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Feb 06, 08 at 2:39amtrue terror of death

I want to know whats your zanpakuto's name and it's bankai and moves like "gestuga tensho" and anything else. You can also put other types of zanpakuto's like a arrancar zanpakuto and anything else you can come up with.

Like this,

Zanpakuto's name: X (Tyrannosaurus rex's flame)

Release spell: Burn for the sake of peace, X!

Discription: it looks like a janemba's demonic midevil sword but with a fire red blade and a fire like hilt with a gem in the middle of it.

Bankai: Erupting Nova X

Discription: it looks alot like tensa zangetsu but the blade is blazing fire red and the guard has a star and in the middle of the hilt has a crystal that has diamond like eye in it and finally the key chain at the end has a galaxy on the end of it. A type of dragon/t-rex scaled armor is on my whole body except my face.

Vizard's mask: Chairon (mine)

Power: Able to copy anyones moves, powers, and bankai's. Also able to move as fast as the speed of light, space, and stop time plus able to become semi-immortal and have unmatchable strength. And able to create any power throughout history.

Move: Chaos Drive, Senkei Kurori, Shukei Ember Strike, Kurori Tensho, Senban Gestuga, Kurori Flare, Kurona Keta, Scarred Branding, Exterminate Break, Dimension Breaker, Rising Slayer, Chaos Break, Prism Xtreme, Senkei Kuranna, Chaos Kurori and Erupting Nova Chaos Flare.

Spirit: a t-rex with dragon wings and on fire like a pheonix.

Spirit in Bankai Form: a warrior with my bankai armor.

Final Form: Final Chaos Drive.
just like with ichigos final getsuga tensho i to have one. and just like the effects of final getsuga tensho i become X and have all his abbilites but they increased 10X then my bankai. plus instead of me losing my powers i still have them but i can use others abillities that i didnt even know which i will reveal in time.

Also you can not use my Zanpakto, bankai, power and my moves make them up your self got it? Besides it won't be any fun if you take mine then i won't to get to see the ones you made. Finally thanks for replying to my thread.

Also if anyone tried to use my Zanpakuto they would get third degree burns and it would feel like being crushed by something that can kill you.

Also thanks Tenshi_Zanmura, Swampert X, Sindal, and everyone else for putting discriptions on this forum.

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Mar 02, 15 at 4:00am

Shikia: golden dragon

Release: Burn with vengeance, golden dragon

powers: turns into a broadsword with a pure silver blade and a pure gold hilt and guard. it also has tooth like serrated edges on both sides of he blade. it has two abilities. the first one all you have to do is swing will applying spiritual energy through the blade and a flame arc will be swung with the blade. the second power is the ability of flight by simply pointing the blade in any direction and say lift of, golden dragon.

Bankia: golden dragon god of destruction

power: turns the wielders clothes into golden armor, and the blade will disappear leaving just the hilt. by swinging the blade a dragon will appear and slash going the same direction as the blade

Feb 23, 15 at 4:38pm

Another one I made for the lulz XD that being said, I have absolutely no respect for you if you think it's actually a good zanpakutō (you shouldn't be making zanpakutō if they're this OP)...

Zanpakutō name: Kimari Monku (Cliché)
Sealed appearance: In its sealed form it takes the form of a regular katana with a gold cross-guard, golden hilt-wrapping and a golden sheathe.
Release command: Extinguish creativity.

Shikai appearance: In shikai it takes the form of a large black scythe with a red blade edge and dark hellfire spouting from the base of the scythe.

Special shikai abilities: Kimari Monku has extremely powerful offensive abilities allowing it to cut through most materials with ease. It is easily one of the strongest shikai in Soul Society.

Shikai techniques:
Honō no Kami (God of Fire): A technique that allows the wielder to completely control and manipulate any fire within their vicinity regardless of whose fire it is.

Taiyōga Jigokushō (Sun Fang, Hell-Piercer): At the instant of the slash, Kimari Monku, absorbing some of the wielder’s spiritual energy, releases the highly condensed spiritual energy at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack, which flies forward. The technique completely destroys anything it hits regardless of their power. Put simply, it is a complete and utter rip-off of Getsuga Tenshō except more powerful and coloured dark red instead of bluey-white.

Bankai: Sōzōtekidenai Toriosaeha (Uncreative Overpowered Blade)
Bankai release: The wielder releases their bankai in the same way that Ichigo would release Tensa Zangetsu.
Bankai appearance: In bankai the black scythe lengthens and it is now engulfed in black hell flames. The wielder’s clothing becomes like Ichigo’s bankai clothing except it is engulfed in black hell flames so it looks like a combination of Ichigo’s bankai clothing and Ichigo’s second Fullbring appearance.

Special bankai abilities: Sōzōtekidenai Toriosaeha is the most powerful zanpakutō in existence. Its scythe blade can cut through anything with relative ease and its release multiplies the wielder’s speed exponentially.

Bankai techniques:
Akumashin no Gōka (Devil God of Hellfire): Enables the wielder to generate and manipulate the black flames of hell that far exceed the temperatures of the core of the sun and cannot be extinguished by any means. It makes Zanka no Tachi look like a candle in comparison.

Jigokumon (Hell Gate): The wielder summons a large barrier made up of burning bones that is impenetrable and cannot be broken through by any means.

Raikuro no Mori (Lance of Black Thunder): Using their spiritual power, the wielder creates a javelin-like weapon which is black with a red outline. They can use this weapon as a projectile or as a physical bladed weapon. When thrown it produces an incredibly destructive explosion, that completely destroys everything, on impact. If you haven't already guessed, it's a complete and utter rip-off of Ulquiorra’s Lanza del Relámpago except more powerful.

Feb 23, 15 at 4:23pm

A zanpakutō I made a while back entirely for the lulz hahaha XD

Zanpakutō name: Tsurugi (Sword)
Sealed appearance: In its sealed form Tsurugi takes the appearance of a regular katana with a simple guard, black hilt-wrapping and a simple wooden sheathe.
Release command: Slash.

Shikai appearance: In shikai, Tsurugi transforms into a dual-edged zanbatō. The blade is 1.4 metres by itself and the hilt is 0.4 metres. The hilt-wrapping remains black and the guard remains the same.

Special shikai abilities: Tsurugi is a pure melee-type with absolutely no special abilities or powers apart from the obvious boost in power.

Bankai name: Hontōni Daiken (Really Big Sword/Big *bleep*ing Sword)
Bankai release: The wielder swings around the sword wildly yet skilfully and then initiates bankai, releasing a cleaving burst of reiatsu as it transforms.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Hontōni Daiken takes the form of a ridiculously large heavy claymore. The black hilt is 0.7 metres long and ends in a spiked metal pommel. Its oversized doubled-edged blade is 2.1 metres long and 33cm wide with extremely sharp edges.

Special bankai abilities: Like in shikai Hontōni Daiken is a pure melee-type with absolutely no special abilities apart from the obvious boost in power.

Bankai technique:
Junsuina Dōryoku (Pure Power): An automatic technique that activates when bankai is activated. This technique allows the wielder to perfectly wield their ridiculously sized sword as if it were normal sized.

Feb 18, 15 at 6:36pm

Another Idea of mine, use with credit if you want.
Sealed: A katana with a silver skull guard.
Shikai: Nōkotsu-dō(Charnel house)
Appearance: A long-handled hybrid of lance, axe, and shovel with a v-shaped head. A pair of handles are set parallel to the blade at the back and perpendicular 2/3 of the way down the 5-foot body of the weapon.
Abilities: Uses shards of spiritual power gathered and stored by performing konso or injuring enemies, with more power drawn from higher-power beings. Can be used to perform the following techniques:
Seishin no ifuku(Spirit Raiment)-an ability that, once active, drains spirit shards proportional to the strength of the attacks it blocks. While active, the wielder is shrouded in a silvery-white mist that flows as if alive.
Bochi bakudan(Cemetary bomb)-A concentrated orb of spiritual power formed of large numbers of spirit shards that may be remotely detonated after being launched or set. Appears similar to a low-level hadou spell, but at full power may be detonated in a blast stronger than a cero. Takes some time(About 20 seconds) to generate at higher levels of power, during which other techniques, as well as kido, are unusable.
Release command: Lay to rest! Nōkotsu-dō!
Bankai: Hakaba(Boneyard)
Appearance: A greatscythe with a tombstone-shaped piece joining the haft and blade.
Abilities: Strengthens all shikai abilities and techniques and gathers even more spirit shards with successful attacks. Adds The following techniques:
Satsugai-ba(Killing field)- Generates a zone that slowly siphons power from those within, making no distinction between allies and enemies. Causes those within to waste energy when using techniques and grow exhausted rapidly, eventually collapsing from lack of power.
Asai haka(shallow grave)- Calls up a shade of the source of a spirit shard by using other shards as fuel. The shade has all of the same abilities as the original and equivalent power, but fades as soon as it takes damage. A very draining technique that can, at longest, be maintained for a total of 3 minutes, as divided between up to 6 shades at once.
Seishin name(Spirit wave)- Akin to Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou while in shikai.

Spirit: Looks like the wielder as a stereotypical ghost(ie. white robes, orbs of ghostly flame behind them, no legs). A very mellow, easygoing spirit. Very friendly.
Bankai spirit: As before, but with the left half of the face as just a skull with a ghostly flame for eyes. More serious and outright difficult to get along with. Very standoffish.

Feb 15, 15 at 12:19pm

Release Command: Shatter.

Gender: Male

Shikai: Yoake.
Bankai: Death Blade.

Description: Ancient blade used by protectors of the Soul King. Used to destroy castles, palaces or even gods themselves.

Shikai - Copy enemy`s Zanpakuto`s powers and changing its power, speed and range. (Can use Zanpakuto`s copied some time ago). (Only Shikai`s).
Bankai - Massive armor. Increasing defense and offense rate greatly, but using it for too much time you may end up dead. Copy enemy`s Zanpakuto`s powers changing its power, speed and range. (Can use multiple Zapakuto`s powers at same time). (Shikai/Bankai). Consumes too much Reiatsu. Huge cooldown (Can be used once in a month).

Social Status:
Only few of them saw its Shikai releasing moment. Only Ywach was able to see its bankai in Soul King palace, where the end comes to Yoake and its master.

Normal sword without Shikai or Bankai: Just a regular small sword (Like Gin Ichimaru`s regular sword).
Shikai: Long green sharp sword. (Just like Ichigo`s Bankai in Fullbringer Arc).
Bankai: No appearance as a sword. Only armor and Zanpakuto`s form which has been copied.

Feb 09, 15 at 8:27am

My zanpaktou would be a illusion based zanpaktou

Shikai: amekagami (heavenly mirror)
Bankai: Gensō no amekagami (heavenly mirror of illusion)

Amekagami is a zanpaktou witch specialises in illusions its sealed form has the ability to make illusions seem real , it's shikai ability is that it creates illusions witch become real (eg. Cat into tiger) when it goes in its bankai Genso no amekagami , it makes movement a illusion you can't rely on where you move because when you move your movements change into where it wants you to move this creates the illusion of full control of movements , it is a great advantage to finish your enemies off , it also makes you seem invisible to your opponent that he/she/thing can't fight you evenly
True form: Shin Genso no amekagami dankai (true heavenly mirror of illusions stage) witch changes the area around it and makes it look if that place is really there so it can also make it seem real in your memory manipulating the enemy

Feb 01, 15 at 11:48am

Another from the vault, credit me if you use it for anything.
Sealed appearance: A fighter's epee with a guard shaped like a pair of wings. Detailing in silver, with a pure white blade.
Shikai: Tetsu no sora(Iron Sky).
Shikai appearance: A silver breastplate and pair of gauntlets. The breastplate has two pairs of metal and reishi wings emerging from the shoulders.
Shikai abilities: Heightens the wielder's speed and reflexes greatly, as well as allowing true flight. Can fire massive barrages of reishi feathers from the wings which are fast but have low destructive power. Also boosts defense, as it is armor.
Release command: Spread your wings, Tetsu no sora! Said while holding the sealed form pointed skyward with one hand.
Bankai: Gin hayabusa(Silver falcon).
Bankai appearance: A more streamlined pair of metal wings with silver lines running down to the wielder's hands, forming clawed gauntlets.
Bankai abilities: Sacrifices defense for massive speed(ie Yoruichi-fast) and reflex boosts. Still allows flight. The clawed gauntlets can cut at a distance with blades of wind.

Spirit: A silver griffon with oddly metallic-looking feathers. Masculine, with a deep, growling voice. Serious and fatalistic.
Bankai spirit: A birdman with silver feathers and the head of a hawk. Personality is as before.

Weaknesses: Fighting at extreme speed is very mentally draining, making prolonged combat difficult, especially in bankai. Distinctly lacking in one-shot kill attacks, making death by a thousand cuts the most viable strategy against powerful opponents.

Jan 15, 15 at 5:10pm

A Zanpakuto designed around my fighting style.
(LF= Life-Force)

Name- Ketsueki Akuma (Blood Demon).

Sealed Form- It takes the form of a Nodachi, measuring at 100cm it is actually short for a Nodachi. The blade is long and sleek with a very small curve, the blades colour is black with a silver edge whilst it's Hamon has a dripping effect. It's Tsuba is a black Katsukage, with battle straps on hilt polished with a crimson tears design lining the holes.

Shikai- Release Command "Leech Ketsueki Demon", once chanted pieces of tattered black cloth starts wrapping around my wrist and hand, the veins that reside in those areas are connected to the blade, then the edge of the Hamon will start glowing a bright red.

Shikai Abilities- A Zanpakuto that lives on Life-Force, my spirit energy maybe lower than a 10th seat but my Life-Force is higher than a captains, Ketsueki Akuma feeds on this Life-Force and utilises it for abilities.

Life-Force Leech~ The blade is capable of stealing a small portion of Life-Force temporarily from its target, using this increases regeneration or empowers other abilities.

Ketsupei (Blood Clot)~ A medium powered focused energy projectile that can be fired rapidly, it costs very little LF to cast.

Raifu Nesshō (Life Burn)~ By igniting the blood flowing through the blade, the blade is coated in flames that enhance the blades power, in order for this effect to work it has to constantly feed on LF. By activating this power it actually deactivates LF Leech for the remainder of this effect.

Bankai- Kenketsu Undō (Blood Drive), By chanting the name my body goes numb, my skin begins to go a solid white and my veins begin to glow red and pulse. My LF becomes extremely focused in my bodies veins.

Bankai Abilities-This Bankai changes the way I fight, taking a more defensive route in order to change fights around.

Jōmyaku Burokku (Vein Block)~ This ability heavily resembles Blut vene, but it utilises LF instead.

Insanities Persistence~ A panic ability that only activates when a LF threshold has been met, it increases speed and perception for a limited time, this is an survival ability intended for outlasting opponents and leeching as much LF as fast as possible whilst avoiding as many attacks as well.

Nightmare Assault~ My skin starts being cut 5 times and these particular cuts bleed profusely, this blood is unique since it is able to be controlled being bent into blades or creating shields, it has limited time but it has great power capable of being fired in a barrage that can destroy the toughest of defences and can even be used to poison foes this ability costs a large portion of my LF and even can be used to trigger Insanities Persistence to improve its power, but it's power strains my body and requires a large regeneration cycle to recover from use.

Jan 15, 15 at 12:14am

Zanpakuto: Yami no Mera Fenikkusu(Dark Fire Phoenix)
Type: Katana
Sealed Form: A regular sealed katana(much like Shusui from One Piece).

Release command:Burn
A black o katana with red marking all around the blade and grip(much like Shusui from One Piece).

Bankai: 2 double edged katana,same exterior,and wings made from black flame gather on the user's back(much like Hitsuyaga's Bankai). A long "coat" (ichigo bankai) also forms on the user. Blades made from darkness hover in the air,awaiting the users command.

Shikai attacks:
Yami Mera Surasshu (Dark Fire Slash)
The user performs a wide sweeping motion,causing a wave of black fire to erupt from the blade and head towards the enemy.

Akai Taka-zashi (Red Hawk Stab)
The blade is engulfed in flames,then the user makes a stabbing motion,making a horizontal column of fire head towards the target.

Hadō Akuma no Surasshu (Shadow Demon Slash)
A wave of darkness blinds the opponent(s),then the darkness explodes outwards,harming the opponent(s).

1080 Fenikkusu Paundo Hō (1080 Phoenix Pound Ho)
The user uses Kendo in this move. The user grips the sword with both hands and slices in a circular motion. The move is strong enough to penetrate Las Noches's walls.

Mera no Mi(Fire Fruit)
A ball of fire forms,then shoots towards the target. Can be used in succession. Size may vary depending on the user’s Reiatsu.

Bankai attacks:
Yami no Furue(Dark Tremor)
A circle of darkness surrounds the opponents,then the ground shakes and slowly,the opponent sinks into the ground.

Kido 83: Burakku Hōru (Kido 83: Black Hole)
A special Kido only learned with Yami no Mera Fenikkusu. A black hole forms on the opponent,sucking away all their Reiatsu for 30 minutes. It also disables their Bankai.

Fenikkusu Suīpu (Phoenix Sweep)
A large amount of Reiatsu is gathered from the surrounding atmosphere,then explodes outwards in the form of a phoenix.

Tengoku no Hanketsu (Heaven's Judgement)
A bolt(s) of black lightning comes from the sky,striking the opponent(s). This has been known to defeat Privieon Espadas in 1 stroke.

Shanburuzu No Rūmu (Room of Shambles)
Opponents are sliced up by invisible blades,but they remain alive and able to function while in bits (similar to Trafalgar Law's Ope Ope no Mi).

Haipā Shunpo (Hyper Shunpo)
The user's Shunpo is increased by 100-fold.

Boido Hōru (Void Hole)
The opponent is sucked into a portable dimension,which disintegrates the opponent to the point of no healing.

Saigo No Inku Sutorōku (Final Ink Stroke)
The user makes a multitude of swords slashes,ending with a blade wreathed in dark Reiatsu,then cutting vertically down. The user,after using this move,will be unable to use Bankai for 2 hours.

Saishū-Tekina Dāku Ki Torunēdo (Final Dark Slashing Tornado)
The user does a multitude of circular slashes,resulting in the opponent wreathed in a dark tornado.

Piasa Kesshō Akuma (Final Demon Piercer)
The user slices upward,cutting the opponent's body in half. The soul is then sent to Jigoku No Mon(Hell's Gates)

Dec 23, 14 at 10:53pm

kaze no ha (wind demon)

sealed form - standard katana with hilt in shape of a spiral made of 7 prongs

(arekuruu kaze) shikai - same look as sealed form but able of producing wind blasts

(kaze no akuma) bankai - same hilt but with with blade made of pure wind. capable of completely controlling wind in ever way. also gives the user the ability to turn into wind.

spirit - a peregrine falcon

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