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Sep 26, 07 at 10:25pmshadow warrior 9

Don't know if we can talk in the info thread so I made this! So...Who thinks the new scans are simply AWESOME!!! Terra looks like a Keyblade Samurai or something and Ven looks EXACTLY like Roxas!! I can see why before people said he might be Roxas. I mean his clothes are similar too! Well for the gameplay it looks amazing and it seems you have even more options from the usual four (or eight for KH2) Well I can't wait for the release of more info and for the trailers that's gonna be awesome.

What do you guys think?

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Dec 3, 09 at 8:19pm

So many theories...

I can only clear one of those up, and I may be entirely wrong in this as well...

Terra's boss battle in KH2 wasn't a part of the story of the game... It was added there for three reasons...

1) Fans complained that the Sephiroth boss battle was far too easy, so the director had the Lingering Sentiment added to the Final Mix of the game...

2) To hint at a past relationship between Terra and Xehanort (though it is never specified which Xehanort he has the relationship with, maybe both of them???)...

3) To help spread interest in Birth By Sleep, along with the new ending cinematic...

Dec 1, 09 at 5:25pm

Nice theory about Vanitas being Xehanort. When he gave Riku the dark armor thing, maybe that was the inspiration? Also, (i dont know if im repeating something because i did not read the whole discussion) but Terra, or at least his spirit or something, might have become the Lingering Sentiment, a boss from one of the KH games (i think it was 2?) because the armor and keyblades are the same, and Ven and Aqua might be dead, because their armors are in the Chamber of Repose and Waking, and Xehanort's Nobody, Xemnas, talks to them (btw that is not a spoiler, since it isnt a direct statement of their deaths, just speculation). About why Ventus looks exactly like Simulated Twilight Town Roxas, i have no idea. Maybe Sora and Ven are related in some way, so Sora's Nobody looks like Ven. And a question, Do we know if Ventus is the main character or if it is Terra? I think it might be Ventus? And I heard that there will be another type of enemy, called the Unversed. What's that story?

Nov 12, 09 at 10:49pm

There is a lot more than I care to type right now...

On theory I am working under is that Master Xehanort's apprentice Vanitas (the dark warrior) is actually the Xehanort we have come to know from KH2...

Maybe after Terra or someone else kills Master Xehanort, Vanitas looses his memory (like it has been stated Xehanort did before Ansem the Wise found him) he honestly believes that his name is Xehanort...

And given that memories are stored within the heart, this might explain why Xehanort's heartless Ansem wears clothing similar to Master Xehanort's... It is a memory fragment of his master...


This is just one possible theory, and obviously there isn't a ton of evidence for it yet...

Nov 12, 09 at 7:13am

Whats your speculation for this one?

Oct 28, 09 at 5:17pm

Guess I didn't see the thread...

I did get days, despite all of the complaints about it people have been chanting I love the game... It was a little boring due to the fact that almost all of my theories about the game and characters were proven true...

Oct 28, 09 at 11:20am

Hehe that link doesn't link to KHinsider either. It's a link to this thread.

Why is there an "Information thread" as well as an "Information Discussion Thread"? The actuall question is why we never use the other one?

Oct 27, 09 at 11:16pm

hey darkmaster, my old friend.
welcome back to the fourm, although your a little late.
did you end up getting days?

Oct 27, 09 at 4:38pm

For anyone who has not been checking KHinsider lately, they have on youtube a version of the official tokyo game show trailer that can also be found on the BbS website here...

Not only does this trailer show a lot of new footage of worlds and content, but at the very end of it we see that the game is slated for a January 2010 release date in Japan...

Aug 3, 09 at 8:25am

Thread needs update

Enemies are called Unbirths.
BBS will not use a card system. Its an upgraded KH1 style system with new abilites and functions.

Etc etc.

Mar 22, 09 at 2:23pm
Riku of darkness

i was watching the video of deep dive antoher side another story about 2mins 10 secs into the sequence if you pause it you can see the endless mentioned i was wondering if that was sort of an advance on possible enemies for future games and if birth by sleep had already been thought of and it was subtly put in to see if anyone would notice

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