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Mar 13, 08 at 1:03pmKM

Hello Everyone, I've been away from this game for awhile and decided to have some fun with it again. I do have a couple questions though.

1. How do you activate Break HP Limit. I looked in the customization menu and can't find it. Wakka is already at 9999 HP and I have plenty of Sphere Grid to go.

2. Are there any strategies for Fully Activating Tidus' (Chocobo Racing), Lulu's (Dodging Lighting),or Kimari's(sp?)(Butterfly Chase) Celestial Weapons. I've already Partially Activated them so my Aeons Break Damage Limit. I've Fully Activated Rikku's, Wakka's, Yuna's and Auron's. I'm hoping it's not just Luck.

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May 21, 14 at 4:04am

Over- Kill Shynryu (the Water creature in monster Arena) for 2 Wing to Discovery.

May 11, 14 at 2:31pm

You will be able to see it in costumization, as soon as you get just 1 of the item needed i.e. Wings to discovery

Feb 1, 14 at 3:11pm

30 wings of discover from collecting i think three or four chest in reimen temple chocobo race. Allows for break hp limit. Also the trainer race for the sun sigil crest or whatever try not to turn your chocobo toooo much collect ATLEAST 15 balloons and if you get a big enough lead on the trainer most of the birds will go after her instead of you.

Question from me though is I have both sun crest AND sun sigil and Tidus' weapon still hasnt activated. WTF?

Jul 24, 13 at 11:09am
RF Fan

To get Break HP Limit
For me the easiest way is to keep defeating Dark Yojimbo once and you get a weapon from him and you get Break HP Limit and Ribbon and then you may customise it.

Mar 5, 13 at 2:04pm

Dude, you can only unlock the customizing "break HP limit" if u already have the wings of discovery. As soon as you get it, the custom will appear in the options.

Jun 26, 12 at 5:41pm
tony the hedgehog


Jun 26, 12 at 5:39pm
tony the hedgehog

quote Mr Muffins
30x wings of discovery customizes into Break HP Limit

Or the Omega weapon drops a genji bracer/shield/etc. sometimes but you can only fight him once.

You need to get each character's respective crest AND sigil. To fully activate them. Just a little note...Tidus's is like the hardest thing i've ever done in any video game.

Jun 26, 12 at 5:06pm
tony the hedgehog

quote ghost15
Okay, If you are having trouble getting Tidus's Ultimate weapon you can make an alternate one that is just as good or find out what he has customized on it and make it yourself. But the alternate You need 60 dark matter,30 three stars,30 winning formulas,and what ever it is you use to customize piercing. Oh yeah you also need a four slotted weapon. First customize break damage limit with the 60 dark matters. Then customize triple overdrive.After that customize 1 mp cost using the stars.Then for the finishing touch customize piercing(for arena bosses and anything that is armored because ultimate weapons are already piercing).When you finish all of that it will be named Excalibur.Pretty cool,huh? This weapon in my opinion is WAY WAY better,than any of the ultimate weapons. In the looks department I think you can get one of two outcomes. You can A)It will look like the Brotherhood sword.Or B) It will look like his Ultimate Weapon. Hope this helps alot guys
By the way the chocobo thing is Possible Because ive done it myself so dont give up hope.But i had ALL ultimate weapons and I still used Excalibur.You can't beat a weapon that at 255 str always hits 99999(depending on the boss),and only uses 1 mp for every spell and ability. Example,a at 999 mp you can use quick hit 999 times. good luck everyone.

Jun 17, 12 at 6:21pm

You will have great difficulties finding them on the american version since there aren't any, but break HP limit is indeed on the american version.

Jun 10, 12 at 5:32pm

I have yet to find any dark aeons on the american version I can't say that there are no break hp limit items because I found the[link name=]MADRULER[/link] manirva bangel for lulu.anyways with all due respect,please be more specific when refurring to the american version from the p a l version.

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