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Feb 06, 08 at 2:39amtrue terror of death

I want to know whats your zanpakuto's name and it's bankai and moves like "gestuga tensho" and anything else. You can also put other types of zanpakuto's like a arrancar zanpakuto and anything else you can come up with.

Like this,

Zanpakuto's name: X (Tyrannosaurus rex's flame)

Release spell: Burn for the sake of peace, X!

Discription: it looks like a janemba's demonic midevil sword but with a fire red blade and a fire like hilt with a gem in the middle of it.

Bankai: Erupting Nova X

Discription: it looks alot like tensa zangetsu but the blade is blazing fire red and the guard has a star and in the middle of the hilt has a crystal that has diamond like eye in it and finally the key chain at the end has a galaxy on the end of it. A type of dragon/t-rex scaled armor is on my whole body except my face.

Vizard's mask: Chairon (mine)

Power: Able to copy anyones moves, powers, and bankai's. Also able to move as fast as the speed of light, space, and stop time plus able to become semi-immortal and have unmatchable strength. And able to create any power throughout history.

Move: Chaos Drive, Senkei Kurori, Shukei Ember Strike, Kurori Tensho, Senban Gestuga, Kurori Flare, Kurona Keta, Scarred Branding, Exterminate Break, Dimension Breaker, Rising Slayer, Chaos Break, Prism Xtreme, Senkei Kuranna, Chaos Kurori and Erupting Nova Chaos Flare.

Spirit: a t-rex with dragon wings and on fire like a pheonix.

Spirit in Bankai Form: a warrior with my bankai armor.

Final Form: Final Chaos Drive.
just like with ichigos final getsuga tensho i to have one. and just like the effects of final getsuga tensho i become X and have all his abbilites but they increased 10X then my bankai. plus instead of me losing my powers i still have them but i can use others abillities that i didnt even know which i will reveal in time.

Also you can not use my Zanpakto, bankai, power and my moves make them up your self got it? Besides it won't be any fun if you take mine then i won't to get to see the ones you made. Finally thanks for replying to my thread.

Also if anyone tried to use my Zanpakuto they would get third degree burns and it would feel like being crushed by something that can kill you.

Also thanks Tenshi_Zanmura, Swampert X, Sindal, and everyone else for putting discriptions on this forum.

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Oct 04, 15 at 1:47am
M Watts

Zampaakuto name : Honoraion

Description : unsealed, it takes the form of a Ken(straight double edged katana with a symmetrical tip) the tsuba featuring a pack of flaming shi shi(lion-dogs) with 2 more fiery shi shi menuki on the grip and another on the kashira

Invocation : Reiji, Honoraion
the sword shifts from a ken into a hand and a half longsword, able to summon a fiery lion that "hunts" incoming projectile and reishi attacks, absorbing them and strengthening both itself and the sword, also the sword is able to launch stored energy as a fireball at the enemy.


--> Bankai : kari, honoraion no mure; bankai!
sword changes again into a flame edged broadsword, now able to summon up to 25 fiery lions and instead of just temporarily absorbing the energy, attacks that are "hunted" funnel into me, making me stronger and faster incrementally, the more i feed the more power and speed i can unleash in my attacks, lions can also attack the enemy directly now, slashing with claws of flame, biting with ember teeth, and lashing with burning tails.


How to kill the owner?

either use of water based kido attack spells water based zanpakuto or rely solely on physical attacks and hope your a better swordsman than me


power added in bankai is permanent, boosting strength and speed in non bankai forms as well, potential for unlimited power, possible naturally induced vizored state,

Oct 02, 15 at 5:59pm

zanpakuto name and appearance:name: ミラーの神
Mirā no kami (mirror god)
The hit is 8 inches long and color black with 4 white diamonds on the surfaces . the hand guard is circular and color silver the blade is silver also and is 45 inches long .
shikai apperance:
the sword stays the same but the blade is thinner making it look invisible about 1.5 cm (0.60 inch)thin and silver chains are attached at the end of the hilt.
Shikai: Reflect all pain Mira No Kami!!: The user tilts the sword downwards a waiting for the enemy to attack it leaves an illusion of the user when the illusion is struck in the specific region the enemy is struck also in the same region breaking the illusion leaving the user unharmed and increasing flash step by 50 farther increasing confusion .

The shikai can create multiple images of himself by piercing the ground he can transport himself to the illusions even if his far away 2 miles he can see what the illusions can see he can also create a portal.

another shikai ability making an illusion of not attacking but in reality the user already attacked him meaning he can plan his attacks he can activate it on command by simply tapping the blade in his sheath.

his last abilities of the shikai is the 悲劇的なチェーン (Higeki-tekina chēn) Tragic chain.
the user tilt the sword to its hilt where the chain is hanging the chain is then fired and it cannot be seen it can cast false chains with his illusions when the enemy is impaled he is immobilize depending on how strong the opponent is he is cast into a bad memory or a tragedy in his life causing fear to him the user can alter these memories if it cannot work.

Bankai: Mira No Kami devour him to the mirrors of hell!!! BannKai!!:
The user spins his zanpakuto for 10 seconds creating a dome of mirrors that is invisible
to the enemies cast inside but is merely visible to the outside anyone who try to break it in the outside would be devoured upon contact.
the user has the ability to produce illusions created by the users imagination but is limited to 200 illusions but some can survive this mainly captains or equal strength .
Bankai Apperance: varies to imagination .

Sep 29, 15 at 3:00am

Here is mine

Name: Hotaru [Firefly]

Shikai: Hotaru [Firefly]

Bankai: Saigo no hantohotaru [Final Hunt Firefly]

Sealed State Zanpakuto: the zanpakuto is a katana with a total length of 83 inches. The hilt is wrapped in an alternating blue and silver cloth wrap. The guard is a pentagram with five small cirlces cut out [one on each angle of the pentagram] the sheath matches the color pattern.

Zanpakuto Ability: this ability is included in all three forms, only changing in power. It can be focused on one target or multiple. If targeting multiple the percentage is reduced for each target. It drains/absorbs 5% of kido based attacks [15% for targets weaker than the wielder]

Shikai Release Command: Begin, Hotaru

Shikai Appearance: Before reciting the command phrase, the wielder holds Hotaru at waist height with the sword held in the right hand and the blade crossing to the left. After speaking the command phrase, Hotaru's blade transforms from a katana into a dadao. A chain appears from the bottom of the sword, it travels up the right arm, wrapping the arm as it goes, crosses the back, wraps down the left arm, and finally connects to the back of a bladed gauntlet that has now appeared on the wielder's left hand. There are three blades that are 9 inches in length and extend from behind the knuckles.

Shikai Abilities: the kido drain has now reached 15% [35% for opponents weaker than the wielder]

Kyanseru [Cancel]: when triggered this ability will free the wielder from any binding spells or abilites. If it doesn't free the user it will at least assist in the wielder breaking free with their own strength.

Doreddoshotto [Dread Shot]: the wielder fires off either a high velocity/low impact or a low velocity/high impact ball of blue/silver kido from the palm of the gauntlet. The left hand will be raised with the fingers splayed.

Bankai Release Command: End, Saigo no hantohotaru

Bankai Appearance: Hotaru's blade glows a bluish silver and breaks apart into 100 small blue and silver orbs. They create a sphere around the wielder, five feet in diameter. The gauntlet becomes slightly bulkier and the blades reach 15 inches in length. The sword's hilt is still in the wielder's hand with the chain still attached. If the wielder swings the hilt they can direct the small orbs (fireflies) to attack, or they can use a minimum of 50 fireflies to create a pure energy blade.

Bankai Abilities: the drain effect is now at 35% [50% for opponents weaker than the wielder] also, the sphere of fireflies gathers any reiatsu around the wielder and stores it within the chain.

Buraindofurasshu [Blinding Flash]: when activated, this ability causes all of the fireflies to glow brightly and finally flash. The flash blinds the opponent for 6 seconds.

Raito no shuryo [Ending Light]: This attack can either be launched from the gauntlet or sword and can only be launched when the chain connecting the weapons begins to glow. If fired from the gauntlet, all energy, including the fireflies, is gathered in front of the palm and launched as a high velocity/high impact ball of blue/silver kido.

If fired from the sword, all of the energy collected, including the fireflies, charges into a giant energy sword that can reach up to 20 meters in length. The sword does increased physical damage while the gauntlet does increased kido damage.

The gauntlet is what enables Hotaru to weaken the enemy's kido abilities. The chain connecting the sword and gauntlet stores the absorbed energy, if by some miracle the chain is broken, the energy inside of the chain will explode and encompass an area of 35 meters. The explosion will effect everyone within the radius. If the blades of the gauntlet wound the opponent, another 5% of the enemy's reiatsu will be absorbed. [The effects are not permanent, they only last until the end of the fight, except the energy stored will remain stored.]

Spirit Form: Hotaru's spirit form appears to be a 22 year old man. He has medium length dark brown hair. His physical build is slender and muscular, around 5'11'' in height, and 175 pounds in weight. Hotaru wears a sliver kimono with blue trimming. He wears a blue piece of cloth over his eyes, a faint white light can be seen on the piece of cloth. Upon removing the cloth in Hotaru's eyesockets are small white orbs in place of eye balls.

Personality: Hotaru's personality is calm and calculating, always observing. He is soft spoken but will increase his volume if he feels he is not being heard. Hotaru has undying loyalty for his comrades and an insatiable bloodlust against his enemies. His preference is one-on-one combat over two-on-one or any other variant. Melee combat is the preferred but he will used ranged if it solidifies his victory. Lying to get what he wants is not beneath him. The reason why he wears the cloth over his eyes is because he feels it would scare anyone who meets him.

[In the post i say 'the wielder' instead of 'me' or some other form because this isn't a Shinigami's profile.]

Sep 20, 15 at 12:51pm

My zanpakuto

Name: Maboroshi-Mikoto (Illusion Lord)

Release command: "Sutiiru Kare/Kanojo Shichoukaku, Maboroshi-Mikoto" (Steal his/her senses, Illusion Lord)

Wielder: In this case, the wielder would be my created character, Zanpachi Enkkakko. Zanpachi is 6 feet and 2 inches, and maybe 200 pounds. He is light-skinned, and has spiky, twisted, brown-ginger-blond hair in a Mohawk shape.

Spiritual Manifestation: Maboroshi-Mikoto is 6 feet and 10 inches, with Madara-type hair. The whites of his eyes aren't white at all, but black. His irises are white, and his pupils are orange. He wears a full suit of samurai armor, save the helmet, and has metal plates on the top of his shoulders to protect the side(s) of his neck. At his waist hangs the sword-version of himself, held up by a white rope belt much like Orochimaru's.

Visual (Sword) Description: Maboroshi-Mikoto is a long, semi-thin katana with a 4.5-foot blade, a 1.5-foot white and gold hilt, and a star-shaped hand guard, and a long piece of metal that falls over to protect the wielder's fingers. Although this zanpakuto is very powerful when properly swung, one of the immediate drawbacks is that it is incredibly heavy, and requires the user be extremely strong.

Powers: Maboroshi can release powerful waves of spiritual energy, much like a Getsuga. This power is named Shakuhou No Gaisuto Katsuryoku (Release of Spirit Energy) The drawback to this move is that the more it is used, and the farther the distance, the weaker the attack. Another one of its powers is that when the user turns Maboroshi sword upside down and drops it, Maboroshi will disappear into the ground. This attack is called Imoshinai Shingeki (Invisible Attack). When this move is used, the wielder can move his/her hand in any direction and it will have the same effect as if Maboroshi were still there, and can be used from a distance of up to 300 feet. However, this move uses up a sum of reiatsu for every swing the user takes, and even more just for initiating it. The maximum amount of swings possible is 20.

Release form/Shikai form: When Maboroshi-Mikoto is released, its form changed drastically. The hilt grows out to a length of 2 feet, and the blade becomes 5 feet, making it 7 feet altogether. However, when this happens the blade becomes 15 pounds heavier. The blade takes on a visual almost identical to Zabuza's sword. Unlike Zabuza's sword, Maboroshi's blade part becomes completely white.

Bankai: "Kurai, Maboroshi-Mikoto" (Cry, Illusion Lord). When the wielder uses bankai, the sword reverts back to its normal form, but with rigid, uneven edges all along the blade of the katana. The opponent's vision is turned completely black and white for as long as the wielder can maintain bankai. The user also receives a nice agility, speed, strength, etc. boost, but not enough to MAKE HIM O.P. Being as Maboroshi is an illusion type, it has illusion-based powers. The bankai grants the wielder total control over the opponents senses, but at a cost. The cost is that the opponent, depending on how much damage they have already taken, is also granted a boost of attributes. The larger drawback is that whatever damage is done to the opponent, the wielder takes half of that damage.

Sep 08, 15 at 11:00pm
Ronan Ryushima

Here is my Zanpakutō.

Name: Kori Tora & Ryu Hoshi (Ice Tiger & Dragon Star) (separate Zanpakutō)

Forms: Ryu Hoshi Shikai Release (Fly over a frozen hell, Ryu Hoshi) Form (Both arms are covered in white metal with five long razor sharp claws extending from the fingers, a metal mask partially covering the right side of the face, a long tail ending with a blade.) Bankai (Izo Ryu Hoshi) (Ice Dragon Star) Transforms user into a Humanoid Dragon form.

Kōri Tora Shikai Release (Rip apart the heavens, Ice Tiger) Form (Pure white spear with blue and purple ribbons wrapped around her) Bankai (Ijō tōketsu, kōri tora) (Freeze Over, Ice Tiger) (the user becomes engulfed in ice the ice will shatter revealing the user and itself. Generally the same form except for an invisible layer of water around the head of the spear)

Powers: The longer the fight continues the more tails Ryu Hoshi has (Max four) at which point a reitsu blast can be fired when all the tails tips meet, Kōri Tora Manipulates everything related to water. every time Kōri Tora is called out it will begin to rain no matter where they may be. This rain can heal the injuries of anyone that the user deems a friend or loved one.

Aug 28, 15 at 10:29am

As per, another from the vault...

Zanpakutō name: Jikan Noroi (時間のろい, The Cursed Time)
Sealed appearance: Jikan Noroi takes the form of a regular katana with a silver trapezoid-shaped guard, white hilt-wrapping and a black sheathe.
Release command: Oversleep
Shikai release process: Unlike other zanpakutō, Jikan Noroi does not immediately release into its shikai state after the command is said. It may take from anywhere between several seconds to over ten minutes for Jikan Noroi to release depending on how long the wielder has been in battle; the longer the wielder has been fighting the longer it takes for Jikan Noroi to release into its shikai state.

Shikai appearance: Its appearance does not change.

Special shikai abilities: Jikan Noroi is a generally melee type zanpakutō with a unique special technique.
Shikai technique:
Kojikoku (故時刻, Late Time): When activated this technique delays the time before the effects of the wielder’s successfully landed attacks take place e.g. if the wielder punched an opponent in the stomach, the opponent wouldn’t take damage or even feel the punch until, say, a minute later. The amount of time at which an attack’s effects are delayed depends on how much force was put into the attack e.g. a very light punch may be delayed by a few seconds but a super-heavy slash could be delayed several minutes. It can also be used in bankai.

Bankai name: Gense Noroi (現世のろい, Curse This World)
Bankai release process: To activate the wielder re-sheathes the blade and lets it levitate, hilt down, in front of them. Then the wielder initiates bankai at which the blade begins to violently collapse in on itself until it ceases to be seen; a few seconds later Gense Noroi phases, hilt first, from the air in front of the wielder.
Bankai appearance: Gense Noroi takes the form of a nodachi with a silver guard shaped like two adjacent mirrored parallelograms and white hilt-wrapping. The kanji “のろい” ("Noroi", Curse/Slow) are etched deeply into the length of the blade. A series of three rusted, broken watches line the wielder’s blade arm and a digital watch fits around the wielder’s other wrist.

Special bankai abilities: Gense Noroi is the same type of blade as it was in shikai along with two bankai techniques.
Bankai techniques:
Chien Jikoku (遅延時刻, Delayed Time): Is basically identical to the Kojikoku technique except that the wielder can now finely control how long before their successfully landed attacks take effect.

Noroi-shitsu (のろい室, Curse Room): Gense Noroi can generate vaguely spherical ‘rooms’ of translucent energy, of varying sizes, anywhere within the wielder’s observable vicinity. Anything or anyone (including the wielder) that enters the ‘room’ is immediately subjected to its drastically slowed spatial zone; meaning the velocity of whatever is inside is drastically reduced. Due to this effect persons caught inside Noroi-shitsu think at normal speeds while their body is stuck in its slowed state, a principle similar to the effects of Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s superhuman drug. Upon exiting the ‘room’ the object/person/projectile resumes its previous velocity as if it had never been reduced. The ‘rooms’ are sustained for as long as the wielder can maintain, however they steadily consume spiritual energy the longer they are active with larger ‘rooms’ consuming more spiritual energy per second. For example it would be taxing to maintain a ‘room’, large enough to fit a human inside, for more than ten seconds.

Aug 28, 15 at 9:25am

Another from the vault...

Zanpakutō name: Bunhana (分花, Dividing Flower)
Sealed appearance: Takes the form of a regular katana, except that is has a slightly longer blade. The hilt-wrapping is light pink and the tsuba is in the shape of a five-petal flower; it has a light pink sheathe.
Release command: Multiply the flowering devil

Shikai appearance: In shikai its overall appearance does not change.

Special shikai abilities: Bunhana has the ability to create up to 100 intangible clones of the wielder from the wielder’s spiritual energy. The clones are perfectly identical to the wielder in appearance, behaviour, reiatsu, speech, personality etc. The only thing that differentiates them from the wielder is the fact that they are intangible and cannot interact directly with the environment; however they can and do cast shadows. Bunhana can only create clones of the wielder.

Bankai name: Bunhana Kyōsha (分花鏡写, Dividing Flower, Mirror Copy)
Bankai release: The wielder makes a circling motion with Bunhana then initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Bunhana Kyōsha’s appearance barely changes at all; the only difference is that Bunhana Kyōsha’s blade is slightly longer and a pink ribbon flows from the base of the hilt.

Special bankai abilities: Bunhana Kyōsha retains its ability to create up to 100 intangible clones of the wielder, but it can now also create intangible clones of other people or objects; however to be able to make a clone of another person requires their blood which is usually attained by successfully slashing or stabbing said person. Once a person’s blood has been attained once, it does not need to be attained again (even after being resealed). Clones of other people or animals are perfectly identical in appearance, behaviour, reiatsu, speech, personality etc.

Bankai techniques:
Asa-sō Hansha (浅層反射, Shallow Reflection): A technique that enables Bunhana Kyōsha to change the wielder’s appearance into an identical copy of someone else; their blood must be attained before this technique can be used. Although reiatsu and speech is also copied, the wielder’s personality, reiryoku and abilities remain.

Hisankyō (飛散鏡, Scattering Mirror): A dispelling technique that removes any and all illusions from the wielder’s immediate vicinity; it can also include illusions that the wielder isn’t under. More powerful illusions require more spiritual energy to break and remove. The wielder will know if an illusion has been removed successfully as they will hear the sound of a mirror shattering; if they themselves were under an illusion, the illusory world around them will crack like a mirror then fall away, as well as hearing the mirror shattering sound, allowing the wielder to perceive reality again.

Hanakyōsō (花鏡双, Flower Mirror Twins): This technique enables the wielder to produce physical clones, which can interact with the environment, that are realistic enough to fool opponents as they even bleed when wounded. Like the intangible clones, the physical clones are perfectly identical to the wielder in appearance, behaviour, reiatsu, speech, personality etc. The wielder is able to produce up to seven of these clones. However the clones disappear after a certain length of time; the length depends on how many are generated at once. If one clone is generated it lasts for 8-9 seconds; if all seven clones are generated they last for 2-3 seconds. They will also forcibly disappear if attacked.

Aug 26, 15 at 7:31am

Name of Shikai: Sora no tamashī (Empty soul)
Bankai Name: Tamashī no rimūbā (Soul Remover)
Release Command: Jibun o umemasu (Fill yourself, Sore no tamashī )
Bankai Release: Sono tamashī o sakujo(Take its soul, Tamashī no rimūbā )

Appearance: Sealed state normal katana in a shredded white sheath. Shikai- basically the size of a Wakizashi with three holes 2 cm by 2 cm each, no guard with a slightly bent hilt.
Shikai- when an opponent or user accepts battle the first hole, closest to the hilt, fills with blue reiatsu. The second hole fills when the user draws blood, filling the second hole with yellow reiatsu. The third fills with red when the opponent can no longer fight, submits or dies.
Bankai- becomes a double edged Wakizashi same look as Shikai but with another one on the end side of the hilt.

Powers: Shikai-
If a battle is won by the user the opponents reiatsu is halved and one half is given to the wielder.

when the user uses bankai and wins a battle, the user absorbs the victims bankai and its shikai filling one of the six holes, the user is later able to use taken shikai and bankai for him/herself.

Spirit: A child with no depth or dimensions and is blank with ragged clothing without shoes and where he's eyes are supposed to be are empty/an abbis.
Bankai: a mixture of absorbed/ taken bankais.

Aug 20, 15 at 6:46pm

Name: Kami no me

Shikai: Kami no me (Eyes of God)

Bankai: Kami no shinseina-me (Sacred Eyes of God)

Shikai Form: a normal katana with a glowing blade and a gold and white handle.

Bankai Form: The katana completely dissappears and merges with the wielders body.

Shikai Release: Manabu(Learn)

Shikai Ability: Migeika: This allows the wielder to absorb the strengths of those he/she fights.  If the wielder sees a techinque once, he/she can imitate it, twice and he/she masters it, and can combine it with any other moves he/she has learned.  This can also apply to things like the monstrous strength of the Hogyouku, which isn't really a technique but an inherent charcteristic of the Hogyouku, but the wielder somehow absorbs it anyway. It also gives the wielder an unnatural ability to recover from serious injuries and poisons. This means that with this ability, the wielder is able to see through any technique, any movement, any weaknesses, thus mastering any ability with observation.

Bankai Ability: After the Zanpakuto fuses with the wielder's body, it enables him/her to use their body as a sword. While using this ability, the wielder can easily break a sword or any armor using just his/her body while still maintaining the Shikai's ability.

Spirit: A man(in his twenties) with white hair and gold eyes and a third eye in the middle of his forehead. This man appears wearing a kimono for men( kind of like what hyourinmaru wears. I dont know what its called).

Aug 15, 15 at 7:58pm

Zanpakuto :Boido no kaijin
(Phantom of the Void)

Release command :" Kuroi taiyō akuma no kage āmā no yoake"
(Dawn of The Black Sun, Demonic Shadow Armor)

Look: Plain Zanpakuto blade with a black Diamond destined Hilt with a sliver Skull at the Hilt's base.

Power : Clock's the wielder in pure white armor that possessed bone like wings and a hollow mask covering their entire head. Incenses the wilder Reiatsu Ten full. The wielder can move thought shadows and can Shoot any object throughout them or trap objects in them(Non-living organisms only). The wilder can use a technique called "Fantomuzodiakku"(Phantom Zodiac) That summons the opponent Zodiac animal to battle them. the Wielder a blade-less hilt that hold a blade made of Reiastsu

Bankai :Mezameta chūkū-bi(Awakened Hollowed Sun)

Look: Wielder body become more Hollowed like will attaining 2 more sets of wing follow by a pair of arms. Incenses the wilder Reiastsu by 100 Full. Wielder can cause objects to temporarily fade out of existences.

*"Hason mimikkubureido" (Corrupted Mimic Blade) Mimic others Bankai's but only have half their strength.
*"Boido no hashira"( Void Pillar) A sphere made of Reiastu that when launch follows the target until contact which would follow a earth shacking Explosion.
*"Soburin no shukufuku"(Sovereigns Blessings)Four blade-less Hilts appears in each arm.Each hilt have a carving of a Sovereign,Dragon,Tiger,Tortoise,and Phoenix.Each have a ability.

Dragon: Greatly increase Power: Doragonfangu: Great burst of energy that can cut though any deference but destroys the blade.
Phoenix:Heal's most wounds: Fenikkusu no me:Destroys the blade but heals the wielder competently of any illness or Immunity to bankai effects.
Tiger:Greatly Increase Speed: Taigāchāji : Destroys the blade but give the wielder Hohou lighting fast speeds.
Tortoise:Greatly Increase Deference: Kame cheru : Destroys the wielder blade but grants the user to block any one attack.

*"Genryū no hōkō"(Roar of the Phantom Dragon)Final attack that charges the target with blinding aura surrounding the wielder . Sealed time after use: 6 mouth's.

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