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Jan 06, 08 at 5:06pmAJ6000

I dont know if anyone has done this on the forum before but this must be where they got the inspiration for the Assassins. I'm 99.9% sure it is because these guys had a stronghold at Maysaf and they supposedly killed William of Monferet who you kill during the game. They also had several failed assassination attempts on Sala Ha Din. They also tried to kill only their intended target without killing innocents and also preferred to do it in public.

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Oct 10, 15 at 11:46am
The apprentice

Scratch that wolf that emails no longer in use. So please use The other one was took down. -A

Oct 10, 15 at 11:22am
The apprentice

Wolf please contact me at I would like to speak to you more I still don't trust you but if you are a fake you are more informed then most. And if your right then I'm being misled currently and that's not something I can let go on without looking into this. And when I asked about those who left I was speaking of those who were not just mercs and cowards that remained. I was asking if you knew the name I've been taught is that of those who fought for all man kind. And no everyone that's not actually my name. May the night Angels watch you. -A

Oct 07, 15 at 7:18pm

Assassins and Templars existed long ago in historical times and for those looking to join a brotherhood join mine we are known as The Freelancer Brotherhood

Oct 05, 15 at 5:24am

There are assassins, but not a brotherhood or anything. Usually mercenaries or agents from various countries. It'd be stupid to stab them with a secret dagger anyway. Poison is a lot more secretive, sniper rifle if needed. Assassins like in these games don't exist.

Oct 04, 15 at 8:51pm

Oh, as well. The Assassiyun (Assassins) temporarily shut down in the early 1860's, not the 1890's.

Oct 04, 15 at 8:50pm

X, stop it.

Also, I am a previous poster here. I am here to correct myself. It seems there MAY be an actual Assassins Brotherhood still remaining. Though I have been searching for years, I along with many others, some with better resources, have yet to find any trace. Miracle if even I find them. But overall you won't find them here, just a bunch of children trying to be something they're not

Sep 30, 15 at 8:47am

Why would you want to be an Assassin when you could be a Centurion or Ranger or Archmage. They're cooler classes

Sep 28, 15 at 10:31pm

Email me if you want to join the brotherhood. not a joke. Very serious

Sep 28, 15 at 10:27pm

This is no joke. If you want to join the brotherhood contact me. We are waiting and watching.

Sep 14, 15 at 7:02pm

A: Here is a simple and sad truth my friend, and I call you that because though we know not of each other in person, we both have to accept this truth. This as well goes for all who are claiming to be in, or seeking, the true Assassin Brotherhood. Here is the truth, their history. By the late 1890's, the Assassiyun found that humanity was becoming free, stepping towards peace, and was learning to properly thinking for themselves. The Civil War had ended, slavery was becoming abolished, America was heading to an industrial revolution and England was already in one, as well England had finished fighting against corruption there. As well other places in the world, such as France, Istanbul, Central America, and so on had already become better through previous victories in history. Though not perfect, the world was getting better. The Order decided to, for a time, end. It was meant to not last forever, but the Council was full of old men who quickly died out. It was never brought up again. Their main teachings can still be found if searched for hard enough. There are those who are learning their teachings, then more truth, and training; for just as the true Assassins started somewhere, here they will start.

Justin was given a place in a Order by Geronimo (found in previous posts), it was clearly stated that his Order was not the true one, but that if they prove themselves then the initiates will be given a chance at being in league with those who I stated before who know the actual teachings. He was as well given full consent to add any new members as long as they passed the same requirements he had went through. Instead, without warning, Justin had stopped contributing, and starting posting on here saying that he was part of a "true Order", HIS Order., and he knows this all to be true. He left his chance at a noble and proper cause, so much he could have gained, and yet through lack of patience, discipline, loyalty, maturity, and wisdom, he left it, therefore dishonoring himself. His "Order" is nothing but a sham, with a lost leader. The same sort of thing happened was Hassan-I Sabbah, which lead to the majority of the Assassins becoming the Hashashin, corrupt and blood-thirsty hitmen and terrorists, and at least Hassan was trained. Justin would be broken instantly were he to be faced with the actual trained ones, or actual danger. He may be able to succeed once, and then lose his life, with no better hope for those who follow him either. If he denies any of this then he is a liar, and will be talked to. But he will never be welcomed back to them.

So you ask me who follows the true Creed? Well there are those who do know it and follow it, but they are few, yet none of them are true, simply people trying to learn from the great Order. You ask what happened to the Assassins from Masyaf? Well most were from Alamut, but some still in Masyaf, Hassan took over and corrupted everything, there were a few leaders who followed in his corrupt footsteps who were also strong in the Muslim community, "Prince"Jalaluddin Hassan (real Altair) found this out and upon becoming leader tried to fix the Order. He was not liked, later killed, his idiot son took over and it all went to crap from there. The rest can be found if you search "Hashashin" and "Sicarii". Some true Assassiyun fled, tried to spread out other places and ha partial success. But like I said, disbanded in late 1890's and now all that's left is main teachings.
I do know what I seek.
So to you "A", you will seek truth, knowledge, and wisdom. If you study properly, you will learn much, yet very few from these false Assassins here. But as well if you follow what most people say, then you will believe many lies as well and will gain small wisdom, and trade one ignorance for another. I hope you are lucky and find one of the few who will teach you properly.

Shalom be with you all, God bless.

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