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Feb 06, 08 at 2:39am

I want to know whats your zanpakuto's name and it's bankai and moves like "gestuga tensho" and anything else. You can also put other types of zanpakuto's like a arrancar zanpakuto and anything else you can come up with.

Like this,

Zanpakuto's name: X (Tyrannosaurus rex's flame)

Release spell: Burn for the sake of peace, X!

Discription: it looks like a janemba's demonic midevil sword but with a fire red blade and a fire like hilt with a gem in the middle of it.

Bankai: Erupting Nova X

Discription: it looks alot like tensa zangetsu but the blade is blazing fire red and the guard has a star and in the middle of the hilt has a crystal that has diamond like eye in it and finally the key chain at the end has a galaxy on the end of it. A type of dragon/t-rex scaled armor is on my whole body except my face.

Vizard's mask: Chairon (mine)

Power: Able to copy anyones moves, powers, and bankai's. Also able to move as fast as the speed of light, space, and stop time plus able to become semi-immortal and have unmatchable strength. And able to create any power throughout history.

Move: Chaos Drive, Senkei Kurori, Shukei Ember Strike, Kurori Tensho, Senban Gestuga, Kurori Flare, Kurona Keta, Scarred Branding, Exterminate Break, Dimension Breaker, Rising Slayer, Chaos Break, Prism Xtreme, Senkei Kuranna, Chaos Kurori and Erupting Nova Chaos Flare.

Spirit: a t-rex with dragon wings and on fire like a pheonix.

Spirit in Bankai Form: a warrior with my bankai armor.

Final Form: Final Chaos Drive.
just like with ichigos final getsuga tensho i to have one. and just like the effects of final getsuga tensho i become X and have all his abbilites but they increased 10X then my bankai. plus instead of me losing my powers i still have them but i can use others abillities that i didnt even know which i will reveal in time.

Also you can not use my Zanpakto, bankai, power and my moves make them up your self got it? Besides it won't be any fun if you take mine then i won't to get to see the ones you made. Finally thanks for replying to my thread.

Also if anyone tried to use my Zanpakuto they would get third degree burns and it would feel like being crushed by something that can kill you.

Also thanks Tenshi_Zanmura, Swampert X, Sindal, and everyone else for putting discriptions on this forum.

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Jun 30, 15 at 11:10pm

If anyone reads this, comments are always appreciated.

Name: Haisha (which means vanquished.)
Asauchi: a basic katana with a black star tsuba and a grey blade. In his most basic form Haisha does not release any spiritual pressure but instead silences it. In other words both his and his user's reiatsu are undetectable.

Shikai: the user lowers the blade and rests the hilt on his chest, effectively forming a cross with his body and the blade.
Release: Eikō kara ochimasu, Haisha
(Fall from Glory, Vanquished)
Still no detectable reiatsu is released.
In Shikai, Haisha melts down to a black liquid and expands over the user's arm. Manacles that connect to broken chains form over the wrists. In Shikai, Haisha nullifies all reiatsu he comes into contact with, binding it until he returns to Asauchi form. Similar to a hollow, the user's skin becomes nearly impenetrable but sonido is slow by comparison in terms of speed. In this form Haisha allows the user to fire off ceros amongst other things.

Bankai:Anata no chēn o konagona ni shite hassei shimasu, Asenshon Haisha.

(shatter your chains and arise, Ascended Vanquished)

As the release dictates the chains shatter. The manacles grow, creating claws on the user's hands and spread up the arms. Chains are then reformed, going from the armoured point on the arm to the opposite shoulder (on both arms). Where the chains meet a hole forms. Spikes emerge from the user's elbows and small horns appear above each eye. In this form Haisha can create wings if the user chooses to have them. Finally a dark spear appears in the user's hand.

In this form Haisha can fire off lances of dark energy, as well as Arcs of the same energy.

With the extreme increase of speed and strength aside the most notable effect of bankai in Haisha is the sudden detectable reiatsu which contains the signatures of hollows, quincy and multiple shinigami. The reason for this is that the true Power of Haisha is that he fractions off a portion of each victims reiatsu and stores it. If he kills them he can fully absorb them and as such has the power of every hollow he has ever killed as well as the power of more than a few shinigami. This is why his Shikai and bankai take on this dark form.

In bankai he has an ability called consume which allows him to use the souls he has captured to fuel his power even further. This destroys the souls.

Like hisagi this user does not like his zanpakuto as he sees it as dark and demonic and believes that it shames him to use it.

His ultimate attack frees all the souls in his possession however this would return all the hollows on his control to life.

In effect his soul is a mass prison that uses the inmates as batteries.

Jun 30, 15 at 11:46am

Name: Valkyrie
Release: Subete no seifuku (conquer all)
Upon grasping the hilt with both hands and releasing the Shikai, it splits into two half-chakram which are joined behind my back by chains. The blades are used for close quarter combat at extreme speed and the chain can be used defensively.
Valkyrie in Shikai has the ability to physically sap speed from her victims, slowing them down and speeding up her partner. This is possible due to the fact that her actual ability is to not only freeze matter but reiatsu as well. Other than that she also has the abilities that are found in all ice-type zanpakuto for example firing off blasts of ice.


Incantation: (she's a young zanpakuto)
From within a frozen hell,
The true guardian of ice is summoned.
Reitō gyakusatsu Valkyrie! (the frozen slaughter of Valkyrie)

Valkyrie in bankai is clad-type. She merges withher user, creating a manica on the one arm. However on top of that she also spreads herself into a mist that surrounds the area (much like tosen). The user also grows a fine demon-like barbed black tail.

Other than an extreme boost in both strength and speed, the mist that is created by this bankai is sentient as it is the extended manifestation of Valkyrie. As such it is capable of fighting alongside her user. Furthermore it also has the the ability to track and monitor anything stuck inside the mist.

The user can expel this same mist from the manica at extreme force, allowing the user to effectively torrent any attack away. It is also possible to, with this mist, change the temperature so.suddenly as to cause.the onset of frostbite and even shatter steel.

Jun 29, 15 at 10:52am

My Zanpakuto would be Kasai Kiru.

My Shikai activation phrase would, Hell, Kasai Kiru. It's ability is allows it to burn and incinerate the reishi it touches with the frontal part of the blade.

The bankai would be Hakai Kasai Kiru. It'll look something like a blade with a dragon head as the guard and hilt.

Jun 23, 15 at 9:37am
Crona blood loss

Name=Inazuma moemasu (blazing lightning bolt and Akuma no chi no tanken (dagger of demon blood

release= (Inazuma moemasu) dance with the beauty of a phoenix (Akuma no chi no tanken) bring all sanity to it knees

shikai look=they join together to create a chain sickle, the left handle has a red fire design on it while the right handle has a black handle design and the back ground is white

shikai power= this is the exact power of captain Amagai the guy who took over as 3rd captain after Gin betrayed the soul society, just it makes two fire balls not one, oh and the right one is black hell yeah!

Bankai (Inazuma Moemasu)=Kaminari no ​​ moeru repiaboruto (blazing rapier, bolt of lightning) as the suggests it's a rapier it basically makes me go 10x faster and has a rapid flaming thrust attack, in shorter FIRE SHANK
(Akuma no chi no tanken)= Kage no akuma no shinobigatana (ninjato of the shadow demon) is a black and white ninjato making it look like a shikai form but guess what? it's not! this form is less speed based and more attack/defence based than Inazuma it has the power to control shadows like black star off soul eaterbut more badass, the reason for this? it can turn in to ANY weapon I can think of (bladed NO GUNS)

and what do you do when you have two bankai YOU FUSE THEM TOGETHER the finale form of my zanpakto is a FLAMING BOW OF DESTRUCTIVE POWER nothing else needs to be said here

hope ya like it this did go through a lot of changes though creation so I hope it was worth it, also a few things i forgot to mention:

the rapier has a swept hilt just search up "rapier hilt" on google and it should be the 3rd one that comes up

a Ninjato is a katana like dagger with no hilt it is also known as a ninja sword

the final form's name is Idaina Fenikkusu no senshu (bow of the great phoenix) and is a one use attack that the opponent cannot escape from and after use will return the zanpakto's to there original forms it then needs a 24 hour recharge before use again

Jun 22, 15 at 1:29am
Man Of Conquer


Jun 19, 15 at 4:29am
Makoda Yazamizu

Shikia: Akuma no Doku (Toxin of the Devil)
Release: All Must Fall
Appearance: A midevil looking gauntlet forms around the right arm going up to the elbow. A blade which can extend and contract at the elbow is the primary weapon
Abilities: Once activated a mist of poison forms in the surrounding area, while not exactly deadly the mist begins to destroy the 5 senses sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. The deadly aspect of Akuma no Doku isn't within the mist, but the tip of the blade. One cut will cause paralysis where the blade strikes and begin to rot away the area surrounding the cut. If the tip of the blade makes it way into the body the poison will begin to decompose organs at an alarming rate

Bankia: Aku no Dokuso (Toxin of Evil)
Appearance: Nothing changes from shikia to bankia
Abilities: The surrounding mist begins to take form of anything I wish, rather it be upwards to 15 different types of weapons, a armored soldier, or even a dragon for example. Once one of the forms makes contact a huge explosion of poison will happen where the poison will seep into the body of the victim through every cut, mouth, eyes, nose, ears, or anyway it can make its way into the body. Within minutes the body of the victim will decompose into nothing but a skeleton

Jun 13, 15 at 3:35pm

Zanpackuto released name: Asura ( call out phrase: Nani mo hōkai (decay to nothing)

Looks: a katana with red Damascus steel like this blade.
It has an extra long handle and a thicker blade. The guard is more like a European sword though at it is the typical cross guard but with two rings on the ends parallel with the blade along with a much larger ring at the base as the pommel. The hilt is black but the handle is aged wood.

Abilities: Asura can decay, corrode, or rotte anything it or its spiritual energy comes in contact with. Much like Baraggan Louisenbairn, the 2nd Espada's time acceleration ability allowed. the effects of Asuras ability is almost immediate. He can even corrode a zanpakuto, but only after the spiritual energy in the blade has been decayed as it is found that spiritual energy becomes less and less pure as it ages, and it eventually decays to a point of non-existence. One this is done, the zanpakuto is vunerable to Asuras ability. This also means, the opponent can shield themselfs from an attack from Asuras spiritual energy with a blast of equal or greater proportions. (Like hado). This is hard though as the user of this sword has to have masive reiatsu reserves or else the decay abily will feedback and kill the user. Their for beating the weirder in a battle of spiritual energy is almost impossible. The amount needed is about 5 aizens in his final form. Making this sword impossible to be wielded by anyone exept someone on the level of the soul king. In my fan made world, their is one such man, who was once a dear friend of the soul king in the time befor the 3 realms (soul society, earth, hueco mundo) were created. This character I created, created the 3 realms and concurred the "one immortal." The ruler of the one realm that existed befor hand. After creating the 3 realms, the soul king betrayed him, as he believed My character betrayed our master, ( who died protecting us long ago and passed on his will to us).
I could go on for hours but I'm getting of topic so I'll move on.

Name: Akasha

Looks: a black grosse messer (much like hawk eye Mihawk from one piece's blade). The hilt looks practically the same as the transformation only makes the blade combust it a black flame, then it reshapes into a sword. This sword can extend and change shape at will, to make a masive sword, shield, or it can separate and create multiple projectiles.

[img link=][/img]

[img link=][/img]

Ability: space/time destruction.
To elaborate, I know bankai cannot change nature so here is how it works. Akasha corrodes, decays and rotts space and time. So effectively, whatever it comes into contact with, gets destroyed instantly. Their is no defense against this as even spiritual energy is obliterated instantly. If the sword is reshapes into a shield, he now possesses the ultimate defense. Along with a sword that can cut through anything, ( aka, ultimate sword),he is effective the strongest character in all of bleach.
P.S. This was not his original ability, after the soul king betrayed him. He locked my character away and formed soul society atop his prison. The key to open his jail, the combine swords of all the captains in the 13 court guard and the approval of central 46. Even then, the soul king has extra seals on him in the form of black chains made from my characters old sword infused with the soul kings blood and spiritual energy. So long as the soul king still breaths, the seals would have been active. Or so he thought. My character was really mad though, so douring the 8 billion years or so ge was imprisoned, ( or however old the 3 realms are). He found a way to slowly tear of the seals by literally picking away at his own bones as the chains were wrapped around his skeletal structure. After he removed the chains, he reformed them into this blade. Now as we all saw in the manga, you have to quench a zanpakuto in something to cool it down. Well, he didn't exactly have an ocean of water lying around soooooo, he used his own blood by stabbing himself. He did this 10,000 times while improsoned in order to remove any control the soul king had on the chains compleatly by diluting the sword so much, the soul kings blood that was in the blade was virtually microscopic in quantity. This also mad him and the sword one being effectively meaning this character I have been babbling on about's name is Asura!

Jun 12, 15 at 12:15am

Name: Ana para

Release spell: burn through their core arise Ana para

Huge ( shikia songetsu) double sided blade made of molten rock

Bankia: (release spell) melt through them Kenryoku Ana para description golden hilt black leather grip lava snake who can move around and be used as a whip, appearance of of black robe lava skin golden mask and chestplate

Special skill: if I get cut in half or cut in to pieces each piece grows in to a new body with their own kenryoku Ana para

Jun 11, 15 at 12:03pm

One more from the vault...

Zanpakutō name: Museifu no Hako (無政府の箱, Anarchy’s Box)
Sealed appearance: While sealed Museifu no Hako takes the form of a single black metal-clad glove. The glove has the symbol for infinity embossed, in a metallic white colour, on the top of the glove and it has a skull and blue flame mark on the palm (which can separate souls from bodies by pressing the mark to it). Small clear crystals are embedded into each knuckle of the glove. The glove can shift the position of the thumb allowing it to be worn on either hand.
Shikai release: The wielder clenches their gloved hand into a fist and raises it into the air and then releases via the command “Randomize”.

Shikai appearance: Its shikai appearance ties in directly with its ability to transform into almost any weapon. The weapon it transforms into will be completely metallic black in colour, will have a white infinity symbol embossed somewhere on it and will have small clear crystals adorned, in an orderly design, on it.

Special shikai abilities: Upon release Museifu no Hako’s glove form will transform into a regular form of almost any weapon including, but not limited to: flamethrowers, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, battle rifles, grenade launchers, carbines, chakrams, shuriken, slingshots, spears, throwing axes, crossbows, knuckle dusters, gauntlets, wind-and-fire wheels, tekko, tessen, daggers/tantō, kodachi, wakizashi, shikomizue, backswords, cutlasses, dao, dadao, scimitar, szabla, broadswords, chokutō, flame-bladed swords, longswords, rapiers, katana, nodachi, tachi, hook swords, kujang, sickles, kusarigama, war hammers, battle axes, broadaxes, hatchets, tomahawks, clubs, sai, jutte, maces, kanabō, morning stars, sledgehammers, bō, jō, quarterstaffs, staffs, sectioned staffs, polearms, whips, nunchaku, flails, meteor hammers and rope darts. However what weapon Museifu no Hako transforms into is completely random and up to chance. If Museifu no Hako transforms into a projectile-based weapon then it will have unlimited ammunition and the projectile(s) will be energy-based, created from the wielder’s spiritual energy; therefore when the wielder’s spiritual energy becomes depleted so too does their ammunition for that particular weapon. Whatever weapon Museifu no Hako transforms into will be made of extremely dense material. Museifu no Hako cannot transform into any artillery, missile-based, rocket-based or nuclear weapons. Once it has transformed into a weapon it cannot change again unless it is resealed and released again.
Shikai technique:
Odoroki! (驚き!, Surprise!): Upon striking or after a projectile makes contact with a target, this completely unpredictable technique unleashes its effects which are totally random. The effects include: a gigantic, very powerful, highly destructive explosion; completely drenching the target in water; a large explosion of whipped cream; completely drenching the target in a highly corrosive liquid; an extremely loud, high pitched and irritating noise for several seconds; a flash of blindingly bright light; complete healing of all the target’s injuries; absolutely nothing at all. It can also be used in bankai.

Bankai name: Museifusuke (無政府助, The Anarchistic One)
Bankai release: The wielder first eats the weapon Museifu no Hako transformed into, then holds their arms outstretched by their sides and finally initiates bankai, resulting in a large release of reiatsu from the wielder.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Museifusuke becomes a pair of black metal-clad gloves that cover both hands; the gloves are identical to its sealed form.

Special bankai abilities: Museifusuke has mostly the same ability as in shikai: it can create a single random weapon from its gloves; however the gloves remain after the weapon has been formed. The formed weapon can be made to reform into a new weapon, however what weapon it reforms into is totally random; this can be done an infinite number of times and the transformation process is near instantaneous. The technique Odoroki! can now also be performed by the wielder placing one of their gloved palms on a target.
Bankai techique:
Detarame! (出鱈目!, Random!): The wielder stretches their arm upwards and points to the sky then, while saying the technique name, they bring their arm down and point to a target. An unpredictable and completely random substance, inanimate or animate object, organism, element or presence will then rain down from the sky and strike/hit the target. This technique has the potential to attack with absolutely anything conceivable or even non-conceivable or may just end up being a complete dud; it’s all up to chance!

Jun 11, 15 at 11:56am

Another from the vault...

Zanpakutō name: Oto no Kaiki (音の回帰, Sonic Regression)
Sealed appearance: It resembles a wakizashi with a silver k-shaped guard, grey hilt-wrapping and a dark grey sheathe.
Shikai release: The wielder brings the blade to their lips and makes a “shhh” sound to release Oto no Kaiki.

Shikai appearance: In shikai Oto no Kaiki’s appearance doesn’t change.

Special shikai abilities: Oto no Kaiki has the ability to completely silence the wielder’s immediate vicinity via its single technique.
Shikai technique:
Oto no Aki (音の秋, Fall of Sound): As soon as this technique is activated the wielder’s immediate vicinity is silenced completely. Any and all types of sound are nullified including speech, ambient noises, ultrasonic noises, sound-based attacks etc; this applies to the wielder as well. Despite this, techniques that solely utilize vibrations (but not directly sound) can still function somewhat, albeit at reduced power. This technique will stay active for as long as Oto no Aki is in a released state or until the wielder wills it to stop. It can be used in both shikai and bankai.

Bankai name: Musei Shin’en (無声深淵, Silent Abyss)
Bankai release: The normal bankai initiation.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Musei Shin’en blade lengthens to the length of a regular katana blade and becomes double-edged (while still retaining its slight curve). The wielder now wears a stylized face mask (very similar to the one seen here).

Special bankai abilities: Musei Shin’en has the ability to create vacuum-like areas. Musei Shin’en also gifts the wielder the ability of vacuum adaptation.
Bankai techniques:
Mu Kuiki (無区域, Nothing Zone): As soon as this technique is activated all atmospheric constituents are completely removed from the wielder’s immediate vicinity creating a near-perfect vacuum. This technique will stay active for as long as Musei Shin’en is in a released state or until the wielder wills the technique to stop. After the technique has been ended, the atmospheric constituents immediately return to the vicinity. This technique consumes a surprisingly large amount of spiritual energy to perform (since all that matter has to be forcefully removed); the larger the vicinity the more spiritual energy is used.

Mu Kyūtai (無球体, Nothing Sphere): This technique enables the wielder to fire football (soccer ball) sized hollow orbs of translucent energy at a target; they travel at a similar speed as other projectile-like attacks like an Arrancar's Bala or a Quincy's Heilig Pfeil. Upon contact with an organism the orb instantaneously expands, enveloping the victim inside. The internal conditions of the orb are a perfect vacuum (so it is completely devoid of anything) with the internal pressure and internal gravity gradually increasing once a victim is inside (internal pressure increases by one atmosphere per second, internal gravity increases by one g per second); hypoxia, asphyxiation and/or crushing will ensue for those incapable of escaping quickly enough, although if one can react quickly enough escape isn’t too difficult. Those that escape after considerable time inside the sphere may suffer from barotrauma. The wielder can fire multiple in rapid succession.

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