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Jan 06, 08 at 5:06pmAJ6000

I dont know if anyone has done this on the forum before but this must be where they got the inspiration for the Assassins. I'm 99.9% sure it is because these guys had a stronghold at Maysaf and they supposedly killed William of Monferet who you kill during the game. They also had several failed assassination attempts on Sala Ha Din. They also tried to kill only their intended target without killing innocents and also preferred to do it in public.

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Jan 27, 15 at 8:28pm

To those who wish I will offer you a place in my brotherhood to join and become an assassin send a message to

Jan 22, 15 at 9:26am

In the country I live in the regime blocks the access to Facebook and Twitter and etc.I could really appreciate an email address so that I can contact you,or a Line or Whatsapp ID.I would like to join the brotherhood.If there is a test,I'd like to take one.

Jan 17, 15 at 9:20pm

Im a templar knight from lodge s.o.s 214# the the creed and us want the same thing do not go by what u see on the games we are against the illuminati nt with them

Jan 12, 15 at 10:13pm
Isaiah simpson

Look I hate the life I live I wish to join your guild of assassins look I will give up everything I can be trusted I will spill blood for the honor of joining I am 12 years of age like you said train while young I wish to learn the art of murder

Jan 12, 15 at 10:06pm
Isaiah simpson

quote X
I want to join, but i can not leave. there is nothing for me here. i wish to fight, and protect those i care about. i will do what ever is necessary

quote Vale_
I realize this thread is quite old, and I apologize for bringing it up. However, those of you that seek truth, and purpose, may come to me.

Cryptic posts from people, claiming they are part of the Brotherhood, or any assassin group, are not. As pointed out by some other people in the thread. We do face a major problem. It isn't one just in one country, but all countries. Freedom has long been gone, you've just been living with the idea that you're free. I can understand your desire, to not want to be ruled over by men with no concern for your well being... only theirs.

Assassinations done today aren't simply used with guns. By any means. Hidden blades are still used. Sometimes, guns are messy. You grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, own a house, have kids, grow old, spend time with grandchildren, and die. You're born into believing this is the way it has to be. Is that a life everyone wants? Is that a life you want? It's what's expected of you, now. This is your society.

Taking a life isn't always a bad thing. Think of it this way. When you have a problem, you do what needs to be done to solve it. If Hitler was killed by a 13-year-old, would you tell another 13-year-old that they shouldn't have the desire to kill people? They have the desire to change the world, as you all should. The state of the world is atrocious.

Assassins generally begin their training at a young age.

For those who want to become Assassins... I will not judge you. If you have some natural skills, I can work with you. If you're heavily out of shape, get in shape, first. You may contact me, if you wish to join... but understand this: Once you're here, you may not leave. If you cannot be devoted, you are not wanted. If you betray us, you betray yourself.

If you can seek me out, you will pass the first test. I'm not that hard to find.

Juniech kval untehhret.
I want to join, but i can not leave. there is nothing for me here. i wish to fight, and protect those i care about. i will do what ever is necessary

Jan 09, 15 at 8:08pm

I see why many of you would be angered. I don't say that we are the original assassin brother Hood only a remake

Jan 05, 15 at 8:51am

Ok not that email it turned out I forgot the password.use this one.

Jan 05, 15 at 8:13am

Oh yeah?Well I have seen a lot people claiming that.Go ask those questions from your highest rank and bring back the answers.If you don't want to post it here you can email me.

Jan 04, 15 at 6:55pm
dakota bell

I am a recent recruit of an assassin guild and i would not lie about this and if u would like to join give me ur Facebook name and or find the divinity brotherhood on Facebook and i will be sure to recruit u

Jan 01, 15 at 7:06am

I've been searching for clues of existance of a modern day Assassin brotherhood for like 3 years.I've been trying to get my hands on some books that are illegal to posses in my country,which is run by a totalitarian regime that executed 20,000 people in 14 months 25-26 years ago. So by REAL I really mean REAL.Not some ignorant conspiracy theorists trying to prove that PoEs actually exist.

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