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General Wii U
For general discussions of the Wii U
re: Off-Topic GD IV: Bring on E3 2014!
by Dragon ZERO
Action re: Sheik, Darunia and Princess Ruto Confirmed
in Hyrule Warriors
by bbb7002004
RPG/Adventure Japanese 3DS Trailer
in Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online
by Aurigae
Sports and Racing
re: Rate The Course (Current Course: Yoshi's Valley)
in Mario Kart 8
by Uvailable
Classic & Puzzle Workshop
in Mario vs. Donkey Kong Wii U
Jul 19, 14  11:15am by Eiche
Strategy/Sim Need some help!
in Pikmin 3
Jun 17, 14  1:05pm by DarkTy
Rhythm & Music re: Favorite Song and Dance?
in Just Dance 2014
Jun 02, 14  4:28pm by Rayce
Wii U Virtual Console
stuck and pi$$ed
in Super Mario Bros.
Mar 12, 14  12:45pm by mack motes
Wii U Games Featured Forums   »all forums
Wii U Games Most Popular   »all forums
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Use of the 'god mode' cheat and legendary ships.
by wsmith
Bayonetta 2 re: Introduction Thread
Jul 15, 14  4:16am by Pantslord
Call of Duty: Black Ops II re: Black Ops 2 guide for Android
by FrWhyMe
Call of Duty: Ghosts 1.5kd 2.0 w/l Looking for clan Xbox 1
by CrySomeMore
Child of Light re: Should i
Jul 19, 14  1:51pm by Ascii
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes re: Disney Infinity 2.0 reveals Stitch and Tinker Bell figures, top requested characters out this fall
by Stitch
FIFA Soccer 13 re: FIFA 13: Ultimate Team - BPL/Brazil Hybrid Squad (Amazing 100 chemistry below 250k)
Jul 16, 14  6:50am by ayoub
Hyrule Warriors re: Sheik, Darunia and Princess Ruto Confirmed
by bbb7002004
Injustice: Gods Among Us re: I have BOTH the IOS & Console Editions: Unlocks Given & Needed
by kinggidora
Mario Kart 8 re: Rate The Course (Current Course: Yoshi's Valley)
by Uvailable
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate re: Progress II
by Couttsy
NBA 2K13 re: windows 7 problem
Jul 15, 14  8:02am by mudflow05
One Piece: Unlimited World Red re: Wii U/3DS Trailer for Unlimited World Red
Jul 16, 14  7:25pm by Sigma
Skylanders Giants re: Spyro Ruined
Jul 19, 14  10:45am by Eiche
Star Fox Wii U re: Customization
by bbb7002004
Super Mario 3D World re: Characters!
Jul 09, 14  5:09pm by AgatioGanon
Super Smash Bros. Wii U re: Daily Image Discussion
by Mattweb2000
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 SWEETFX enabled in - The Amazing Spider Man 2
Jul 15, 14  9:53am by multitechnopark
The Legend of Zelda Wii U re: Multiplayer, should it happen?
Jul 18, 14  8:27pm by Spook
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker re: I Lost Medli. HELP!!!
by cbbrown
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Member updates

ProtossZealot 7 mins ago
A scientist is usually fine.
LanDi Sama 30 mins ago
Dragon Age: Inquisition Is Delayed :(( DragonAgeInquisition XONE
Gotenks 38 mins ago
Scamming kids out of shiny Pokémon in XY Passerby is awesome. Am I part of Team Rocket yet?
Linnie 48 mins ago
trying to complete shiny dex, almost done!
sweetiebell about an hour ago
Does anybody want to play Pokémon Black with me? c: My friend code is; 3698 2081 8613 Pm me your friend code and i'll add you as a friend ;D
SheWolf480 2 hours ago
Busy, Busy, Busy
Rikki 3 hours ago
Going to start my HoennGrandPrix this evening. Yes yes yes!
Aurigae 3 hours ago
Hi, I am Swoop.
Symphonic Abyss 3 hours ago
Think I'll be streaming more Zeta shortly. Just gonna eat some lunch first. :p
Eiche 3 hours ago
I haven't had a good laugh like that in a while. XD
Fuhong 3 hours ago
5 2
Officially finished watching all of the Pokemon anime...that will free up some time now. Only took a little over 7 months
Gotenks 3 hours ago
5 3
Need friend codes for Pokémon X and Y on 3ds FC # 3711-9203-4974
Coolmom 5 hours ago
I want my package. >.
grimAuxiliatrix 5 hours ago
Holy poop, I am glad I watched the alternate ending for Breaking Bad. The real ending kind of depressed me, but that alternate... XD
Captain Nerditude 5 hours ago

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