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Apr 8, 08 at 10:56amMiss Razz

Oh, how we love FFVII love-triangle debates

The FFVII forum has the love-triangle between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith and we all know that debate has been done to death. But since Crisis Core's release the thread has added Zack into the mix, and it's nice having something new to discuss in the love-triangle. So I thought I'd bring some of the discussion over into this forum.
(though this question mostly applies to people who have also played FFVII and/or watched AC).

So who do you think Aerith really loves by the end of AC?
Zack? Cloud? Both? (or maybe Tseng )
Do you she was fond of Zack for a while, but she loved Cloud much more? Or do you think she always loved Zack and was still waiting for him even in FFVII?

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Jun 26, 15 at 9:47am

Damn you all clerith fans just die if aerith relly love cloud more than zack then shes a one sluty bitch that guy fought an army a godess power just to see you and grant your wish he run down towards to midgar dont care about what happen to him and and he also have a a drug addict as a backpack slowing him down but zack doesnt care i wish the remake would let (zack) have his own route or make a video clip zerith in a lovey dovey scene and baammm all clerith fans just gonna be *bleep*ing shock...

Jun 19, 15 at 6:00am

Ok I played Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core first and the Final Fantasy VII and i also watched the movie but a lot of you probably missed reading On the way to a smile that takes place before the movie and which is written by Kazushige Nojime who also written the story for Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII, and the movie. In On the way to a smile it states that Aerith's beloved was Cloud and that she was considering doing the same thing that Sephiroth did by making avatars of herself but decided not to because she wanted Cloud to remember her for who she truly was even though she wanted to tell Cloud many things that she wasn't able to because of her death.

Mar 28, 15 at 9:13am

Some people just cant hand additions to their cannon storyline lol.

If square says it is so, then by the gaming gods it is.

Mar 25, 15 at 12:00am

It took me a while to find the stuff I was looking for but there are also several connections between various games that point to Aerith and Cloud. Like how he just so happens to run into a girl that reminds him of her in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Or how in Kingdom hearts they have a conversation that is almost a replication of the last scene described by Cid from the play Loveless from FF7 where the guy tells the girl he has to go away but he will come back to her. Or you could even reverse that and ask if it's coincidence that Cloud and Aerith meet under the sign of a play that the only thing in game you hear of it is Cid telling you about the final scene where two lovers are separated.

"There’s no relationship from FFVII to the Kingdom Hearts stories. I consider them separate stories. But if you play Kingdom Hearts, toward the end, some of the questions about the relationship between Cloud and Aeris in Final Fantasy VII might be answered.” - Nomura Tetsuya

"Question: Mr. Nomura, what did you most want to portray in [Kingdom Heart's] story?"

"Nomura: For the story, simply put, "connections"... I wanted to portray the idea that people are not physically connected. Well, I think that is already thoroughly incorporated in the story though. Even apart, things which are connected are still connected."


Cloud refers to Sephiroth as his Darkness. So who is Clouds light? The answer is quite obvious.

The first thing Marlene tells Cloud is that Aerith was asking a lot of questions like what kind of person he was. Oh and maybe just maybe some us never forgot when Aerith ask Cait Sith to tell her fortune what his response was and how she didn't object to a word he said about it. I mean I guess we can just assume she was just going with it. But it's pretty odd he just randomly throws it out there if he didn't sense anything between them. Which also goes back hand in hand with the fact, you have to sit and realize though we're playing a video game, these characters have been travelling a ton together. It's not like when Cloud is the only person on the world map. The whole party is still there in actuality and character wise their relationships are still developing and bonds are getting stronger.

So all of this is why I disagree with you guys. I don't even want to bring up the fact Aerith herself says her and Zack weren't serious and at or how she calls him a ladies man, but has supposedly been talking to him in the life stream the whole time and all this other nonsense. Not to mention FF7 Dismantled. Or how when Cloud even asks who Zack was because he might have known him she doesn't even use the chance to ask about Zack at all. No, she tells Cloud that it doesn't matter if he knew him or not. And no prequel is going to change that.

Mar 24, 15 at 8:34pm

I don't agree with Zack and Aerith. I mean we can sit here and point over and over what Crisis Core tried to portray. Sure Aerith wrote a lot of letters, it's not like it's in her character to do something like that to begin with. It's not like her foster mother tells you about her childhood. Did she have many friends? What was she going to do besides write to some one. Oh, let's just forget that though and over hype it to no limit.

Zack in reality knows nothing about her or the Cetra. She didn't go on a journey with Zack, she wasn't in life and death situations with Zack. She didn't learn about her heritage at the temple of the ancients with Zack. She sure didn't travel across the planet with Zack which in reality is far more interaction than her and Zack ever had. Because travelling across a planet takes a little bit of time i'm sure. We can speculate if Zack hadn't died none of that would have happened like it did, but it did happen like that.

As far as her liking Cloud because he was like Zack. I've yet to understand how Cloud was acting like Zack aside from doing squats, using his sword which is a sub par sword based on the original game (2 materia slots LMAO). He obviously eliminated his memory of Zack because of the trauma from Zacks death. Thus claiming to be Soldier and becoming a mercenary filled the void where his memory of Zack should have been. Which is why when he tries to connect his memories his mind crashes and he collapses because of that void where his memory of Zack should be being subconsciously blocked. Zack died while he still had Mako sickness and Jenova cells from Hojo's experiments which are why he has Soldier eyes to begin with when he was never in Soldier. In reality though Cloud didn't adopt Zacks personality. He built one around being a mercenary which is one of the last things he remembers but he's blocked the memory of Zack out. That's why he constantly states to Barret he's only in it for the money and couldn't give a damn about the planet.

By the time Aerith died in FF7 she'd traveled the world with Cloud and grew more as a person than she ever had during her time with Zack. And that's exactly why I think she told Cloud what she told him on that Gondola because she realized it.

Jan 27, 15 at 4:24pm
Sir FrozenPickle

I got ahold of the FFVII Ultimania, so that should give us a definitive answer . . .

Unfortunately, I know very basic Japanese and the entire book is in complicated Japanese, so it's not much help right now

Oct 2, 14 at 3:31am


Aug 5, 14 at 5:51am

Zack for thesse reasons...
  • it was love at first sight
  • she wrote more than 80 letter to him and after years she was still loved him
  • her relation with cloud was for he(cloud) was similar to ZACK (like how they met. both were SOLDIER(at least cloud says so)! , mako eyes and.....
  • she dressed pink until her death cause zack bought her a pink ribbon
  • She hid the Holy materia in the ribbon. (most important materia in world of ff)
  • she called her my first LOVE and Boyfriend
  • in zack's death day:last dmv was aerith and aerith saw the sky...
  • She sold flowers just because zack told him
  • need any more reasons?...

Apr 19, 14 at 6:48am

aerith only loved zack .......

Dec 23, 13 at 11:25pm
Squall Strife

You were so close to finishing the story Kirito. You just needed to beat Genisis Avatar and Genesis and you would have been rewarded with an sense of accomplishment. It's not too late for you to beat game. You dont have to restart. You just need to know what to find in the missions or in the story. For example when you are in Zack's hometown you could have battled 5 times near the waterfall and played a mini game and got goblin pumch and match it with a DMV in the store that you could have got in Zack hometown in one of the treasure chest and combine them to make Costly Punch which would have easily beaten Genesis Avatar. It would probably take you a few minutes and that's it. Just missed it though.

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