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Apr 25, 12 at 10:29pm

Your ignorance is hilarious; Marth doesn't rely on his smash attacks, he thrives in the air. His standard attacks also pack a great deal of range and power, on the edge of the blade.

Mar 24, 08 at 9:34pm

quote Lord Zuron
how can you not include marth. I also concluded that IKE is completely useless in one on one but he is much better in group matchs.

I win like 95% of my random online battles with marth and game and watch but those people kinda suck.

I wasn't that good in meele tournaments but i seem to be able to beat most of the people that were good in those in brawl, which means its vastly different then meele.

Ness or Lucas would never be able to beat me with Marth one on one, or maybe i just haven't played anybody good with them but i really think they suck
Correction, EVERYBODY online sucks

Mar 24, 08 at 9:30pm

I agree with you, Ike sucks 1v1 but is great in team fights. I have to disagree about Marth though. The reason I wouldn't pick him in a 1v1 is that he has no ranged attacks and he relies too heavily on his smashes. Besides his smashes, he doesn't have much going for him. His throws are awful, they do 4-6 dmg I believe. They also do not knock the opponent on their backs when they land. Marths B-Up is only useful as a recovery skill if you are close to the edge. It also can't be relied on to do much damage. Sword dance is another skill that is mediocre at best. They did change it so that it is easier to use, but only noobs will get caught up in it. I do however like Marth's B-Down. It is a good skill, but is no where near as good as a skill like Mario's cape. In high level play, Marth will get owned by the people on my list. He is fun to use though ^^

Mar 24, 08 at 7:08pm
Lord Zuron

how can you not include marth. I also concluded that IKE is completely useless in one on one but he is much better in group matchs.

I win like 95% of my random online battles with marth and game and watch but those people kinda suck.

I wasn't that good in meele tournaments but i seem to be able to beat most of the people that were good in those in brawl, which means its vastly different then meele.

Ness or Lucas would never be able to beat me with Marth one on one, or maybe i just haven't played anybody good with them but i really think they suck

Mar 24, 08 at 5:39pm

Hey guys, I was wondering what characters you think are the best at 1v1 stock matches and give a quick description why.

Here are mine:

Toon link
Zero suit Samus
Mr. Game and Watch

I've been playing the smash brothers games ever since they've come out and have put in countless hours playing them. I've gone to many tournaments and won nearly all of them. I tell you this so that you don't think I'm just your average noob.

After playing brawl for the last 2 weeks both online, and offline with friends, I have come up with this list of characters who I think are the best for 1v1 stock battles.

Toon Link: Very similar to young link from melee. The buff (upgrade) to his pogo (A-down in air) has, in my opinion, improved him even more. I feel that he is one of the best because he has good range in his bow and his boomerang, fairly strong smashes, fast move speed, a ranged grab, and good survival skills. He is better than regular Link because he is much faster, and at high level play, speed > power (for the most part).

Mario: Has been a beast ever since he came out in SSB. Short range attacks make him hard to use so he isn't for noobs. The recent change to his B-down (water cannon) is a useless move but I do like how they moved his tornado to the aerial A-Down (I find it more useful this way). He has good throws and can combo very well (eg. throw down then smash down then A-Side in the air). The A-Side a.k.a. fist of pwn is huge for him. It does a good amount of damage and sends opponents flying. The thing that pushes mario over the top is his cape (B-side). If you can master the cape, it is very hard for an opponent to touch you.

Zelda/Shiek: One of the most annoying characters to face in my opinion. While most players I've faced instantly just switch to Shiek (who I also believe is the better of teh two), Zelda should not be overlooked in her 1v1'ing skills. Her regular B attack, when mastered, makes it hard for opponents to touch you. Her B-Side is also very strong when timed well. However, if you want to win the fight I still suggest Shiek. She's the second fastest character (I think) and has a strong dash attack, and strong smashes. With the change to her needle attack (B charge up) she now has portable range. Her B-Up is an excellent recovery skill. She was one of, if not the most popular character in SSBM and I believe she will still be popular in high level SSBB play. Super speed and strong smashes make her on of the better 1v1 fighters.

Zero suit Samus: A new character who's skills can be easily overlooked. When I first tried her I was disappointed. It looked as if she has long range smashes and that was it. Then I used gun (B-charge) and her A-down and instantly fell in love. The mini-stun's delivered by these two moves are enough to turn the tide of a battle in your favour. These do take a bit of practice to use properly but a double stun from your A-down followed by a short charge up on B, you can then follow up with an up smash, then jump and use B-Up (which when timed correctly sends your opponent straight down) and finish it off with and A-down from the air. This leads to a LOT of damage being done in a very short period of time. Zero suit Samus also has very fast movespeed and excellent recovery skills. All of these things make her a top of the line brawler.

Pit: Another lovely addition. With better than normal jumping, and his B-up ablility, Pit is very hard to kill. His bow is unique in that you can aim the arrow. This allows you to make shots that Link and Toon Link only dream of. His excellent aerial smashes, as well as his B-side allow for a lot of damage, in a small period of time. His most impressive skill, however, is his shield. Being capable of blocking any attack, and deflecting any enery attack (samus charge up, fox gun, etc.), Pit is a foe that you can't take lightly.

Wolf: A lot of people played Fox and Falco in SSBM. I believe that Wolf is better than both of them. First off, his gun does 4 damage a hit instead of the 3 damage that both Fox and Falco's do. Yes the range is shorter and it fires faster, but it has more stopping power. The thing I like about wolf better than both Fox and Falco is that he can combo better. Falco was better in SSBM in my opinion. His grab, then up throw knocks your opponents to the side which means that following up with aerial attacks is hard. Also, Falco's reflector shield now only protects from one side since he kicks it. The problem with Fox is that his attacks are short ranged, and have a fairly long recovery time. An example of this being exploited is if Fox does, say, his side smash, you can roll behind him and get a quick attack before he can recover. Wolf on the other hand, his side attack goes a fair distance, which means that most characters, when attempting the same maneuver as described on Fox, will not be in range to attack you, therefore not giving them the advantage (confused? lol, ask me if you're not sure). Wolf has some beastly combo's. A few that I like are using your dash attack into your opponent (which sends them straight up), then quickly charging your A-up. Another is grabbing them, doing a forwards throw, then quickly charging A-side. The other strong one is grabbing them, throwing them forwards, dashing into them, then charging A-up. All in all, I believe Wolf is better than both Fox and Falco. (Wolf>Fox>Falco)

Pikachu: Pikachu is one of those characters that I think a lot of people underestimate. Most people just spam his thunder strike and hope to get lucky, while their smashes go to waste. Pikachu has extremely strong smashes for his size. He also has decent throws. His B, and his B-Side give him decent ranged attacks. His B-up, when used properly gives him above average recovery skills. He also has quick rolls and dodges which allow him to get up close and deliver a grab or smash.

Lucario: He is the new replacement for mewtwo, and what a replacement he was. Hitting Lucario is a bit of a double edged sword. Sure he takes more damage, but he gets stronger at the same time. Lucario has EXTREMELY good ranged smashes, a good recovery skill, and a samus-like charge up. His B-side is also a skill not to be overlooked. It can hit at range, or it can hit up close for a grab-like attack. His aerial attacks are good, my favourite being A-down. The most annoying thing about Lucario is his B-down. WOW, this is an awesome skill. It makes him similar to Ike and Marth, being able to counter enemy attacks. However, to be good with Lucario, you're dodging and rolling skills need to be top notch, seeing as how you want to be in the 100+ dmg zone (so that you get very strong attacks).

Ness: A character that almost NOBODY I played against in tournaments back in SSBM days, and in SSBB online uses. To be honest I think I've only played against Ness 2-3 times online (and the useres sucked). I myself use his quite often though. He is very good in team fights, but he is also excellent as a 1v1 fighter. I prefer him to Lucas for a few reasons. Lucas' smashes, while they may be stronger, definitely take much longer to perform. Ness' A-up, and A-down smash can not compare to the damage done by Lucas' but they do hit the areas all around Ness. Ness's recovery move (B-Up) can double as a strong damage dealer/finisher. His PK fire (B-Sid) delivers a mini stun by catching the victims in flames, allowing you to quickly charge up your baseball bat. He also has very good throws which can set you up for a dash attack or a smash. It should also be noted that his dash attack has excellent range, and can hit the opponent 2 times. Although Ness doesn't have the same range people like Samus and Lucario do, he does have is energy shield which makes up for it. This move makes most energy moves obsolete for your enemies seeing as you can just absorb it and heal from it. Finally, his B-charge up, the PK flash, does huge damage and can travel a fairly long distance. Although it may seem like it takes too long to use to be of any use in 1v1 fights, if you can master it, and recognize when to use it and where to place it, you will be a great Ness user.

Mr. Game and Watch: When I was thinking up this list, I knew that I would probably be questioned for including Mr. Game and Watch. In SSBM, he was crap. They buffed him up and made him A LOT better in Brawl. His aerial A-down is similar to Toon Link's. He has very powerful smashes, and decent throws. He isn't as fast as most of the other characters on this list, but he has as good dodge and good rolls which allow you to set up a grab/smash. His B-up is one of the best in the game as it doesn't knock you out like it does for so many other characters. The parachute allows you to glide to safety or, if you choose, to perform an aerial attack. He does have a useless skill in his B-attack a.k.a., the fying pan. This should never be used. His B-over, while unpredictable, can still score you some lucky kills if you get a 9. So game and watch is one of the better 1v1 fighters but the problem is that he doesn't have a ranged attack. Thats why he has bucket. His B-Down move allows him to pull out a bucket and collect 3 energy attacks. These then combine to form 1 devestating attack on your enemy.
You'd be a fool to overlook Mr. Game and Watch.

I hope you enjoyed reading my descriptions. Below is a list of the same characters ranked from worst to best (although all are extremely good). Tell me if you agree/disagree, I would love to discuss!

10. Pikachu
9. Pit
8. Zelda/Shiek
7. Lucario
6. Zero suit Samus
5. Mr. Game and Watch
4. Ness
3. Wolf
2. Toon Link
1. Mario

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