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Apr 6, 08 at 2:37amsigmanight

i would like to hear everybodys stories on how you guys beat boss battles in intense like what character you beat it with and what techniques did you use with that character for me i used fox alot of bosses most of the time throw projectile like weapons i find boss battles in intense easy with fox every other character nope it will be very difficult tell me your stories of boss battles in intense im all ears

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Jul 9, 13 at 8:06pm

Ok, my Ganondorf method is Ganon's foot to the faces of the bosses, usually the [A] foot to the face repeatedly is the way to go.

The Master Hand and Crazy Hand are nothing, I use the up kick that inflicts like quarter of their hp each hit.

Tabuu is tricky so I have to do more than just stomp him, so I revert to arial attacks like moonsaults and that leaping fist to the face.

Same with Ridley and Meta Ridley.

Jul 9, 13 at 6:47am

I actually just used Peach. If you keep using her hip attack (side B), then you can just stay in the air forever. Tabuu's teleport makes it hard to use this method on him, but it should work for most of the other bosses.

Feb 13, 13 at 3:53pm

I think that I do the best with yoshi and sonic And I never lose with tabuu but always on intense with Duon. He is really hard for me so are Ridley and meta Ridley. The rest are easy

Apr 8, 08 at 11:45pm
Lost in Azure

Boss battles on intense .....

Duon for me is the most anooying character other then Tabuu. Meta Ridley is close behind. With Duon I just go in for a nice attack, dodge whatever they have coming, go in once more, and so on. Meta Ridley usually kills me every time. Wish me luck with this because I havent even beat it on hard or very hard and im skipping into Intense.

Apr 8, 08 at 11:26pm

It's so hard! I'll spam Rock Smash. I wish Petey will come first

Apr 8, 08 at 10:44pm

You always want to avoid damage rather then just dealing dmg and being reckless.
Just make sure to take your time.

Apr 8, 08 at 10:01pm

I'm having difficulty with not taking damage. >_<; Most of the time, I'm able to beat them, but I take more and more damage each time, and then I get cocky and keep going. Which leads me to lose. There's got to be a better way to do this.

Apr 6, 08 at 7:05pm

I died with Link on like the second battle and then gave up

Apr 6, 08 at 7:02pm

i hate duon and whenever i survive him i lose to tabuu

Apr 6, 08 at 1:15pm

quote sigmanight
heres some tips marth,ike,and pit can conter,fox,falco,wolf,mario,and zelda can reflect,ness and lucas can heal from master hands finger gun and duon in shooter mode,if you get to tabuu with pt when he does the 3 rings of death press ↓B to change pokemon and there you go dodge the 3 rings of death you can also do this with zelda by making her transform into shiek or the other way around
i heard you can hold being in the pokeball.

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