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Dec 26, 07 at 11:20pmxtremepokemontrainer

What are your guesses about the origin of the chimeran virus?

My theory is that the Russians had some sort of Bio experiment going that went terribly wrong and infected thousands of beetles that crawled into people, thus turning them into chimera.

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May 11, 12 at 11:46am
Mysterious guest

The chimeran virus was actually a meteor which landed in russia. The Russian scientists found that there were alien organisms on the meteor. Modifying the DNA of the organisms the Russians made the organisms parasites. After multiple tests, the virus/parasites/organisms escaped quarantine and spread across Europe, finally arriving at great Britan. And we know the rest.

Sep 17, 10 at 1:55am
mason, the guy with

Hey guy the original idea for the chimera virus was an event that happened in real life in the Siberia Russian on June 30 1908. Its called the Tunguska event. Basically they think a meteor hit a very rural area of Siberia and cause a massive amount of trees to get ripped out of their roots for something like a mile in radius. To put it plainly the event has basically become Russia's Area 51 or Roswell to a certain extent.
Here see for yourself, the first link is the actually event and the other is how the event has been put into pop culture and Resistance is on the list:

So that where virus came from. Its written in stone now....
[img link=][/img]
[img link=][/img]

Sep 6, 09 at 4:41pm

quote Coi Cki
Here's my theory:

The original Chimera were aliens. Their "cooling towers" caused the last ice age, but then the towers malfunctioned, and the temperatures began rising, causing the Chimera to flee to cooler areas of the planet, such as Siberia, maybe other locations, as well. They eventually died, and got buried, until 1908, when the meteor struck earth in Tunguska, Siberia. The team sent to investigate found the remains of the Chimera, and that marked the beginning of a long research project with the alien DNA, and experiments were made with animals, and probably convicted criminals as well. Thus, basing the ground for a hybridisation of humans and the Chimera.

Eventually, The Great War began, and the russian scientists had discovered a potential weapon in the Chimeran DNA, combined with some virus. The Cloven were created, at first, everything went well, but then, things began to go terribly wrong, and some of the cloven evolved into Chimera, and soon began their invasion, using technology from the towers, they eventually dug out of the ground. This led to the decision by the russian officials to call their soldiers back home to defend the motherland from the invasion, and to prevent it from spreading beyond their borders. The chimera spent the years inside the walls to gather humans for their army, and then they launched their attack on Europe.
That is probably correct.

Jul 18, 09 at 12:03pm

The chimera lived on earth before humans did, now they are coming back to "reclaim" it. Most of it gets explained in resistance 2

Mar 7, 09 at 12:16pm
Coi Cki

The purpose of the towers is to teleport Earth itself to the Chimeran space, to be used as a station for the Chimeran forces. Daedalus says in one scene that "Your sky will fill with our stars." And it's hinted at in the co-op intel files.

Mar 7, 09 at 12:12am

quote Qwowner
The one thing I would add to Coi Cki's theory is the possibility that there's perhaps a Chimeran Mother Ship telling them what to do, cause how else would they know they needed the towers? or, maybe the asteroid was actually a ship?
In resistance 2 at the start of the game dadilas and at the end nathan hale both say:
"can't you here them? its beutifull" and there's 2 wierd planets in the distance. (maybe we're seeing how earth looked like under chimeran control)
I think that the old chimera are calling for their chimera to either revive the species or to unearth them just like they had unearthed previous towers. Their fleet was hovering over what was supposed to be the focal point of every tower to. so perhaps under that area the old species made a kind of hibernation room in some kind of chimeran "capital" to last the ice age but something went wrong and now they can't get out.

Jul 18, 08 at 12:41pm
Coi Cki

@ Trust Kill:

By Great War I mean the first world war, as I know WWII didn't happen in Resistance's timeline.

Jul 17, 08 at 2:41am
Redwolf 1224

Well i say that the Chimera were the ones flying around in UFOs and one of them hit a weather balloon and crash landed and then when they asked for dirctions at a local gas staion to the nearest repare shop the clerk screamed crazely so the Chimera had to shut him up by infecting him, then he went and got it on with his girlfriend that night and then the virus spread to her, then she broke up with him and became a hooker, thus spreading the virus to hundreds of men, who eventually made a gang and started pillaging cities and infecting people so they could have more gang members and rule the world witn they're fresh alien beats and mad dance moves![/stupid voice]

Jul 16, 08 at 10:13pm
Trust Kill

The first part of that theory is plausible, Coi Cki. But if by "Great War" you mean World War II then no. WWII never happened in Resistance.

I hope their origin is from another planet, not a secret military plan gone bad. Because otherwise, that means we're not gonna get to learn anything interesting about the Chimera other than "scientists *bleep*ed up and so the aliens invaded".

Lots of things I want to learn about the Chimera, like their home planet, how intelligent they are, what are their reasons for invading our planet (the bastards) and even what type of society they have.

Jul 16, 08 at 8:30pm

genetic memory embedded in the virus perhaps?

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