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Feb 6, 08 at 2:39amtrue terror of death

I want to know whats your zanpakuto's name and it's bankai and moves like "gestuga tensho" and anything else. You can also put other types of zanpakuto's like a arrancar zanpakuto and anything else you can come up with.

Like this,

Zanpakuto's name: X (Tyrannosaurus rex's flame)

Release spell: Burn for the sake of peace, X!

Discription: it looks like a janemba's demonic midevil sword but with a fire red blade and a fire like hilt with a gem in the middle of it.

Bankai: Erupting Nova X

Discription: it looks alot like tensa zangetsu but the blade is blazing fire red and the guard has a star and in the middle of the hilt has a crystal that has diamond like eye in it and finally the key chain at the end has a galaxy on the end of it. A type of dragon/t-rex scaled armor is on my whole body except my face.

Vizard's mask: Chairon (mine)

Power: Able to copy anyones moves, powers, and bankai's. Also able to move as fast as the speed of light, space, and stop time plus able to become semi-immortal and have unmatchable strength. And able to create any power throughout history.

Move: Chaos Drive, Senkei Kurori, Shukei Ember Strike, Kurori Tensho, Senban Gestuga, Kurori Flare, Kurona Keta, Scarred Branding, Exterminate Break, Dimension Breaker, Rising Slayer, Chaos Break, Prism Xtreme, Senkei Kuranna, Chaos Kurori and Erupting Nova Chaos Flare.

Spirit: a t-rex with dragon wings and on fire like a pheonix.

Spirit in Bankai Form: a warrior with my bankai armor.

Final Form: Final Chaos Drive.
just like with ichigos final getsuga tensho i to have one. and just like the effects of final getsuga tensho i become X and have all his abbilites but they increased 10X then my bankai. plus instead of me losing my powers i still have them but i can use others abillities that i didnt even know which i will reveal in time.

Also you can not use my Zanpakto, bankai, power and my moves make them up your self got it? Besides it won't be any fun if you take mine then i won't to get to see the ones you made. Finally thanks for replying to my thread.

Also if anyone tried to use my Zanpakuto they would get third degree burns and it would feel like being crushed by something that can kill you.

Also thanks Tenshi_Zanmura, Swampert X, Sindal, and everyone else for putting discriptions on this forum.

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Oct 1, 16 at 7:19pm

Zanpacto Name: Gādogureishīrudo (Guards Greatest Shield)
Look: A steel buckler (24 in. in diameter) with a strong leather grip along with a spiked metal club (15 in. tall, 5 in. wide at hilt, 7 and a half in. wide top)

Shikai command/stance: Protect me Gādogureishīrudo! (Shield in front of chest club at waist)
Look: A steel armor with diamond spikes (with helm), along with a spiked steel club (30 in. tall, 8 in. wide at hilt, 15 in. wide top)
Suchīrubōru: Curl up into a ball (ball is steel with diamond spikes just like armor) and roll around/protect yourself

Bankai: Kingusugādo saidai no tate
(The King's Guards Greatest Shield)
Look: Titanium armor with diamond spikes (with helm), along with a 50 in. (in diameter) titanium buckler with diamond spikes, and a diamond spiked titanium club (45 in. tall, 12 in. wide at hilt, 30 in. wide top)
Suchīrubōru: Curl up into a ball (ball is titanium with diamond spikes just like armor) and roll around and protect yourself
Gisei: Give up your armor to an ally but keep your weapons (this means that they now have the Suchīrubōru ability)
Shīrudochāji: The spikes on your shield grow and you gain speed to slam into the opponent
Kurabusumasshu: Your clubs spikes grow and you smash down to do immense damage

Spirit: A man made of steel
Bankai Spirit: A king made of titanium with a spiky staff

Hollow mask: (A unique mask because it's more of a helmet with mask than mask) A grey knight helm with a white mask, pure black eyes, a white sticking out nose, and a red mouth
Hōchimin ken: Make a broadsword out of spirit energy
Increased speed, strength, durability, reflexes
Grey Cero

Mask takes lots of spiritual energy

Sep 15, 16 at 6:43pm

Shinigami Character: Sono Otoko
Look: Man in his 20's with shoulder length light brown hair, a short goatee, and a custom Shinigami outfit with the robe being dark blue and the undershirt being very dark yellow.
Backstory: A human that stole a soul reaper's power. He became very cocky with this power while trying to protect his family who all have high spirit pressure and are attractive to hollows. He wound up losing his soul reaper powers and trapped as a spirit. When he started hollowfication, hollows attacked his family and so he suppressed the hollow to save them, getting his powers back in the process.

Custom Zanpakuto:
Name: Seishin Mira (Spirit Mirror)
Sealed form: Simple katana with reflective cross-guard

Shikai Command: Reflect all power, Seishin Mira!
Shikai Form: A mirrored shield with two curved sharpened edges on the sides and a straight katar blade on the end.
Kaerimiru (reflect): The shield portion can send back all kido based attacks

Bankai: Seishin hikari no mira (Spirit light's mirror)
Bankai form: You gain two katars connected by a thin chain that goes around your back, while your entire robe becomes a sleek robe made from mirror fragments.
Kanzenhansha (complete reflection): Can now reflect all spirit and elemental based attacks that connect with your body like kido and ceros.
Kirameku Kuki (Shimmering air): Allows you to become invisible, even masking your spirit pressure.
Bunkatsu sa reta seishin o han'ei (reflecting a divided spirit): Shows a person and their zanpakuto all their flaws and mistakes, and if they are too weak to deal with them their zanpakuto will turn on them and kill them.

Hollow mask: An angular mask with a large tusked grin, pointed chin and nose, and blue and yellow stripes spiraling downward from the right eye to the left tusk.
Increased speed/strength/endurance
Gains cero cornea
Gains the ability to absorb blasts that hit the mirror of Seishin Mira (either form) and send them back as a deep blue cero doble.

Sep 11, 16 at 11:44pm

more abilities: shadow stepu (shadow step) I get to attack from peoples shadows
otori shadow (decoy shadow)I get to summon my shadow as a decoy and as a gegai
shigo saischudecudesu cotoga (deaths final words) I get to summon a giant unescapable field and by stabbing myself in the heart I get to summon all the people I have killed (aka the unescapable death)

weaknesses: light
pitch darkness
and my mind

bankai spirit form: a skeletal crow with a small blade for a beak
human bankai spirit form: a morbid human woman with a scythe in one hand and a heart in the other

Sep 11, 16 at 11:34pm

shinigami : hakame rhinso sai

13 year old boy with an insanely powerful zanpakuto
he died because of suicide, he felt like he didn't belong

zanpakuto : (demons shield)
sealed form: a sheathe with a guard and handle with black feathers on the end
shikai name: (hakuma shirido)
release command: come forth from wence you came, hakuma shirido
shikai form: two flat pitch black shields on each side and a katana blade coming from the middle
abilities: schigoku shirido (hells shield)
hakuma ken (satans sword)

bankai name: hakuma hokuro to karada (demons mind and body)
bankai form: you get a huge black jacket with a cross on the back black feathers on my right shoulder
and grey fur on the end of the jacket, as in the arm and the cape
abilities: schigoku shokung harato (hells summoner art)
schigoku keto murereto (hells duel blades)
schigoku okamua (hells scythe)

Aug 11, 16 at 11:26pm

Shinigami Character
Name: Riaru Kusari
Look: 21 years old man with blonde hair and tan skin with a custom Soul Reaper outfit that looks like a tee shirt with zipper-jacket and sweatpants
Backstory: One winter day Riaru was driving around when he was attacked by a hollow who was his deceased brother Yami but was saved by Soul Reapers but Riaru sadly died from a heart attack from all the commotion

Name: Shinjitsu to uso (Truth And Lies)
Sealed form: A duel bladed dagger with a half black half white kukri hilt, a grey modified butterfly sword guard (the thingy that comes off of it now comes off of it on both sides) and the blades being a pure white corvo blade and a pure black janbiya blade

Shikai name: Shinjitsu to Uso
Shikai command: Make Forseti and Loki split Shinjitsu to uso
Shikai form: Two gladiī (plural for gladius) one pure white, whiter than white, and one pure black, so black it puts space to shame
Jinsei no yō ni shiroidesu (White as life)(Shinjitsu): Repairs your broken bones and heals your injuries
Shi to shite burakku (Black as death)(Uso): Breaks opponents bones and weakens them

Bankai: Saidai no shinjitsu to Saiaku no uso (The Greatest Truths And The Worst Lies)
Bankai form: You become a humanoid (1 arm 1 leg and 3 wings a side totaling 2 arms 2 legs and 6 wings) dragon half white with black eyes, half black with white eyes
Jinsei no yō ni shiroidesu (White as life): Repairs your broken bones and heals your injuries
Shi to shite burakku (Black as death): Breaks opponents bones and weakens them
In to yō doragonzu (Yin and Yang Dragons): The 2 halves split to become a white dragon (Covered in white reiatsu) and black dragon (Covered in black reiatsu) (can switch between humanoid and dragon at will)
Dākuboido (Dark Void): Summon a portal under the opponent to send them to a realm of darkness that only Saiaku no uso and whoever he's fighting can access it (Increases power and reiatsu over time)
Raito tengoku (Light Heaven): Summon a portal under the opponent to send them to a realm of light that only Saidai no shinjitsu and whoever he's fighting can access it (Increases power and reiatsu over time)
Shinjitsu no hikari no bīmu (Heavenly Beam of Truth) (Saidai no shinjitsu exclusive): Fire a cero like white beam
Uso no boido no bīmu (The Void's Beam of Lies) (Saiaku no uso exclusive): Fire a cero like black beam

Hollow Mask: a Chinese dragon like hollow mask (mustache included) with the mask mask being mostly red and the white part of the Yin and Yang symbol on the left eye and black part on the right eye
Increased Speed/Endurance/Attack
A pure black Cero Oscuras
A pure white Cero Oscuras
If used with Bankai the fusion form has three heads the middle is original the left head is pure white and the right head is pure black and if used while the dragons are split both dragons have 2 heads

Zanpacto spirit: A man with a dragon head wearing a dragon tee and baggy jeans as well as sunglasses and holding Shinjitsu to uso in shikai form (Is very relaxed and is easily distracted)

Bankai spirit: 2 Chinese dragons rapped around each other one being white with black eyes and the other being black with white eyes (Very serious but playful)

Fusion spirit: A three headed gray dragon each head wearing the hollow mask (Complains a lot but is serious when needed)

Hard to see in split form: it feels like you have 4 eyes
Can't control both dragons a once
Can't control either dragons with the hollow mask on
Consumes a massive amount of reiatsu
Shikai requires you to use both arms
Very hard to learn Bankai

Aug 11, 16 at 6:08pm

Shinigami Character
Name: Hunter Yoshi Chain
Backstory: Once a young boy who loved stories who had an extremely high spiritual pressure was attacked by a hollow while biking
Height: 5 foot 6
Looks: extremely dirty blond hair
Custom shinigami robe that is a short sleeve shirt and shorts with a baseball cap with a sheath at the left pocket

Custom Zanpacto
Name: Mahōtsukainodeshi (Sorcerer's Apprentice)
Unrealeased form: A cinquedea with a redwood handle and a black blade with magical symbols on the blade in white

Shikai command: Time for magic, Mahōtsukainodeshi
Shikai form: A shillelagh that is 4.5 feet high that has a glowing blue orb on top and the rest is redwood
Elemental Vortex: Make all elemental moves unusable
Elemental Control: Control a random element and to use a different one you have to wait 5 minutes

Bankai: Ten'nō sōsarā (Emperor Sorcerer)
Bankai form: A 45 ft. tall man in a silver and navy blue robe with hood holding a 40 ft. shillelagh that has a glowing silver and navy blue swirled orb on top and the rest is redwood with the symbolsマジック (Magic) in grey on the bottom of it
Elemental Vortex: Make all elemental moves unusable
Elemental Control: Control a random element and to use a different one you have to wait 1 minute
Reiatsu Vortex: Quickly drains the opponents reiatsu
Reiatsu Control: Use reiatsu to make weapons out of reiatsu

Hollow Mask: A bunny like hollow mask (ears included) with マジック written in navy blue all over it and mystic blue eyes
Increased Reiatsu
Light teal Cero Oscuras

Zanpacto spirit: A young childish magician in blue magician robes holding an arnis stick
Bankai spirit: A very serious king holding the Bankai staff but it's 4 ft. tall for the spirit

Not that good for close range: the staff can be used as a closed ranged weapon but it specializes in long with weak close range
Bankai consumes a lot of reiatsu: just one minute would deplete the reiatsu of a powerful lieutenant a battle would take at least as much as much as 4 captains and a lieutenant
Very hard to get Bankai: because the zanpacto spirit is childish he gives very little attention and loves to play around

Aug 9, 16 at 5:42pm

Custom Zanpacto
Name: Furedinode 5 naitsu (Five Nights At Freddy's)
Sealed form: A microphone that has a dagger coming out of the bottom

Shikai command: Scare Furedinode 5 naitsu
Shikai form: Your arms become metal exoskeleton arms covered by layers of brown cloth
Himei (Scream): Unhinge your jaw run and jump and scream at your opponent which paralyses the enemy
Sutaffuemu(Stuff Em): Kill your opponent by stuffing them into a airtight cloth costume that covers the entire body

Bankai: 5-Nichi furedi no shimai no basho de (Five Nights At Freddy's Sister Location)
Bankai form: You become the Fnaf original crew
Himei (Scream): Unhinge your jaw run and jump and scream at your opponent which paralyses the enemy
Sutaffuemu (Stuff Em): Kill your opponent by stuffing them into a airtight cloth costume that covers the entire body
Hontai suitchi (Body Switch): Switch between the four animatronics
Omocha o shutoku (Get Toyed): Foxy becomes Mangled and three others become their toy versions
Akachan wa kokodesu (Baby's here): Summon Baby

I would do a final form but it's already op

Aug 9, 16 at 5:11pm

Custom Zanpacto
Name: Kami no doku (Venom of God)
Sealed form: Zamorak Godsword hilt, Bandos Godsword cross guard, Armadyl Godsword blade

Shikai command: Raise the heavens and raze hell Kami no doku
Shikai form: Saradomin Godsword hilt, Ultimate Godsword cross guard, Guthix Godsword blade
Ten no ōra (Heavenly Aura): An aura of light that heals and protects all within the light

Bankai: Kami no jigoku doku o kanzen ni hakai shimasu (Raze Hell Vemon of God
Bankai form: You gain brown flat to the head hair that connects to a brown beard that go down to the bottom of your neck, you are wearing a pure white robe with long sleeves and covers your feet
Ten no ōra: An aura of light that heals and protects all within the light
Adamutoibu (Adam and Eve): summon two allies male and female to aid you in battle
Noanohakobune (Noah's Ark): summon a tidal wave to kill your opponent

Final form: Kami no akuma no shibito benomu (The Devil's Deathly Venom of God)
Final form's form: You are the Devil fused with God
Sekitome no fukushū (The Dammed's Revenge): Summon an army from hell
Ten no ōra (Heavenly Aura): An aura of light that heals and protects all within the light
Akuma no ōra (The Devil's Aura): A aura that is placed around the enemy and harms them while taking away their reiatsu
Adamutoibu (Adam and Eve): summon two allies male and female to aid you in battle
Noanohakobune (Noah's Ark): summon a tidal wave to kill your opponent
Sebun tsumi (The Seven Deadly Sins): Summon seven deadly forces to kill your enemy
(After using this you lose your powers for 7 seconds, 7 minutes, 7 hours, 7 days, 7 weeks. Add all this time up and that's how much time you have to powers)

Aug 9, 16 at 2:49pm

Custom Zanpacto
Name: Gurimubureido (Grim Blade)
Unreleased form: a red and black katana blade with a gray hakenkreuz (look it up) guard and a navy blue broadsword hilt

Shikai command: Take To Hell Gurimubureido
Shikai form: A black and red dual-wielding scythe covered in a black reiatsu with a dark gray and navy blue handle
Reiatsu Thief: every attack takes a small amount of reiatsu from the target

Bankai: Rīpāgurimubureido (Reapers Grim Blade)
Bankai form: You become a skeleton in a black robe with hood covered in red reiatsu holding dual-bladed dual-wielding covered in black reiatsu versions of the shikai
Reiatsu Thief: every attack takes a small amount of reiatsu from the target
Shadow Walk: Disappear into the shadows to move around silently and quickly
King Of Shadows: Increase or decrease your size
Death Realm: Summon skeletons and change the time of day to night to increase your power

Zanpacto spirit: A skeleton holding one of the two shikai scythes with without the reiatsu surrounding it Bankai Spirit: A skeleton in a red and black robe with hood surrounded in a navy blue reiatsu aura with four arms all holding a bankai scythe

Hollow Mask: A skull-like mask with red eye sockets, a black chin, navy blue X on the forehead, a grey Z on each chin
Abilities: Increased speed, strength, and durability, half dark red and grey thief cero (takes half the reiatsu of target)

Aug 8, 16 at 2:48pm

quote Yoshi2Dark
Custom Zanpacto
Name: Saigonoshinpan no hi

Shikai: Kurinukimasu
Saigonoshinpan no hi
(Hollow Out Doomsday)

Bankai: Minagoroshi ni suru
Saigonoshinpan no hi
(Kill Them All Doomsday)

Shikai command: Demolish Saigonoshinpan no hi (how to activate it: while holding it in middle of chest)

Bankai command: Kill The Crowns Saigonoshinpan no hi (how to activate it) drop swords by your feet)

Sealed state: Pure black dagger blade with silver hilt with spider in Japanese on the dagger

Shikai form: Two 4 ft. long swords that has acid on the blades

Bankai form: You become a giant spider covered in acid with 7 ft. tall swords as feet and 4 ft. blades as the fangs and jaw

Shikai abilities:
Desukyanon: combine swords to make acid cannon on right arm

Sutikkī shi: Shoots sticky balls of acid out of the swords that melt the flesh and bone very quickly

Bankai Abilities:
Shi supitto: Shoots acid from its mouth

San no ken sutōmu: Becomes a tornado that shoots your swords (which regen) out of you

Arakune no rikugun: Summon an army of smaller weaker versions of you

Saigonoshinpan no hi's spirit: A black widow spider with swords on it

Hollow Mask: looks like a spiders face in black and white with red on the chin

Abilities: Inceased strength and speed, gran rey cero, increased regeneration, increased durability
Sorry my last post didn't specify some things nor translate
And I forgot to say what the bankai spirit looks like it looks like a demonic spider made of acid with sword sticking out of it

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