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Apr 3, 08 at 5:45pmChiroVette

Okay this one continues from [here]. Have a great time.

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Oct 20, 13 at 6:43am

name:Wally Mafia
cars:euros,solair and sultan
weapons:SMG,M4 and sawn off shotgun
living in:las vegas come a lot and yellow bell station

Jun 24, 12 at 12:06pm

Name: Not known. They're very secretive.

Weapons: Silenced pistols.

Vehicles: The least conspicuous vehicles you can think of, but they're totally pimped in the inside. For example a Blista Compact with a supercharged V6 and a spoiler that can automatically pop up from the rear. Every neighbourhood would have its own least conspicuous vehicles, so they could also be seen in more expensive vehicles.

Appearance: Completely casual average clothing, but they always wear body armour.

Territory: The western half of Los Santos and the southern half of San Fierro.

Activities: Jacking expensive vehicles (including helicopters); hacking ATMs; various con-opeartions with large amounts of money.

Jun 24, 12 at 11:16am

Heres mine:
Name:Los Santos Dragons
Color:blue,black and red
Terratory:Los Santos,Las Venturas,San Fierro,and the Countryside
Clothing: normal ranks: hoodies and jeans and high ranks suit & tie and fadora (All ranks have body armor).
Vehicles: Huntley,Sentinel,Sultans(special delivery: burrito)
Weapons melee:baseball bat and knife
Weapons guns:Desert eagle,9mm,Shotgun,Combat shotgun,SMG,AK- 47,M4,Rifle ,and Sniper Rifle.
Faverote radio stations: Radio Los Santos,K-DST,K-Rose,and WCTR.
Allies: grove street families(GSF),varrios los aztecas,and San fiero triads
Rivals: ballas and vagos

Jun 23, 12 at 12:05pm

ok heres mine

Name: King Saints
Colour:blue & White
Territory: Los Santos & North San Firreo
Clothing:blue/white trousers combat jacket purple face mask green rag hat
Vecheils: High Ranks have sports cars lower ranks have Tampas and Primos
Weapons Meele = baseball bats , knifes and katana higher ranks have chainsaws
Weapons guns = 9mm pistol Molotovs SMG Higher ranks = M4 AK-47 and UZI
Favourite Radio Station = Radio Los Santos Playback FM And K-Jah West
Allies = Grove Street Familes (GSF) & Various Los Aztecs
Rivals = Ballas Vagos

May 19, 12 at 5:57pm

Name: Destroyers
Color: Blue and Yellow
Rival: Ballas,San Fierro Rifas
Cars: Remington,Glendale
Weapon:Uzi,Pistols, baseball bats
Allies: GSF, los santos Vagos

Sep 24, 11 at 3:47pm

Name: Panda Killaz
Weapons: Silenced Pistols, Desert Eagles, Sniper Rifles, ak47, double uzis
Territory: North Los Santos, Mid LV, and south san fierro
Rivals: Vagos, Ballas
Allies: Grove Street and Mafia
Vehicles: Buffalo (black and white)
Clothes: Black and white hoodies and black skin tight jeans with white hi-tops

Aug 18, 11 at 5:28pm

Name: The Warriors

Weapons: Katana, Baseball Bat, Machete (the one from LCS), Knife, 9mm, Silenced 9mm, Tec-9, SMG, Pump-Action Shotty, AK-47, Sniper Rifle, Minigun, RPG, Heat Seeking RPG, Flamethrower

Clothing: Whatever you want, just as long as you have at least one article of clothing that is dark red or maroon or something.

Vehicles: Saber (modified with Virtual wheels and bass boost), Freeway, Tornado (pimped), Huntley (pimped), Buffalo (pimped)

Territory: Fort Carson, Las Payasadas, El Quebrados, Las Barrancas, Bayside, Los Santos, San Fierro

Rivals: Ballas, Vagos, Rifa, Mafia

Allies: Varrios los Aztecas, GSF, Triads

Fronts: Wang Cars, Otto's Autos, Emmet's, Ammunation

Businesses: Drug manufacturing/dealing, Gun running, prostitution

Apr 14, 11 at 2:31pm

( I dont play online )

*Gran turismo
Rides: turismos (heavier and faster)
Jobs: if a cop annoys ppl we kill them!
Weap: turismo car
Team nickname: turismi
Hails: all over las venturas
Suits: white things, no shirt
Current units: 29

Rides: banditos, bf injections and quad bikes
Weaps: country rifle, uzis and 9mms
Jobs: what a bandit does
Teams nickname: ganglads
Hails: desserts, base hunter quarry
Suits: black and brown suits, no watche§
Current units: 10

Rides: shamals planes, buffalos, savanna
Weaps: only tec9 and hand grenades,molotove
Jobs: Ram police suvs, fly all over san andreas, deal with drugs
Team nicknames: Shamal
Hails: seas, roads and offroads, las venturas
Suits: white and black, just like a pilot
Current units: 26

*Rider on the floor
Rides: motorcycles: bf400, pcj600, fcr900, nrg500
Weaps: smgs only
Jobs: protects nightlight gangs
Team nicknames: need for speed
Hails: all over san andreas
Suits, helmets and jackets, blue jeans, stopwatch and dogtags, black shoes and sunglasses
Current amount 22/68

Rides: racing vechiles (hotring racer and monsters also nrg500s)
Weaps:ak47, silenced 9mm, katana and flamethrower
Jobs: kill peoples at night (night contract killer)
Nicknames: torches
Hails: las venturas
Suits: black jackets, white shoes,black jeans, dog tags and pink watches
Current units: 2O/20

Ride: pheonixs, bullets, banshees, and blista compacts
Weaps: only katanas
Jobs: kill innoncents and fight dante
Nickname: blue twins
Hails: all over san andreas
Suits: blue and black suits
units: 23

Rides: pheonixs ,bullets ,banshees and blista compacts
Weaps: only swords and DUAL 9mms
Jobs: defend innoncent and fights vergil
Hail: all over san andreas
Nicknames: red twins
Suits: black and red suits
units: 34

Ride: pimped blade and savanas only!
Weaps: any type of pistols, only pistols
Jobs: pissing cops off
Hail: los santos
Nickname: pissing pistol
Suits, green hats and red shirts, jeans only!
Current units: 25/60

Well this is my 1st out of alot part
My personal favorites are dante and vergil but we find the pisstol the best for us (i meant me and ma freinds, yes i play online but in asia) the turismo is one of my favorites too, we although hate the badlands but it seems usefull
We will try to make more gangs
(Pls do not copy the ones with * at the start of the gang name)

2nd post:

ride: cheetah and nrg 500 only
job: haunting preys (ballas... los santos vagos ETC.)
weapons: sniper, country rifle, pistols ETC
hail: san fierro
current unit: 5682/28300
clothes: black jackets and jeans with sneakers

Jan 21, 09 at 5:42pm

Name: "The Super-awesomely Exellent Kick-ass Gang" (Too short for a name, I know, but what are you going to do?).

Weapons: M4; Heatseeking missiles; Desert Eagle; Silenced 9mm and Sniper rifle's.

Clothing: Cowboy hat; Sunglasses; Combat jacket; woodland camo pants.

Vehicles: Oceanic, Huntly and Phoenix; all totally pimped of course.

Territory: Everything to the south of The Big Pointy building; to the west of downtown Los Santos and south-west of Blueberry, but can also be encountered in the desert, at the airfield.

Job: What the Mafia does, plus having fun in general.

Rivals: Police, F.B.I. and Everybothy in Los Santos except Grove St.

Jan 21, 09 at 2:39am
the duel king

name:peligro cinco (the dangerous five in spanish]

weapons:miniguns,m4s,mp-5s,and night vision goggles

vehicles:all black sabres,buffalos,phoenixs,voodoos and slamvans

gear:all black

job:killing,dealing drugs

territory:north san fierro

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