lowering moral until they brake or get picked off one by one.necrons :They can't die you shoot them and they get back up and there wepons are desinghed to rep flesh and mettle alike atom by atom. Tyrandids: they can board space ships and as star wars does not have anything compard to terminators they would loose a lot of ships when they meet them.grey knights jedi powers would be usless agenst them and thet genruly come in terminator armor anyway.

Nov 6, 12 at 6:28pm

ha, please read before posting. I support Warhammer 40k because of the fact that most starship cannons in Star Wars fire in the megatons-gigatons, while 40k ships have petaton guns as their regular mounts.

ha, if you look at starship battles in Star Wars, it logically would tell you that an Imperial cruiser could 1 shot an Imperial Star Destroyer. ha You should also back up your ludicrous claims on stormtrooper blasters, discipline, and better equipment.

To refute your points, ha, Space Marines begin training at the age of 10. They start recieving hormone and organ implants at this age so they can grow with it. An unarmed Space Marine weighs appr 700 pounds, as their bones have metal or carbon laced in them. They grow to become acid-spitting, bullet-timing 7-foot tall monsters that coudl sit on a stormtrooper until he dies. (1 tonne with armor on!)

Only thing I can say to you, ha. Learn to read.

Oct 27, 12 at 9:53am

the best rifles in the ENTIRE 40k universe are gauss flayers, which can kill a man in one to twoshots so will a GE stormtrooper's blaster so not only can we field more disciplined, better equiped, and the same amunt of guys, we can kill you in space, one battleship is a huge undertaking to build whle we can churn out SSD after SSD.

Jun 24, 12 at 12:24pm
ojox the blob

quote WHO ARE YOU?|message:33212842
STAR WARS For the win, lets say that because the empire needs help they reactivate the droids that were deactivated at the end of the clone wars,Warhammer would be over powered (You warhammer fanatics really over estimate the power of the space marines :/) ok,darth vaders death star finally gets to where the hell it supposed to,if space marines try to ambush it luckily admiral ackbars on it to warn us (star wars joke). the droids are already landing with their super battle droids,droidikas,hailfire tanks and my favourite the AATS" , then we would have all the mandalorians who could easily take on the IOM,
Whilst I'm inclined to agree with you, this is not a fantastically objective argument, since your knowledge of SW evidently outstrips that of your Warhammer knowledge. There's no easy way to compare but standard battle droids are pretty sub-standard units anyway and with every W40k race teamed up against them you cannot argue that they would really outnumber them; unit numbers do not really come into consideration in such a debate since we have no way of accurately knowing how many military units there are in either universe.

Jun 24, 12 at 4:10am

STAR WARS For the win, lets say that because the empire needs help they reactivate the droids that were deactivated at the end of the clone wars,Warhammer would be over powered (You warhammer fanatics really over estimate the power of the space marines :/) ok,darth vaders death star finally gets to where the hell it supposed to,if space marines try to ambush it luckily admiral ackbars on it to warn us (star wars joke). the droids are already landing with their super battle droids,droidikas,hailfire tanks and my favourite the AATS" , then we would have all the mandalorians who could easily take on the IOM,

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