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Feb 17, 08 at 5:51pm

Im always constructor so i can build base defence.

but if im attacking, i use hyperblastr or gpmg

Oct 27, 07 at 10:06pm

i love playing as a constructor with lacerator. i kept playing as an aggressor/soldier at first but i sucked so i tried the rest of the classes and found i did alot better as a constructor. deploying turrets, fixing things, its my true calling.

Oct 21, 07 at 10:25pm

In this game there are 5 classes for both races, with some differences between humans and Strogg classes but being quite similar. I will list the classes/weapons below but these can be skipped I am just wondering what everyone's favorite class/weapon selection.


These two are the grunts of battle, they have no deploy-ables or major attacks, however they can be devastating and have the most health. They also have the best variance of firearms and are required for some objectives. These two have four primary weapon choices each of : -

- Assault Rifle/Lacerator

The default weapon type, it's a common weapon and fairly accurate. It's main use is close or medium range, it also can be zoomed for a slight accuracy boost but mainly it's range boost is not too far.

- Rocket launcher/Obliterator

The anti-vehicle weapon, this can be used in homing or none homing mode, it also does a lot of damage with fair splash damage. Homing mode gives a warning message to any vehicles of their predicament. This weapon can also be used to take down turrets and has a homing range vastly superior to anti-personal turrets.

- GPMG/Hyper Blaster

Powerful Machine gun types weapons, these do pretty much the heaviest damage against personal but have a much worse spread then light weapons, but these are quite a burden to run around with and take a second to fire if not constantly tapping the primary fire button to keep it ready to fire. These can also damage vehicles quite well but not as well as the rocket launcher or Obilterator, nor do they have the range of those two weapons. This weapon is a bit better over range then most normal firearms.

- Shotgun/NailGun

This weapon has a powerful hit but it's effect over range is rather weak. It's pretty much the captain of close quarters but weakest over range. Best for running up close.


These two are the medics of the battlefield, they can heal those whom are injured and brings those whom are badly injured back to fighting status. However no one can raise the dead, technicians can turn their enemy corpses into their own personal spawns to jump to in case they are killed, Medics have no requirement to stay around a few seconds to raise a friendly target. Medics can also deploy creates what allow allies to refill their weapons and heal their health.

- Assault Rifle/Lacerator
- Shotgun/NailGun

Both these two are pretty much the same as they are for soldier

Field Ops/Oppressor

The super weapon users, they can deploy super weapons that inflict major damage, or call on air-strikes/violators that will cause quite some damage. Super weapons can be used from afar and there are three types of super weapons to choose from.

- Assault Rifle/Lacerator

pretty much no different from soldier

- Scoped Assault Rifle/Accurized Lacerator

Two medium to long ranged rifles, they have a good zoom level and are more accurate then the default of their own type. whilst not the further firing fire arms, they will give an advantage against those whom do not have weapons as accurate.


the builders of the game, these two classes build turrets and repair all other classes deploy-ables. There are three types of turrets to choose from, anti-person, anti-vehicle and anti-artillery. Using a mixture of all three tends to be the best but it really depends on where is being defending and class set-up.

- Assault Rifle/Lacerator
- Shotgun/NailGun

Both these two are pretty much the same as they are for soldier

- Grenade Launcher/Plasma Launcher

These two weapons are in fact the Assault Rifle and Lacerator, however they have no scopes, instead alternative fire switches the fire mode to a fire mode that launches an exploding grenade. It does fair damage and covers a short range.

Covert Ops/Infiltrator

The spies and detectors of the team, these can camouflage themselves based on the dead corpses of the enemy that they can find. Taking advantage of being able to back-stab or hack enemy-deployables so they will not work for a full minute. Covert ops can not fire weapons whilst disguised meaning that if one is discovered they are at a disadvantage. This class also deploys the radar required for seeing the placement of everyone around and the team they are associated (will not show camouflaged enemy spies)

- Scoped Assault Rifle/Accurized Lacerator

same as Engineer/Constructor.

Sniper Rifle/Railgun

the sniper weapons of the game, these have pretty much the longest range and are best used anti-personal, they can be used to kill in a single shot, however at close range these powerful rifles tend to be fairly inaccurate and have a slow rate of fire.


-Frag grenades/Shrap grenades

The default grenades used by all but Covert Ops and Infiltrator, these do a fair amount of damage and if an enemy is directly hit by the explosion can near enough one hit kill. These explode after a set amount of time, also they can be held in hand by holding the fire button, alternative fire will make shrap grenades stick to their target

-EMP grenades/Scrambler grenades

Special grenades used by only Covert Ops and Infiltrator, these have the added effect automatically hacking enemy deployables and vehicle, these are the only method to hack an enemy vehicle to make it not move for 30 seconds and unable to fire for the first 5. These also do a little bit less damage then their Frag/Shrap cousins but the auto-hacking more then makes up for that.

-Smoke grenade

Special grenade used only by Covert Ops, these are used to mask the movements behind the ensuing smoke-screen. These do not blind turrets but can be helpful in areas where you want to blind the enemy from being able to see what is coming. This grenade causes no damage at all, and is more for tactical advantage

-Airstrike Marker/Violator Marker

Special markers used by Field Ops and Oppressor, these bring about powerful attacks that cause a lot of damage to all caught in range. The markers do not do much damage but I believe these can kill a very weakened enemy.

-Third Eye Camera

Covert opps exploding camera allows a covert opps to view the area around the camera, if an enemy gets in range the covert op can blow up the camera to inflict damage to enemy. The covert opps can only explode or view from the camera if they are in range of it.

-Flyer Drone

Infiltrators flying grenade, whilst out it is all an infiltrator can see from the camera on this drone, it can be exploded like the third eye camera, unlike the third eye camera it can not be left alone and then re-used and it also has a time limit. However using this can be used to home in on an enemy and blow them up, this flying grenade is also required for a certain task.

-Proximity mine/Gravity mine

these mines are used by Engineer and Constructor to explode when enemy get close, these can be used to protect objectives so that enemy are unable to repair or blow-up certain items or to booby trap areas so that those whom would run around an area could foolishly run into their own death.

Secondary Weapons

Pistol (Engineer/Field Ops/Medic)

small damaging side arm, fairly weak damage and not really an advisable weapon to rely on unless out of ammo. can get off a good ten shots and if aimed at the head can inflict damage but it's lack of range makes it quite weak.

Silenced Pistol (Covert Ops)

Same as pistol but creates no sound, a bit less accurate but does not give away your position as much as a normal pistol does with sound. still only really as a back-up weapon.

Machine Pistol (Soldier)

This weapon is close range like the other pistols but it does quite a bit more damage, so whilst it's not as great as a primary weapon, for one whom uses rocket launchers it gives the ability to take out enemy personal without having to lug around and randomly aim a rocket launcher.

Blaster (Technician/Constructor/Infiltrator/Oppressor)

back-up weapon of the strogg, this weapon is a bit better then the pistol as it can do slightly better range but it less damaging and is easier to see where it was shot from.

Lightning Pistol(Aggressors)

back-up weapon for the aggressor, it does more damage then it's rival the machine pistol, it gives away the users location like no other weapon, mainly useful as an alternative weapons for those using an Obliterator for taking on personal.

Tactical Shield(Oppressor)

A sheild that Oppressors can use to repel enemy fire, does not work very well against heavy fire like titan fire or grenades. good for protection against snipers.

Repair Drone (constructor)

A drone a constructor can use to repair something for a small amount of health from a range, it flys around and repairs the item but it can be shot down and is not quite as fast as manually fixing.

I think that's about all... so what's everyone's favorite?

Mine is covert ops with scopes assault rifle, I like to take people out at a bit of a range and then take on their appearance to get into the enemies ranks and weaken them from the inside as well as hack their deployables or bring their cyclopses down infront of a titan. Third eye camera is also nice thing to use to damage mechnical items that really were not expecting it. =)... long post....

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