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Jan 6, 08 at 5:06pmAJ6000

I dont know if anyone has done this on the forum before but this must be where they got the inspiration for the Assassins. I'm 99.9% sure it is because these guys had a stronghold at Maysaf and they supposedly killed William of Monferet who you kill during the game. They also had several failed assassination attempts on Sala Ha Din. They also tried to kill only their intended target without killing innocents and also preferred to do it in public.

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Sep 11, 16 at 7:39pm
Nuntios Infortunii

I'm am trying to find the tomb of Al-Tahir. I need a starting point as no conventional means of search has yielded any results. My resolve is solid amd I have prior training. Also I'm not 13.

May 16, 16 at 5:14pm
Mr Malgus

I strongly recomend the Bujinkan Makoto dojo to everyone on this forum who wants real training. They have many public training locations and offer variety of martial arts including Ninjitsu.

The Asasi Yun are very disfunctional and ego centric in reality. Word to the wise, Ninjas are far more effective stealth advocates in reality than Hashishin/Asasi Yun/ whatever the hell you want to call them

If u want to be an assassin so badly, forget the ubisoft portrayal of the assassins and just become a ninja.


Apr 19, 16 at 6:12pm
Marlon varlon

quote lawrence broach
i want to be a assassin.. i wish i was born into it... if i could be reborn into it i would.. if your a real assassin my name is lawrence wayne broach jr. look me up and contact me..

i also have a ancester who was a assassin in France

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hello friend I'm marlon leader of the white assassin

    yeah, how about not posting phone numbers up in a public forum? yours or anyone else's. some assassin you must be.

Apr 19, 16 at 3:38pm

quote Josh mc king
If this is real my 100 ancestor Paul niki was an assassin I wish to be one to where can I find you?
how about diving into a good book? the library has plenty.

Apr 12, 16 at 5:41pm
Josh mc king

If this is real my 100 ancestor Paul niki was an assassin I wish to be one to where can I find you?

Mar 29, 16 at 4:51pm

hey... um guys. i dunno how to put this but, since we have seen that joining or attempting to join the assassins has its consequences, why not let the assassins be the assassins and do their thing, and start our own brotherhood? just saying tho.. if anyone is down then please reply. Peace

Mar 8, 16 at 9:40am

Iscariot, maybe they just need linking to the Role Playing Forum?

Mar 8, 16 at 6:55am

it'd be cool if people actually talked about the game anymore in this place, but nope, this is the one thread that constantly gets activity.

Mar 8, 16 at 12:10am

If the Brotherhood is real how can you join? if you are born in it, how is it so big? sorry if im not that good in english im from the Netherlands. ITS ALL REAL I KNOW BUT HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT IT IS REAL?! [size=4]I JUST DONT GET IT!

Feb 24, 16 at 12:25am

quote lwb2012
Not gonna lie here. On July 28th I posted I had a "ancestor" or "ancestors" who where Assassins in France. I would like to take note I wish I had just kept my mouth shut. I am on the run, constantly looking everywhere I go for cameras before I sleep, and I am also in case it isn't obvious being hunted like a animal. My father, brother, and mother are dead, I watched while I hid in the closet as these "cloaked men" stabbed and tortured my family for information on the whereabouts as to where I am, what we knew of them, and other horrible stuff I wish I could forget but can't, and will never be able to. I have been shot at, stabbed by someone I foolishly got to close to, and robbed of my humanity. So many people here want to join these Assassins, and look what it got me into, hunted like a animal. Might as well be a Assassin.. But I am not only my ancestor is and for that I am to pay. Please watch what you post on these forums and websites, because you don't know who or what is watching.
I'd stab your family too.

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