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Jan 29, 08 at 2:03amSilent_Nightmare

here is what you do to unlock all kit weapons in bf2SP
-go to your bf2 folder
-find the "python" folder
-Now go in the "BF2" folder
-go to the "stats" folder
-open the "unlocks" PY file...
-there will be a line of text that says...
defaultUnlocks = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]
change all these zeros to 1's and it will unlock all weapons in SP in BF2

If you cant find your BF2 directory, then search "right click on start---->click search"
make sure to seacrh in "My computer" and not the default "all folders" then search for Battlefield 2 and it will come up. Just make sure you look in the folder to see it has everything, and most importantly the "python" folder which houses your unlockable weapons.

There it is guys, it DOES work, im 100% sure it works if you follow it right, which is not hard AT ALL. but for some reason it does not work, just tell me here, and ill tell you exactly what you did wrong. (just make sure to tell me the EXACT actions that you had made to attempt to get this to work.)

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Oct 8, 16 at 8:57am
Mr. man

I cant even find the python folder? wth?

Jun 23, 16 at 12:12am

how to *bleep*ing do it

Feb 24, 16 at 2:39am

Its still not working for me. Idk why, it says "Windows Cant Open This File"

Jul 19, 15 at 8:30am

If I try to save it, it says that it cannot create a file and that I need to check if I am saving it in the right place

May 6, 15 at 2:54pm

i cant find da bf2 folder

Mar 20, 15 at 5:41pm

Hey I tried this and it didn't work Im reinstalling it can u walk me through it lol

Mar 29, 14 at 9:32am

how do you change it back?

Mar 3, 14 at 1:57am

quote BF2 (EXPLORER)
Actually that is how you do it on the demo, it doesnt work on Full Version, here is the correct way

This is a mod that ulocks all weapons that I found by exploring the folders in BF2. First, go to C://ProgramFiles/EA Games/ (or whatever your game files are stored in) then click the folder named MODS, then click BF2. there will be a bunch of files look for the two named "Objects_Client", and "Objects_Server" Right click on the smaller one, (Objects_Server) and click "Open With". There may be a dialog that comes up, and says "would you like to find a program on the internet to open this file, or would you like to open this file with a program installed on your computer. Choose the installed on your computer option. Then when the applications list comes up, click browse. Then on the open dialog, go to C://windows/System32, In that folder look for a file name "explorer" (click it) then click open. Then ok. Now double click on the file (Object_Server".zip") Depending on your processor speed, it could take 15-45 seconds to open. Once the folder is open, open the folder "kits" (in the Object_Server file) Then click US, or wichever Category you would like to edit When you open the category, you will see 9 files you will need to edit 1-8 depending on how many weapons you would like to unlock. Now minimize all your windows and go to your desktop, right click and click new, then folder. Now bring back up the "Object_Server" folder. Open the "US_Support" file with a text editor. (To do this, right click on the US_Support file and click open with, this time though on the Application list, double click Notepad. now you open the file. You will see a bunch of text. Go to the last line,
"ObjectTemplate.unlockLevel 2". Erase the last number (2) and replace it with 0. Now click file then SAVE AS then open the save as dialog to your desktop and open your new folder that you created in the previous step. Then right under the file name you will see a thing that says "Save as Type" click the arrow next to it, and click All Files. Then click Save. Now for the fun part lol. Depending on the amount of weapons you would like to edit. open the 7 other files, NOT US_KITS, but all the others and change the 2, to a 0 on all the rest, and save like others, Ok, almost half way there. this is the homestretch. Now close out everything except for the US/or the other soldiers folder and make that to about half the screen. Now bring up the new folder on your desktop, and copy the contents to the "Kits" folder (the one thats half the screen) This may take 1-4 minutes.. When it is done, close everything out, and bring up C://ProgramFiles/Ea Games/BattleField2(or wherever your game data is stored) Then in that folder open 'mod/BF2/Objects_client. Now you will see the folder "kits" just like in the Object_server folder. So click on kits, then US, or whatever soldier class u would like to edit and copy all the contents from your new folder to the there. This takes 5-10 minutes so you might want to get a snack.... Once it is done run your game, and play

*Note In the game, the weapon selection picture will remain unchanged, but when you select your weapon, and spawn point, the weapon will be the unlocked on.
*Note on windows XP, There will be no progress bar on the file tranfer until it is almost finished.. When its almmost done, a dialog will say "compressing" and then will eventually close, signaling it is finished.. This will be for both tranfers, even though the first one will be faster


better to write this at the beginning of the text. Because with those changes I can't play anymore on internet... BF2 crashed...

Mar 1, 14 at 3:46am

i went to stats(python) i converted to files so that it could be read in notpad then i converted all the 0's to 1's but there was no change in the game

Sep 25, 13 at 4:59pm

Okay, so I did what BF2 (EXPLORER) said. But when I go to play the game, nothing has changed.

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