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Dec 21, 07 at 11:12pmNL2

where is the golden knight exactly??

i founded him once he beat me but now(after i trained a lot) I'm looking for him and he doesn't appears

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Feb 10, 11 at 4:36am

would it be snide of me if i said i beat him at level 49....? Because i did, but just barely

Mar 20, 08 at 9:49pm

easiest way to beat the gold knight is with a magic knight class. why? because magic knight is cheap. how so? it's mystic arte is magic based, meaning u just stack a bunch of equipment on ur magic knight that has 30+% magic attack bonus, use shining bind on the magic knight, and do tens of thousands of damage.
this was my method for beating the gold knight on very hard even though i was lvl 131. i equipped things that made my M. Atk 3000, and though the gold knight had 2220 defense, my shining bind still did 20000+ damage. After that, just use demon fang to charge up ur mystic arte again. repeat about 10 shining binds and the gold knight is dead. Just make sure you have equipped paladin title or have an immune to staggering equipment so u don't get caught in the gold knight's rending tiger blade or something. Sadly, he gave me nothing after all that work.
In a nutshell, magic knight class pwns. It has cool sword moves, can use magic, can heal and use recover, and has a shining bind that is super cheap.

Mar 20, 08 at 2:14am

you guys are so lucky I just battle with the bk\lack knoght one time

I was alone with my Ninja lv.6_ (at that time) with
Raine Lv. 66

he pwnd me...

Mar 19, 08 at 1:20am

does the gold knight give u any special armor at all? i got the excalibur, red shield, hyper gauntlet, and jet boots from fighting him in normal mode.
then i got a golden helm from beating him in hard...the next 3 times i fought him he gave me nothing..
then i beat him in very hard (took a long time) and he gave me....nothing (wtf?) i was wondering if he drops anything else..and if he does, what are the chances of it

Mar 18, 08 at 4:47am

quote RegalSoul do u get the mumbane...i really need a green equipment for armor...

damn...i have a lvl 144 magic knight (120 hrs of gameplay) but i dunno how to get special armor.
I don't know about the mumbane but if you keep training in the same place for hours I'm sure that you'll find an special item

Mar 18, 08 at 3:22am
RegalSoul do u get the mumbane...i really need a green equipment for armor...

damn...i have a lvl 144 magic knight (120 hrs of gameplay) but i dunno how to get special armor..

Jan 30, 08 at 5:30am

if you battle the G.kight on hard its crazy becaues of his special... but if you have the eternal sword and mumbane like me its no prob^_^

Jan 29, 08 at 5:33pm

i only ran into the golden knight once and i lost he just had 285 hp left

and now i just cant find that bastard anymore does he appaer more often if u try hard or very hard?

Jan 18, 08 at 1:14pm

if ur after the gold nights armour then it can b found in random chests in the ex maps but the gold night is harder to find in the maps i useuely end up figting the damn chiken dude;( and yes a full party is advised cos he bea the tar out of my lv 66 sworsman lol glad i was in a full party or i would have cried

Jan 6, 08 at 8:37pm

gerard way owns you...
i dont belive u have a lvl 104 ninja
it u use a cheat disc ?
otherwise thats aswome
how long did it take u to get tht lvl ?

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