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Sep 23, 07 at 8:18pmX-CLOZZII-X

Help me please!

I am stuck on 2 and 3/4 stars
i really need to know how to get further !

please help.

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Jun 6, 13 at 4:55am

Elizabeth will let you, just keep trying!

Jun 6, 13 at 4:52am

You have to have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend to level up. I kissed Ewan and I liked it!

Mar 31, 13 at 3:31pm

Okay I need some help too. Here's what MY problem is. Elizabeth already offered me her pet's house, and I declined 'cause I didn't have enough yet. 2-3 days passed by, and now I have enough to buy the pet's house. But every time I talk to her, IT WON'T LET ME BUY IT!!!! Can anyone help me with this problem???

Dec 29, 11 at 11:56am

please help me.!

Dec 29, 11 at 11:56am

I need help to- I only have ONE star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have talked to the fisherman guy,and got silver n raquetball,I have also made LOADS of liles. I really need more.

Please E-mail me the answer(s).

Thanks 4 ur help


email at:

Jan 30, 10 at 6:34pm

hi i can not get the 3rd star and when ever i buy cakes nothin happens and when ever i talk to the fish dude he only asks if i have fish
plz help:(

Nov 19, 09 at 1:40am
Agent Tristan

Okay if you go to the people thing and it will tell you all the people you know so...If it has the writing on the bottom screen at the way bottom it should have yellow writing so you go to that person and you do what they want you to do and you can only do this once a day...

Hope this helped if any one needed it please reply back to say thx.
If you do this for the first time you get more...I think...

Did you know if there is an odd pause a new homo is born?...

Nov 3, 09 at 7:38pm
Earth Friends101

wow how long have u had that game u no everything i need 2 no

Sep 13, 09 at 2:31pm

I have all 5 stars at the moment. Charlie the Baker created the "Chinese Cake" and after speaking to him, I got my fifth star.

It seems that there is no correct order on how to get the five stars. Different people have done it in different orders.

Also, I noticed that you have to keep talking to shop owners until they want you to do things (as follows);

Tim: Play racquetball on all courts and win all medals/trophies to make Racquetball more appealing to tourists.)
Helen: Find new Sims for her to help them. Also, once the dowsing game is available, use points to buy a head and body (any will do) and they will be arranged as a town statue.
*Ewan: He will give you the camera. He doesn't have much to say but around Star Three he will become depressed about not having a will have to give him gifts and cheer him up. It does take a while!
Tyler: Design materials for him
Ashley: Make leis and give them to tourists. Check with her every day as sometimes she will put new flowers in her shop (sometimes this gives you stars).
Olivia: She will turn gemstones into rings; find rings during the night as sparkles on the ground, or by exchanging them for points at the mountains.
Joseph: Give him lots of fish. He will give you new rods at random points. NB There is no one particular fish that will gain you a new rod as others have claimed.
Sophie: Design furniture covers for her.
*Charlie: Keep talking to him and steadily he will expand his range of cakes. Chocolate, Mount Blanc, and finally Chinese.
*Marie: Keep changing the highlands until she tells you she has mended things with her father.
*Foster: Keep changing the forest until he helps you make super feed and tells you he will become less shy. PS; I think Foster looks more like a girl, which is odd.
Nicki: He will randomly tell you he has found a new boat. Keep checking in with him and it will develop into scuba diving.
Elizabeth: Buy her house off her for 10,000 Simoleons. I find it to be a waste of space but it can be handy having a place to sleep in the Entertainment Area. Keep talking to her and she will involve you in her fashion review. PS; have not won her over yet!
Hawk and Emma: Both work in the casino. Nothing has happened with these yet, but as I don't have gold stars from both, I'm sure they have storylines coming up.
Tracy: Charlie will tell you that she needs to talk to you after you have been dowsing for her for a while. She will open up paragliding in the mountains.
Martin: Will randomly crash in the Entertainment Area (Helen will tell you when). Keep checking on him and he will open up the Skydiving game.

I have put asterisks next to the characters that have given me full stars. I'm expecting there to be more to do with the characters that have not given me stars.

Sometimes I find that by pressing Y and selecting the character screen, text under each character will appear in yellow if something still needs to be done.

To begin with, I didn't know that Marie and Foster has turned up as I wasn't checking their houses. Helen will tell you when Tracy turns up.

Hope this helps!!!

The Void

Apr 21, 09 at 2:36pm
Hollie the Bunny

I'm stuck on star 4! I am sooooo stuck! Someone plz help me!

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