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Feb 5, 08 at 9:28pmAvalith

I've only played Legend of Dragoon a couple of times with this weekend being my most recent playthrough, so this has probably already been confirmed or disproved, but here goes. Also, this will have quite a few potential spoilers, so if you're still playing the game and haven't beaten it before, you've been warned.

Is it just me, or is Haschel really Dart's grandfather? It may just be a crazy coincidence since they look nothing alike, but here's the evidence that supports this:
  • Disc 2: When you first enter Fletz in Tiberoa, the group notices that the bridge you cross going to the bar from the entrance to the city is named Claire Bridge. This is the first time you hear Dart mention the name of his mother, which is also Claire. Haschel also mentions that it's the name of his runaway daughter that he's been looking for for 20 years. This spurs a discussion among the group about this theory, which they disprove based on the fact that the two look nothing alike.
  • Disc 3: When you spend the night at the mayor's house in Furni in Mille Sesau before going off into Evergreen Forest to handle Kamuy, Haschel overhears Shana singing a lullaby to Fa and reflects on a memory where he found Claire singing the same lullaby and she said she was dedicating it to her future child. Haschel then asks Shana where she learned it, to which she responds that Dart used to sing it to her all the time when she was little.
  • Disc 4: This is what could easily prove my theory. When you're in the Moon That Never Sets, you chase Claire for a bit before Haschel faces her one on one. When Dart scares her away by approaching her, Haschel says that she doesn't know about him yet and then goes off to face her alone.
Feel free to disprove this or find other supporting evidence either in the game or in other official sources if you can.

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Apr 7, 14 at 2:58pm

I just realized the no one pointed out that in Dart's flashback when he's telling about how Neet fell to the black monster and Haschel's flashback on the Queen Fury that both Clair's had the same hair color and the same color of clothing.

Honestly, I always took it as a given that they were related, but I guess to others it may not have been...

Mar 28, 14 at 8:11am

Haha, I actually never gave much thought to this.

Mar 9, 14 at 11:30am

quote DivineDragoon23
But...Haschel is asian (meaning Claire is too). Dart has nothing asian about him. Is everyone in your family of the same culture? If not, do you posses any features of their race? I know a dude where I work who's mom is asian, but father is white. Everything about him looks white, except for his eyes. Let's just say he's used to widescreen TV. XD
Its a PS1 game, the graphics.

The hints are obvious, I already believed so at the bridge scene.
Because LoD isn't known for subtly. You can see a plot twist coming a mile away.

EDIT:Dammit, my bad, I just quoted a VERY OLD reply, again, my bad, sorry sorry sorry sorry.

Mar 9, 14 at 6:44am

I doubt anyone still reads or keeps up with this thread anymore but i know its 2014 and yes i'm playing legend of dragoon but the definite evidence that Hashel is Darts grandfather is on disc 3 when after Shana sings the lullaby and tells Hashel Dart sang it to her when she was little Hashel admits the thought in quotations "(I see. It is not a coincidence for me to be her.)" revealing that he then figured out himself that he is Darts grandfather......of course along with all of the supporting evidence..........but i came to also say damn i wish they would make a Legend of Dragoon 2

Jun 23, 13 at 11:20pm

Actually, seeing as how Haschel's daughter ran away 20 years ago, this does give means to believing she his Dart's mother. Claire was already an adolescent adult when she ran away. See as how dart is 23, she could have had him. As for Zieg, people your missing the point. Yes we know he was Dart's father, but Haschel could be his grandfather. You're forgetting everyone has two sets of grandparents from both the mother and fathers side. Plus, like the topic starter said, there are many clues which lead us to believe Haschel is how grandfather. And what gave it away was the lullaby Shana was singing and she said she she learned it from Dart. Now, as you recall Haschel asked Claire after he heard what was it. She, in turn, said she wants to dedicate it to her child. Now, if you pay attention to the flashbacks retaining to Neet and Claire, you will see the uncanny familiar facial recognition. Dart's mother had the same gray hair and face, yes the face as well even though its hard to see in the graphic, but at the time of the game you know. Comparing that to Claire you can see they are one in the same person. That is Dart's mother, resulting in Haschel being his grandfather.

Jul 9, 10 at 3:43am

We all know that Haschel IS Dart's Grandfather. I knew it, but just another point to add the evidence from a different point of view. Have you ever looked at the sprites of Claire and Claire? They're very similar. I think their clothes are different but they have the same head, and steel coloured hair. They ARE the same people. :]

Jun 20, 10 at 6:42am
Quentin S.

"Besides Claire could have taken after her mom and Dart after his dad."

I've started a new game and Haschel says flat out: "Claire got all of her looks from her beautiful mother" and I just got to the flashback and it says that 25 years ago..... Claire kills her friend Lotta. Then he says 20 years ago he started to pursue her.

Dec 7, 09 at 1:21pm

lol this is funny, I think if this forum went on longer, I would still be laughing, as this is so easy to figure out: in disk 2, Claire's name was mentioned and then Dart and Haschel started talking about Claire, the same one. In disk 3, Haschel hears Shana singing the song and reconized it from his memory and knows that him and Dart are related. Now, the second to last reason, Haschel says Claire doesn't know Dart YET. Why would he say that if Claire never knew Dart? Lastly, when you can speak to Haschel, he says that Dart looked a lot like him when he was born. That is all the evidence for this topic. The evidence against this topic doesn't really exist: Claire being at Bale 20 years ago doesn't mean Claire was at the area 20 years ago. Claire just was there 25-30 years ago, that is Haschel's time and Claire is dead now, so that is all we can say...

Jul 28, 09 at 6:23am

quote draconic_girl
As I said he's a freaking clone of his dad. My aunt's husband's family is like that. None of them look like their mom they're freaking clones of the dad. And in my family we very in height, weight, and hair color. My mom and her sisters: mom-light brown curly hair, long of face, and light blue eyes. mom's older sis-dark brown hair, brown eyes, doesn't look a thing like my mom, mom's younger sis- blonde hair, dark blue eyes, taller than both mom and elder sis by about 5 inches, mean (she's REALLLY MEAN). Anyway the only resemblance is when they smile (they have the same creepy smile {well mom's smile isn't creepy but the other 2 are}) Anyway my uncle (who's there brother) 6 ft, black hair, dark brown eyes, sheesh he looks nothing like any of them). Anyway you get your genetics from your parents NOT your grandparents. Apparently all of Ziegs traits are dominate. Besides Claire could have taken after her mom and Dart after his dad. Less Haschel genes for Dart that way. Anyway the game people wouldn't even give the hints if it wasn't true. Besides the game people CAN do whatever hits there fancy.
Not always. My brother has red hair, and as far as I know the closest relative we have who had red hair was my Irish great-great-grandmother.

I think that Haschel is Dart's grandfather, but I wouldn't say that it's 100% true since there hasn't been any official confirmation. It's more like a 99% chance the way I see it.

I figure she was the black monster since the first time we saw in dragoon mode.
It wouldn't have been so easy to figure out if they hadn't shown the Black Monster during the destruction of Neet. The Monster's silhouette, then a little later showing Rose in Dragoon form... it just seems too obvious.
Granted, I first played this over 5 years ago, so I wasn't exactly smart enough to figure any of this shit out until they came out and said it.

Jul 26, 09 at 5:26pm

Why would they give the hints if it just the two people just having the same name? How many in the game were even name at all? If the two were different people then only two people had the name. I didn't see any other characters with the name Dart. >.>

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