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Sep 17, 07 at 7:28pmTVI


Any corrections that need sorting, or suggestions about the file, please feel free to detail them in THIS thread!

  • TRANSFERS AND NEW PLAYERS: The file is as close to 100% updated for the new season as possible, with all transfers done, all promoted teams on the file, hundreds of new players added and all new squad numbers done.
  • U21 TEAMS: Under-21 teams replace the classic teams and are complete with an awe-inspiring set of appearences and highly accurate stats and kits.
  • EVEN MORE APPS: The entire English Premier League has appearence fixes, and hundreds upon hundreds of new players have great apps throughout the game.
  • MORE GAMEPLAY TWEAKS: The gameplay has been subtlely tweaked even more, providing an even more challenging and unique gaming experience exclusive to this option file!
  • AN EVEN BETTER ML EXPERIENCE: ML youths have had their names changed to make it more of a challenge knowing who to look out for, the ML default squad have a new set of apps and the ML oldies have better stats and apps to make them viable buys in the Master League. Additional emblems have been put on the file specifically for custom ML teams too!
  • PLAY OUT THIS SEASON'S CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Slavia Prague have been added to the file replacing Levski Sofia to mean that it contains every team from this season's Champions League group stages.
  • NEOSEEKER PLAYERS REMOVED: File users from sites other than Neoseeker will be thrilled to learn that the Neoseeker players have been taken off the file to be replaced by top players from around the world in the PES shop.
  • INJURY TOLERANCE: Every player in the game now has Injury Tolerance B unless they are actually deserving of an A or C rating. This means there is a realistic amount of injuries per season in the ML!
  • LESS FATIGUE: Players have had their condition ratings upped by 1 or 2 points to ensure that fatigue plays a more realistic role in your ML. You shouldn't have to rest player after two consequetive games!
  • EDITED ML YOUTHS: The Konami players, or Master League Youths which appear randomly in your ML have had face, hair and boot overhauls to make them more aesthetically pleasing to use.
  • LONG-TERM FORMATION FIXES: Every team in the game has had a formation overhaul. Gone are the excessive attacking arrows and bizarre positioning of players within formations. This means teams in the ML will be more competitive for years to come. For example, if Rooney left Man United in the ML, they might replace him with someone like van der Vaart at SS in their formation. This is fine, except that the attacking arrows Rooney had as default with the formation will mean that van der Vaart tries to play like him, which wouldn't be right (and probably put Man U at a disadvantage). These new, balanced formations make the ML more of a challenge for years to come!
  • TOP PLAYERS OUTSIDE THE EPL: England U21's, top Championship and League 1 players have been included to provide an opportunity for a great bargain in the ML.
  • COMPLETELY EDITABLE KITS: Almost every team's kit (both licensed and unlicensed) is now fully editable, meaning you can change your kit as your ML progresses even if you started with a licensed side!
  • INSANE AMOUNTS OF APPEARENCE FIXES: Version 3 of the Neoseeker Option File has probably more appearence fixes than any other file available! Nearly every player in the Premier League has an appearence fix, and every player in the bigger teams in every league has a perfect set of appearences!
  • HUGE NUMBERS OF STAT UPDATES: The option file is again using only the best stat updates available to improve the realism of the game. This version has roughly three times as many stat updates as V2. We have used hundreds of updates from the likes of PLF, Del Perio, Red Phoenix as well as many alterations from the PES stats database website!
  • MORE DIFFICULT TO SCORE: Every Goalkeeper in the game has had a stats boost to make scoring goals using this file much more challenging! For anyone who has mastered PES6 even on the Top Player difficulty level, this feature will make the game a challenge again!
  • SUMMER UPDATES: Promoted teams, new kits, new badges, transfers, new players, latest national squads. This file is as up-to-date as it can possibly be.
    • The English Premier League (including all promoted clubs)
    • The French Ligue 1 (including all promoted clubs)
    • The Dutch Eredivisie (including all promoted clubs)
    • The Italian Serie A (including all promoted clubs)
    • The Spanish La Liga (including all promoted clubs)
    • The German Bundesliga (in the Others C section)
    • Others A: Anderlecht, CSKA Moscow, AEK Athens, FC Copenhagen, Slavia Prague, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Spartak Moscow, Rosenborg, Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting CP, Celtic, Rangers, Shakhtar Donetsk, Besikstas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Dynamo Kiev.

    • Others B: Boca Juniors, River Plate, Hearts, Steaua Bucharest, Aberdeen.

So, now we've whetted your apetites with all these great and unique updates, you're probably wondering how to download this fantastic file!
    • WHAT IS A MAXDRIVE? This is the name of the device a PS2 user requires in order to get his downloaded option file off his PC and onto his PS2!
    • WHERE CAN I GET ONE? Maxdrives cost £14.99, and the only place anyone seems to be able to get hold of them is from £14.99 may seem a little steep, but when you consider that fact that people charge up to £5 for option files on eBay, it is a great deal. Not only do you have a device that can be used to effectively make PES as up-to-date as Fifa, but it can double as an extra memory card and be used for many other games on PS2.
    • HOW DO I USE IT? Maxdrives are very simple to use, but if you are struggling getting this option file onto your PS2, then refer to this thread on neoseeker.
    • Create a folder on your PC entitled 'PS3'.
    • Create a subfolder within 'PS3' entitled 'EXPORT' and another entitled 'PSV' inside that.
    • Copy the BESLES-54203504553364F5054.PSV file into the 'PSV' folder.
    • Put the entire 'PS3' folder onto a memory stick and transfer it to your Playstation3.
    • Without any game running, start up the PS3 and go to memory card and copy over from the memory stick.
    • Copy downloaded file (KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT) into the folder with the directory My Documents > KONAMI > Pro Evolution Soccer 6 > save > folder1. Ensure that your old option file is deleted or moved.

    • Unzip the downloaded file and put the whole contained folder onto the PSP memory stick. Ensure that other option files are deleted from the stick before doing so.


The file is available in two formats, xport and max. Maxdrive users will need to download the .max file, while those of you still using the old x-port device will need the .xps version. There is also a PC version for those of you playing PES on the old 'puter, and even a PS3 version for you rich bastards who can afford a next gen console. A PSP version is now available too!


    • TVI - Stat Edits, Appearence Edits, New players, Transfers
    • Gaza7 - Kits, Badges, Sponsors, Stadiums, Transfers
    • Steve 23 - Squad Numbers, Transfers
    • Ciabatta - Appearences, Physique Edits, Accesories
  • THANKS TO: Big shout outs to former OF team members Tez (who came up with and implemented the formations idea, and BETA tested this file) and Februarys Shadow for all their help over the versions. Cheers to Sweeney who converted the PS3 version and to TKO who did the PSP one, and thanks also to Red Town for his help with logos and emblems and Dragonskin who has some of his work included on the file. Cheers to the many kit and appearence makers on pesfan whose work was used on the file - chances are you were karma'd. Thanks to the stat editors on statsdatabase, and specifically to DelPerio, PLF and Red Phoenix. And a final word of gratitude to those responsible for running the summer transfer thread on pesfan, it was a Godsend!

Copyright: We, the Neoseeker Option File team made this PES6 Option File ourselves, and hereby confirm that it is all our own work.

This file is not to be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, and private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission from all members of the option file team. Use of this file on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Selling and distributing this file on eBay will result in VeRO (the eBay copyrighting board) being contacted, and your eBay account being terminated.

This Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Option File is Copyright to: (c) the Neoseeker Website; TVI aka The Village Idiot aka Ziggy Bashmore; Gaza7; Tez; Ciabatta; Steve23 aka LFC Boy; and Februarys Shadow aka Jonesy50 2007 All Rights Reserved.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Nov 20, 13 at 4:12pm

I would be very greatful if somebody here still has this file and could provide me with a link (PS 2 version). I still play this game and having this option file would be brilliant.

Nov 11, 12 at 9:32pm

Not bad but very poor South American and other world teams section, would love post my Option File but cant post my option file here since am a new user.

Jul 14, 12 at 6:27pm

Anyone able to share this option file for PS2?

I still play WE-PES 2007 and would like to see how much more fun the game can be with this option file!

Thanks in advance!

Jan 2, 10 at 6:20pm

The file you are attempting to download is not currently available on our servers or is being processed. Please try your download in a few minutes.

i just need a current file for the ps3

Nov 27, 09 at 7:18pm
Pompey Fan

PS2 Version please.

Portsmouth FC
Portsmouth FC

Sep 25, 09 at 7:55am

btw, I'm looking for the pc version.

Sep 25, 09 at 7:55am

Hi, noob here.could someone tell me where can I get the file?it seems filefront don't have the file anymore.thanks!

Aug 26, 09 at 8:48pm
Pompey Fan

Anyone got this option file they could send me as the links don't work.
I had it when it first came out, but it got deleted.

Just really want to play the Legendry Option File. <3

Nov 12, 08 at 2:03pm

It all sounds gr8! Can i convert the option file to mi ps2 via my usb pen?[spoiler=][/spoiler]

Oct 15, 08 at 5:00pm


i have a problem with the ps3-version of the option file.

i put it in ps3/export/psv but when i try to copy it to my ps3 it says "data is corupted"

Can anyone give me a working file?

Thanks a lot

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