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Feb 06, 08 at 2:39amtrue terror of death

I want to know whats your zanpakuto's name and it's bankai and moves like "gestuga tensho" and anything else. You can also put other types of zanpakuto's like a arrancar zanpakuto and anything else you can come up with.

Like this,

Zanpakuto's name: X (Tyrannosaurus rex's flame)

Release spell: Burn for the sake of peace, X!

Discription: it looks like a janemba's demonic midevil sword but with a fire red blade and a fire like hilt with a gem in the middle of it.

Bankai: Erupting Nova X

Discription: it looks alot like tensa zangetsu but the blade is blazing fire red and the guard has a star and in the middle of the hilt has a crystal that has diamond like eye in it and finally the key chain at the end has a galaxy on the end of it. A type of dragon/t-rex scaled armor is on my whole body except my face.

Vizard's mask: Chairon (mine)

Power: Able to copy anyones moves, powers, and bankai's. Also able to move as fast as the speed of light, space, and stop time plus able to become semi-immortal and have unmatchable strength. And able to create any power throughout history.

Move: Chaos Drive, Senkei Kurori, Shukei Ember Strike, Kurori Tensho, Senban Gestuga, Kurori Flare, Kurona Keta, Scarred Branding, Exterminate Break, Dimension Breaker, Rising Slayer, Chaos Break, Prism Xtreme, Senkei Kuranna, Chaos Kurori and Erupting Nova Chaos Flare.

Spirit: a t-rex with dragon wings and on fire like a pheonix.

Spirit in Bankai Form: a warrior with my bankai armor.

Final Form: Final Chaos Drive.
just like with ichigos final getsuga tensho i to have one. and just like the effects of final getsuga tensho i become X and have all his abbilites but they increased 10X then my bankai. plus instead of me losing my powers i still have them but i can use others abillities that i didnt even know which i will reveal in time.

Also you can not use my Zanpakto, bankai, power and my moves make them up your self got it? Besides it won't be any fun if you take mine then i won't to get to see the ones you made. Finally thanks for replying to my thread.

Also if anyone tried to use my Zanpakuto they would get third degree burns and it would feel like being crushed by something that can kill you.

Also thanks Tenshi_Zanmura, Swampert X, Sindal, and everyone else for putting discriptions on this forum.

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Dec 17, 14 at 7:54pm

Name: Dai Abare (Rampage)

Original Sealed Form:

The original sealed form was that of a Single Edged Katana with a Red coloured hilt and a Circular guard and a huge crack spiralling around the blade. Other Soul Reapers would have called it an Asauchi.

"But I could not bring myself to like this sword that much, I didn't feel the impact behind my attacks."

So one day during training in the Soul Reaper Academy I was clashing blades with a sparring partner when I blocked an attack and my blade shattered into fragments and faded to dust in the wind, I couldn't understand what just happened. Confused I asked my Teacher what had happened and she said my Asauchi is ready for its name and that my sword will become a Zanpakuto. And the very next day during a training session, my Zanpakuto spoke to me "Why are you bottling it up, eh, you should let it all go say my name and feel the power, Dai Abare!" I chanted its name my Zanpakuto completely disintegrated, I was looking around confused at what had happened, my hands start bleeding through the skin. That was it my Zanpakuto was shaping itself through my blood to form gloves around my hands, as the shape took form and the blood hardened, the mould turned black almost like a leather and then metal silver plates snapped around them to look as if a sheet was thrown on to a bare bones hand, was locked onto the gloves and had fused with them after they finished forming I attempted to take them off, suddenly realising they had actually fused with my hands.

Sealed Form: A pair of black leather, silver plated gloves with the plates giving the affect of the bones that are underneath them, are showing.

Shikai: Release Command "Reck them"

The gloves revert back to a blood state and begin growing outwards to a pair of huge Gauntlets with a Chain-mail glove and Huge Armoured plates with a battle-hardened appearance and engraved flames through out the Gauntlet. A Hollow Mask appears on my face in the shape of a knights tower helmet forms, and the last piece fades in, pieces of tattered cloth wrap around my neck and shoulders which covers half of my helmet and drapes down my back.

Shikai's Abilities:

Increased Strength: Dai Abare makes sure I can wield these huge Gauntlets by increasing my strength.

Furies Force: A technique used to whittle down the opponents energy using multiple low powered attacks in a quick succession.

Cero: By forcing my spirit energy into the palm of my hand I can fire a powerful beam of energy.

Concussive Blow: By pouring spirit energy and strength into a single Gauntlet I can create a highly destructive attack which is capable of stunning my target.

Retractable Double Blades: These exist for the single purpose of preparation, who knows we may get an opponent that is weak to slash and puncture attacks.

Bankai: Release Command
"Our Combined Rage shall send them running"

With this chant my Shikai remains but all of its powers are Enhanced. But with the addition of this, new powers are added, my body starts bleeding and wraps around my body forming a suit of Armours that heavily resemble the Armour worn by Knights in Medieval times, in a black colour with engraved flames.

Bankai's Powers:

Enhanced Shikai Powers

Highly Dense Durable Armour: This Armour is very dense allowing me to take extremely powerful attacks head on with practically no injuries.

Lightened Load: Due to the extremely dense nature of the Armour most would expect my mobility to fade away well this Armour is actually very light. So flash step is not affected in Bankai.

Berserkers Rampage: This is a last resort ability where Dai Abare places a mind trap on me, I will suddenly lose control and rely solely on instincts. Any damage I sustain in this state will not affect me and on top of that this state also increases my strength and speed.

Dai Abare remains one of the only Zanpakuto to take form of a pair of gloves.

Dai Abare's strength should put me in 4th seat in Squad 11.

Dec 17, 14 at 3:54pm

Yet more for those who want one:

Sealed appearance: A heavy nodachi with a barbed edge.
Shikai: Hinshi no Rentō(Litany of the Dying)
Shikai appearance: A huge nodachi similar to Hakumen's from Blazblue, with sawlike teeth on the blade. An 8-inch fanglike blade extends from the bottom of the grip, which has a spiked guard. Blood drips from under the spikes and sawteeth, even if the blade has yet to cut anything.
Abilities: A vampiric blade that gains power from drawing blood. If it hasn't taken blood from a foe, it starts draining its wielder instead.
Special ability: Chi no Yobidashi(Call to blood)- If a foe has been cut by Hinshi no Rentō, they will find it steadily harder to move away from the blade, whether to dodge or escape, the more blood it has taken.
Release: The wielder cuts open their hand, then calls the release command: Scream! Hinshi no Rentō!
Bankai: Ryūketsu no Oiwai(Bloody Revel)
Bankai appearance: An 8-foot long, sawtoothed, blood-covered battle axe with a handle covered in spikes that hurt even the wielder. Additionally, the wielder becomes as drenched in gore as the weapon, and their clothes become torn into ribbons(or moreso than they already are).
Bankai Abilities: Ryūketsu no Oiwai may only be used after a sufficient amount of blood has been gathered by the shikai blade. Hugely boosts strength and all shikai abilities.
Hōchō no bōdō(cleaver riot)- Drives the wielder into a berserker frenzy, greatly boosting their spiritual power at the cost of rational thought. This also increases their durability by removing their ability to recognize injuries.
Sakerarenai unmei(inescapable fate)- An upgraded version of Chi no Yobidashi that physically drags targets from which sufficient blood has been taken into an executioner's chop. Almost inescapable and nearly always lethal, but generally the only foes that last long enough to gather enough blood to initiate the technique are fighters like Kenpachi Zaraki, berserkers with absurd stamina and ability to shrug off crippling wounds.
Chi no tenrei(Liturgy of Blood)- The wielder sacrifices a massive amount of blood, gaining in return a 10x boost in speed and damage. A final technique intended as a one-shot suicide rush, as even surviving its use is potentially crippling.
Spirit: A blood-soaked samurai holding a broken sword and spear and wearing destroyed armor. Has an insane, fanged grin and is covered in wounds. Has a very sadistic personality, and remakes his wielder's inner world where he manifests into a field of corpses. If he likes you, they're your enemies. If he doesn't, it's you and those you care about most.
Bankai spirit: A demonic tormenter with 2 heads, 3 eyes on each head, 5 arms, and a massive sharklike mouth on his torso. Of the arms, 2 hold the Shikai, one holds the Bankai, one holds a ritual dagger, and one holds a cat-o-nine-tails whip. Whereas the shikai spirit is simply insane, the Bankai spirit is sane and draws pleasure from driving its wielder deeper into agony and depravity.

Weaknesses: It hurts its wielder when going into shikai and constantly in bankai, giving its wielder reduced combat endurance. It also actively tries to drive its wielder to become a raving psychopath.

If you haven't guessed already, this is a VILLAIN'S Zanpaku-tou.
And yes, I made this up on the spot about an hour ago. I get it. I'm crazy. So what? Enjoy the nightmares you create with this!

Dec 16, 14 at 1:53pm

Another one from the vault, yeah !

Zanpakutō name: Shishōmen (Death Façade)
Sealed appearance: Shishōmen takes the form of a regular katana with a darkened cross-guard, black hilt-wrapping and a black sheathe.
Shikai: Shikai is released by saying the command, "Bring me their essence".

Shikai appearance: In shikai its appearance changes slightly; its blade lengthens slightly, it gains six semi-circular indentations along the back edge of the blade and it gains a downward-curved pronged extension near the tip of the blade.

Special shikai abilities: Shishōmen enables the wielder to accurately and precisely detect and ascertain the reiryoku levels, abilities and powers of any opponent and, in the case of a Shinigami, their zanpakutō, just from a glance. Also the wielder is able psychometrically read anything that Shishōmen cuts. These abilities are all automatic.

Bankai name: Shiga Futari wo Wakatsu (Death Do Us Part)
Bankai release: The wielder positions Shishōmen horizontally in front of themselves causing it to begin floating in the air; the wielder’s hands suddenly begin glowing with their spiritual energy and Shishōmen begins glowing in a dark hue. Finally the wielder places their hand underneath Shishōmen and initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Shiga Futari wo Wakatsu now becomes a 1.3 metre long, straight bladed katana with thirteen semi-circular indentations along the back edge of the blade and a larger downward-curved pronged extension near the tip of the blade. A hooded, spirit-like entity forms behind the wielder and silently floats behind them at all times; the entity wears a hooded inverted version of the wielder's shihakushō that is bound by a black rope cord instead of the regular sash. It has bony legs and feet, the latter of which can be seen from the bottom of the entity’s dark cloak; the skeletal feet are tridactyl and dinosaur-like in appearance. It has two thick, decay-coloured, metallic bands around each bicep. The hood concealing its head and face is more looming, billows out from the back and constantly emits a black wispy smoke from inside, almost as if the entity is breathing.

Bankai special abilities: Shiga Futari wo Wakatsu retains all its shikai abilities; however Shiga Futari wo Wakatsu’s true ability is to permanently steal the physical muscle memories, knowledge and memories of any recently dead person. The wielder gains an enhanced memory as a by-product. The entity will always float close behind the wielder regardless of what they are doing and will only join in on a fight when commanded to do so; it possesses the same level of skill as the wielder and can perform all techniques he can perform. The entity can synchronize perfectly with the wielder and will fight tirelessly until damaged enough or when the wielder’s spiritual energy becomes depleted. When a significant amount of damage is inflicted, the entity dissipates for a few minutes before reforming back to normal again.

Bankai techniques:
Honshitsu Kyūshū (Essence Absorption): After the wielder has found a dead victim the entity traverses to the victim’s corpse and drains the essences from the body by impaling the corpse where their Saketsu and Hakusui would be. The entity then returns to the wielder and impales them with its zanpakutō through the wielder's Saketsu and Hakusui (this causes the wielder pain but doesn’t actually cause them any harm); instead of sealing the wielder’s spiritual power (like it normally would), this transfers the drained essences into their body, giving them all of the victim’s physical muscle memories, knowledge and mental memories they had prior to dying. This technique can only be performed on victims/corpses that still have their Saketsu and Hakusui still intact and surrounded by flesh (e.g. it won’t work if the corpse is just a skeleton etc.); after successfully performing this technique the wielder’s spiritual power increases slightly too.

Fukō no Shutsu (Out of Misery): It is an extension technique that enables the wielder to perform Honshitsu Kyūshū on an opponent that is still alive. However the opponent needs to be close to death or in severely bad shape; it will not work on a healthy opponent. The victim of this technique will always die afterwards.

Dec 14, 14 at 12:43pm

Name: KageNeko (shadow cat)
Description: normal looking kodachi except that the tsuba (guard) is triangular and shaped a bit like a cat face.
Shikai Release command: come forth and wreath my blade in your obsidian flames. KageNeko
Shikai description: kodachi becomes a ninjato. Blade of ninjato is black with a glowing purple aura.
Shikai special ability: zanpakuto spirit can possess the wielders shadow making a shadow figure come out of it.
Shadow can wrap itself around the blade and form arm armour.
shadow augments the blade in the way of speed and power.
Bankai name. Akuma

Dec 14, 14 at 10:32am

One more blade for everyone. Once again, feel free to use it as long as you credit Oubliette.

Base form: A pair of basic wakizashi, one with a black blade and one with a white blade.
Shikai: Togetsuin(Splinter Twin)
Shikai appearance: As the sealed form. However, when in Shikai, Togetsuin splits its wielder into two connected beings with an exactly mirrored appearance.
Shikai abilities: Splits its wielder into two connected bodies capable of independent action. Whenever one body is wounded, the other absorbs one-half of the injury. However, if it is lethal, the wielder is forced out of shikai and the surviving body becomes their true body. This is cripplingly painful. Otherwise, leaving shikai just dispels one of the bodies.
Release spell: Divide, Togetsuin!
Bankai: Nijū-sei(Duality)
Bankai appearance: A pair of Katanas linked by a chain. One is black, and one is white. The chain is a silvery-gray color and can extend up to 10 meters.
Bankai abilities:
Kyōen to kiga(Feast and Famine)- The black blade absorbs reiatsu from anything it cuts, and the white blade becomes more lethal the more power is absorbed.
Chūya(Day and Night)- The wielder can alternate between making their physical and spiritual presence vanish entirely and gaining a powerful healing factor.
Karada to kokoro(Body and Mind)- The white blade becomes sharp enough to cut through almost anything, and the black blade becomes intangible and unblockable, creating illusionary wounds.
Spirit: A pair of children of indeterminate gender, one with pure white skin and black hair in a black robe similar to a shihakushou, and one with pure black skin and white hair in a white robe similar to Hollow Ichigo's outfit. They are fun loving and eccentric, and mirror each other perfectly, but with a quarter-second difference that makes it difficult to deal with them.
Bankai Spirit: A single adult, whose left side is in the first child's color scheme and slightly feminine in appearance, and whose right side is in the second's and is slightly masculine in appearance. Much more somber and obsessed with balance. Speaks in an odd double voice.

Weaknesses: Whoever wields this will have a hard time getting the spirits to act serious enough to even begin working towards Bankai or unlocking Bankai abilities. The spirits are very difficult to deal with, and persuading them to stop playing so that one can attain Bankai requires absurd amounts of patience.

Dec 08, 14 at 10:58pm

I have another one yall

Name: Arcus

A black glossy roman style Spatha that looks like it is made of obsidian.

Shikai: Infinita Tenebris

A pitch black gladus, so dark that it appears to not exist - almost like a hole in reality. You cannot see the edges, and there are no reflections off of its surface.


The closer you are to Infinita Tenebris, the faster it works. Its power is in aligning the Reishi of its surroundings, including people, with its user. The closer the alignment, the less damage is delt to the user from any impact (physically or energy based). In other words, if you are within about 1 km for about an hour then your damage output towards the bearer of Infinita Tenebris would be divided by about 100,000 times.

If you were within 100 meters, to reach the same level of alignment you would only have to stay there for about
10 minutes. Within 1 meter, it is more like 1 minute.

After 1 second of being in up close combat with Infinita Tenebris, a strike would hit with such a small percentage of its original power (~1/2000).

Bankai: Regulante

The blade becomes a Parazonium, and slowly turns white.

Powers: The defensive effects of Infinita Tenebris fade away at the same rate at which they were gathered, rather than dissapearing (as if Infinita Tenebris was released). The bearer of Regulante picks out whomever he pleases as his allies, and they receive the defensive effects of Infinita Tenebris as it fades away from the bearer. As the defensive abilities fade, offensive abilities are garnered towards the same targets (everything in the surrounding km). The more white there is in the blade, the easier it is to hurt the bearer, and the more damage amplification the bearer has on his surroundings.

Thus, the longer the bearer spent in Shikai, the stronger the Bankai.

Dec 05, 14 at 4:03pm

Another one of mine. Feel free to use it.
Sealed Appearance: A wakizashi with a white grip and gold guard and detailing. Guard is a stylized flame, similar to the Fire Nation emblem, but thinner.
Imperfect Shikai(like Fujikujaku for Yumichika, it's not a full release): Haradatashī hikari (Maddening Light).
Appearance: A 6-foot wooden staff, with a lit gold candle at the tip.
Abilities: Can redirect ranged reiatsu-based abilities within a range of 25 meters, although has only negligible effects on high-level abilities such as Bankai attacks, high-level kido, or the higher levels of cero. Able to attract hollows. Low-level hollows and Gilliam class menos can also have their physical attacks redirected. The stronger an ability redirected this way, the more exhausting it is for the wielder.
Release command: Blind! Haradatashī hikari!
Shikai: Tsuihō hikari (Banishing Light)
Appearance: The staff is as before, but tipped with a lantern instead of a candle.
Abilities: Destabilizes reiatsu-based abilities at the same range as before. Powerful enough to disperse a Gran Rey Cero or one of Ichigo's Kuroi Getsuga Tenshou. Has only negligible effect on internal abilities or those directly linked to another being's soul or bearing a focus(ie shunpo, any melee ability, Seeleschneider). Also disables its own wielder's abilities under similar conditions. Hollows and Gilliam class menos are physically weakened the longer they stay in the area.
Release Command: Purge! Tsuihō hikari!
Bankai: Tsuihō no shisai (Banisher Priest)
Appearance: A shakujō, or Buddhist ringed staff, with 4 golden rings, all glowing with light.
Abilities: As Tsuihō hikari, but instead of being in a zone the power is concentrated inside the staff itself, allowing the wielder to use kido abilities. Can project a Hitei no kabe(wall of denial), a localized barrier about 10 feet across, with abilities similar to, but stronger than, the barrier around Seiritei. Its strongest ability, Yakubarai(exorcism), is a beam of brilliant light that completely seals the target's spiritual power for a short time. However, it may only be used once normally, as it drains away almost half of its user's strength to use.
Zanpakuto Spirit: A young nun holding up a candle(imperfect Shikai allowed) or a lantern(Shikai allowed) at arm's length.
Bankai Spirit: A shrine maiden who floats meditating in midair while wreathed in divine light.
Spirit notes: In the inner world, she always appears in a small temple on a hill. She only leaves this temple when her wielder is in dire peril.

Major weaknesses: No direct attacks. Until Bankai, it serves only as a ranged defense, so a fighter who likes to get up close and personal would have an edge. Although the staff is designed for defensive fighting, it is not capable of killing with a single well-placed hit. This is a very powerful support weapon, not a direct attacker. Also, Tsuihō hikari is very picky about when higher level releases are allowed, and gaining permission for anything higher than imperfect Shikai requires meditation to contact her.

Dec 04, 14 at 3:05pm

Name: Gluttire

Looks like a butcher knife, slightly larger than normal.

Shikai: "Consume, Gluttire"

A mouth appears in the center of the blade, and begins consuming the Spirit Force in the surroundings adding it to the wielder. The longer the Shikai is active, the stronger the wielder becomes. When Gluttire strikes anything made of spirit force it consumes a large amount of that force making the object (sword, person etc.) more brittle and easy to cut.

Because of this ability, each time Gluttire clashes with another Zanpakuto it drains the opponent of ever increasing amounts of spirit force.

Bankai: "Vorax"

The Zanpakuto and Shinigami merge, such that the Shinigami's skin is like a black hole for Reatsu (spirit force). Any touch drains power. This causes most Demon Arts to cause little to no damage since the power is drained from them.

Spirit: A very fat bald man with an evil looking smile and squinty eyes hidden in folds of fat.

Nov 23, 14 at 7:01pm

This is my made up zanpakto

Name:Yogan buredo(lava blade)

Call:ignite oh faithful yogan buredo

Description: A dark red katana with a gold hilt and silver chain

Bankai:Yōgan no heishi no tamashī(lava soldiers soul)

Description: Same as shikai except with a forward curve at the tip of the blade

Special attack:Kazan saji(volcanic surge)
The wielder of the blade sends a massive amount of lava in the form of a sphere

Spirit:A phenix with burning red eyes
Bankai spirit:A red samurai with burning fists with one massive sword that is also on fire

Nov 17, 14 at 8:32am

Guess I'll also add an Arrancar zanpakutō (with a bit of the Arrancar to go with it)...

Pre-Arrancar Form
Menos level: Adjuchas
Height: 107cm (not including tentacles)
Appearance: As an Adjuchas the Arrancar resembled an oversized jellyfish. She had a teal-coloured bulbous bell-shaped body with twelve teal-blue barbed tentacles, which were just over a metre long, flowing from underneath the hood. Her Hollow hole was positioned at the centre of her body and her white Hollow mask was embedded in the top of her body. Her Hollow mask had circular eye sockets, fish-like nasal holes and a circular mouth that left her teeth exposed; green crescent moon-shaped markings were positioned around her eye sockets. On the underside of her body, where her tentacles sprouted from, she had a large maw that had three rows of viciously sharp teeth.
General Menos powers & abilities: She could levitate a few centimetres off the ground (used mainly for movement mainly), forcibly extend her tentacles ten times their normal length for grappling and constriction, fire a green Cero from her mouth, deliver a paralyzing venom from the tips of her barbed tentacles and had the ability of high-speed regeneration. This was in addition to the regular Adjuchas-level Menos abilities.

Arrancar Form
Rank: Fracción
Height: 160cm
Appearance: She is a light-skinned Arrancar with cute features and a large mass of dark-coloured dreadlocks that fall down below her buttocks; green crescent-shaped markings are positioned around the outer sides of her eyes. Her Hollow mask fragment resembles a series of kenseiken, made from Hollow-bones, which line the front of her head with one also on either side of her head. Her Hollow hole is located just below her bust. She wears a modified version of the Arrancar attire consisting of a sleeveless white jacket that is cropped to just below her bust (revealing her Hollow hole), a white mini-skirt, black skin-tight gloves that come up to her elbows and knee-length black-coloured, white-outlined boots.
General Arrancar powers & abilities: As well as a grasp of the regular Arrancar abilities, she can fire a green Cero from her mouth, has the power of high-speed regeneration and possesses green reiatsu.

Zanpakutō name: Medusa (Spanish for "Jellyfish")
Sealed appearance: Her sealed zanpakutō takes the form of a simple tantō with purple wrapping and a purple sheathe.
Release command: Sting with a passion.

Resurrección appearance: In her release her dreads become a swirling mass of long relatively thin white tentacles that are over two metres long; each tentacle ends in a sharp barb-like point. Her fingers now end in sharp pointed claw-like extensions and her skin-tight gloves now come up to shoulders. Her Hollow mask fragment now appears as a heavily stylized headband along with heavily stylized dreadlock bands.

Resurrección special abilities: Physical strength and Hierro thickness increases and she has the ability to stretch her tentacles over seven times their normal length.

Resurrección techniques:
Latigo (Spanish for "Point of a whip"): She can use her very long, thin and powerful tentacles as a whip or to lift, strike and strangle her victims.

La Hélice (Spanish for "The Propeller"): A technique that allows her to spin her tentacles around like a propeller, attacking multiple foes at once with fast whip-like attacks.

Caravela Portuguesa (Spanish for "Portuguese Man O' War"): A special technique that allows her to inject powerful venom via the barbs on the ends of her tentacles. This venom causes an intensely severe pain in the immediate area that was struck and also has the effect of drastically intensifying any pain that the victim feels for the next few minutes.

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