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Sep 16, 07 at 10:37pmJon_182

So what's one??????????? if you fight him more then once this is are first fight.

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Aug 12, 15 at 11:56am

simples tenha ramza como ninja no lvl 99 e espere seu turno ataque ele com as duas espadas ae vc vai ver num instante acaba a batalha fica muito facil o ramza de ninja.

Mar 23, 13 at 9:27pm

I also need help.
I have ramsa lvl30 chemist with guts (I know the accumulate/yell strategy), agiras Master holly knight lvl26, time mage with Summons (every summon but salamander, cyclops and the supportives + time mage slow and haste + short charge support skill) lvl27, lancer (vertical and horizontal 9 and 8, it can allso be a master ninja, master dancer or almost-master geomancer [my stronger character]) lvl31, almost-master Wizard with white magic (Cure1 and 2, raise, shell, protect, esuna)lvl28, lvl20 chemist Mustadio and a red chocobo lvl 24.

I try to summon lich after giving haste and shell to my summoner/TM but it allways get's killed and the rest of my party dies while trying to raise it.

Something to reccomend?

Jan 19, 13 at 12:49pm

So, I had trouble at first, but then i got on the internet (thank you internet!) and researched the best possible way to kill velius. It turns out that the whole thing about running around and using yell while fighting wiegraff is actually a really good idea. I did it like 500 times, and after I got Ramza's speed really high, I started using accumulate to get his attack super high. So, I managed to get wiegraff in one hit (about 300 damage) and then I got Velius in 3 consecutive hits (about 440 damage each). And in addition to that, Ramza gained 10 levels in the process (32 -> 42), and he also mastered the samurai job. Huzzah! Now I just need to figure out how to kill those people on the roof. Will I ever make it out of this castle?

Jan 4, 09 at 12:06am

Here's a good, but time consuming idea. Change your job to a chemist or bard(if you have it) and go to Zeklaus desert. In the treanch, find the level down trap which is closer to the side of ther map with one cactus. From the cactus, have the camera so it is as close to the centre of your screen as possible with the marker on it. from there go to the inner edge of the treanch and move the marker to the part where it gets wider for three squares with the end of the map. it should be the square in the end corner, again in the side of the treanch closest to the one cactus side of the nap. Step on and off of the trap till you are level one. Then change to a class like knight, or mage and level yourself all the way back up using only that class. You will lose a couple HP per level down, and one or two MP, but you can level purely in a tank, mage, or whatever class. Have fun, and sorry for the lengthy explaination. (I de-leveled (holy swordsman) twice, and re leveled him as a holy swordsman, and with no armour, he had 899 HP at level 99)

Check you tube for the specific trap spot if you dont already know it.

Dec 31, 08 at 9:43am

Have at least one person who can use a gun. Set their abilities something like this:

First/Second ability: Item/Battle Skill
Reaction: Meatbone Slash/HP Restore
Support: Throw item.
Movement: Move +1,2 or 3 (battle boots optional)

Others should just be normal people. Some meant for speed, others for tanks, etc. All in all when it's all said and done, Velius and his subordinates should fall in time. Good luck, and happy Gaming.

Oct 8, 08 at 3:48pm

for me its speed save knight, eat x potion till you get good speed and power break him etc

Sep 21, 08 at 11:21pm
fft fan

well when it first starts off you should've been running around casting yell and accumlate until your atk and spd reached about 30-35. then one shot him then when he appears in his lucavi forum with the 4 demons i just spin fisted him along with a couple of other demons and another melee hit and he died. it takes awhile to train up that atk and spd numbers but its well worth it since the fights going to be really quick after you achieve those numbers. goodluck

Sep 20, 08 at 2:53am

well the way i found was easiest is to kill of the demons first becuase while you're trying to position yourself to kill velius, he will cas cyclops and move away. this leaves the demons open to use things like gigaflare and dark holy on you. if you get them out of the way, velius won't have his little demon shiled and you can get straight to him. as long as you have enough ppl that can recover from a cyclops attack, you should be able to kill him before he gets the chance to cast another. as far as that goes, classes like knight, lancer, etc with two swords (for the knight) and agrias, should do the trick. with a chemist or preiest for healing as well of course...

Dec 29, 07 at 7:22am

i fought velius for about 4 times by now, and for ramza i either used black mage or priest to deal great damage to him...

for black mage, use either bolt 3/4 or flare (though i recommend the bolt 3/4 of greater range and kill one of the summoned demons as well)

then for priest, use holy, or cast reraise on urself then run away, u wont stay alive for very long in this battle being a priest anyway...

Nov 16, 07 at 11:05pm
Twilight Sorcerr

Depends, you can put ramza 2nd ability-GUTS (from squire) and auto potion as counter, it would be good to put earth clothes....the rest is up to you (feather boots is also good)...

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