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Apr 20, 08 at 1:28amPhantasio

Any tips of advice to beat this other than to have a lot of free time since apparently that's how long it will take. With Yoshi the most bosses I've defeated are 7.

I have little to no problems with Crazy, Hand, Master Hand, Peter Piranha and Rayquaza (except when he jumps up and spins in circles I cannot seem to avoid the lightning that comes from the sky.

Duon is probably my least favorite since I seem to lose a decent amound of health against him. Porky is another one of my not so favorites. On Intense difficulty I cannot seem to avoid that yellow laser he shoots from the top of his head.

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Nov 20, 12 at 5:13pm
Shadic Hearts

I don't even try to attempt this.

Nov 16, 12 at 1:49pm

I beat boss battles on the easiest level.

I like doing this after beating Subspace Emissary since at the end I can go one on one with Tabuu and kick his butt.

Sep 4, 12 at 9:43am

If you know the patterns of the bosses well, Toon Link is a good way to go. Down+A works wonders when you're above the bosses, because TL stays in the air and you can keep spamming it. Just down hold down so that he can stay up there.

Link doesn't have that benefit due to heaviness.

Duon is rather easy in most cases because I have the its own missiles fly back towards it. Granted, I still haven't been able to NOT take damage.

Galleom, Ridley, Meta Ridley, The Hands, Porky, and Rayquaza all go down pretty quick with TL's down+A.

May 9, 08 at 7:04pm

I got to him again yesterday with 15% health.
I knew I mistimed his 3rd ring so I just put the controller down and waited for it to hit me .

May 9, 08 at 5:18am

Yeah, just jumping over Tabuu's boomerang is the best way to dodge it.

May 8, 08 at 10:54pm

Has anyone tried to stay all the way on the left of the ship for Meta Ridley?
He's extremely easy like this because you just wait two-three seconds and double jump.
That's how you dodge his attacks.
I got to Tabuu with 104% damage, lol.
I actually got cocky and tried to roll his frizbie boomerang thingie. I'm really stupid.

May 6, 08 at 3:44am

Fox is also a good character to use because his Reflector allows him to shinefall, which can stall him in the air for quite a while (good for staying above Rayquaza, Meta Ridley, etc).

I finally beat Very Hard, but my record on Intense is around 4. It's absolutely ridiculous.

May 6, 08 at 3:36am

Yeah, I can beat Boss Battles on Very Hard, but on Intense, I can't even get past 5 bosses.

May 5, 08 at 9:52pm

Yeah, there's a huge gap in difficulty between the two. Very Hard took me two tries. Intense took me upwards of 30.

May 5, 08 at 5:27pm

I find it really easy to beat this with the Ice Climbers.

It's interesting to see the different amount of characters you guys beat this damn boss mode with.
Porky and Duon was a pain.

Also, is it me or is Very Hard Mode MUCH easier than Intense Mode. I beat Very Hard Mode with Zelda and it was my first time playing as her. WTF!!

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