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Rune Factory 4 re: Petition: Bring Rune Factory 4 to Europe.
by Bert-Jan
Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning Yams please 0.0
by Mikkel
Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns re: Finding Ore Stones and Precious Stones
by AngelPower222
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade re: NEW MONEY STRATEGY!!!
Aug 07, 14  9:04pm by iFunny
Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley re: What's Important in a HM Game?
Aug 25, 14  5:44pm by Heartlesswithaheart
Story of Seasons re: Hard Mode, would you like there to be one?
Aug 12, 14  7:23am by Harvest Moon girl
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Can someone help me?!
Jul 26, 14  4:36am by SuperChibiz
Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town re: Record Player?????
Aug 27, 14  1:57am by Erika
Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl re: Karen ( heart events)
Aug 02, 14  12:08am by Gendis
Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley 0
Harvest Moon DS (Harvest Moon DS) -- Celia heart events but already ...
Jul 26, 14  12:23pm by iheartlondon6
Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar re: Bazaar Help?
Jun 02, 14  1:38pm by Yashitaka
Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness umm... why is this not working?
Apr 26, 13  6:54am by TetraHollows
Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands anime
Aug 27, 14  3:00pm by Thorn ShadowGate
Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns re: Double your money every day, without animals, cr...
Aug 27, 14  4:19am by Asga
Story of Seasons re: Hard Mode, would you like there to be one?
Aug 12, 14  7:23am by Harvest Moon girl
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life re: Harvest Moon Off-Topic General Discussion #42
Aug 23, 14  10:50pm by C Falcon
Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life re: Baby horse?
Jun 11, 14  2:24pm by kshyanne9
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition re: how 2 marry lumina?
by Mother Ranma
Super Star Force (Import) 0
Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Is it too late for the first Rainbow?
Aug 17, 14  4:09pm by Rebecca LaMarre
Harvest Moon: Poem of Happiness (Import) re: Poem Of Happiness Quiz!
Jun 04, 11  8:40pm by Bgirl2000
Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon re: Danaan Cave
Jul 15, 14  2:55pm by ceicei
Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon re: Need... Kill... Crystal... Mammoth!
Jun 28, 14  11:26am by Manaaaaaaammm
Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon re: New Game Inspired by Rune Factory & Harvest Moon...
Aug 03, 14  12:57pm by ChelseaXVaughn
Rune Factory 4 re: Petition: Bring Rune Factory 4 to Europe.
by Bert-Jan
Rune Factory Frontier Good balance Runeys?
Apr 28, 14  11:31pm by anoukh.1989
Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny re: Events
Aug 08, 14  5:17pm by chasegray
Harvest Moon re: General Discussion {On Topic} The First Harvest ...
Jun 04, 13  3:04pm by proddc
Harvest Moon 2 makers problem
Sep 23, 13  10:11am by flockozzila
Harvest Moon 3 re: MY DOG!
Aug 12, 14  8:51pm by ac_98521
Harvest Moon 64 re: karen's evil dad and elli's sobfest
Aug 03, 14  8:39pm by Sam Head
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature re: gray 2nd heart event help
Aug 05, 14  7:40am by Knatsuna
Harvest Moon for Girls (Import) re: When is harvest moon for girls going to be trans...
Jun 01, 13  8:06am by Ders
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland re: help with a cooking recipe?
Aug 04, 14  1:33am by chers
Puzzle de Harvest Moon re: Well...this certainly is different!
Jul 24, 09  1:20am by Becky148
Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon re: Mushroom Cooking Contest
May 27, 14  10:01pm by visitor
Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Special Edition re: Giant Lumber
Jan 03, 14  12:46am by Widigdo
Harvest Moon: My Little Shop re: Welcome Aboard! Introduce Yourself!
Jan 27, 11  1:02am by Denny the Fisher
Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming re: Hello?
Aug 27, 09  9:24am by AngelDV
General Harvest Moon re: What Kind of Farmer Are You?
Jul 18, 14  2:49pm by Verotten
General Nintendo 3DS re: Nintendo reveals upgraded 'New 3DS' with second ...
by Pikachu8me
General Wii
For the platform formerly known as Nintendo Revolution
Gamecube Controller Not Responding Wii
by sachinnedd1

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I LOVE this vídeo game :-) HarvestMoonTheTaleOfTwoTowns 3DS
AngelPower222 Aug 23, 14 3:18pm
Harpel Dec 29, 13 11:13am
*Ahem* I don't understand one thing, just one... HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO MAKE MONEY IN THE BEGINNING?!?! HUH? HUH?! Tell me THAT. HarvestMoonTreeOfTranquility Wii
Angel_Dogz826 Dec 18, 13 7:28am
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How to Fishing When i Get Fishing Rod??? HarvestMoonMoreFriendsOfMineralTown GBA
JiaQi Oct 31, 13 10:35pm
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Welcome Farmers to the Harvest Moon Community!

Harvest Moon is a great series that has evolved over the years from growing the best tomatoes in town to fighting monsters while trying to marry the person of your dreams. We enjoy playing our favorite classics like Harvest Moon 64 while embracing the combat in the latest Rune Factory game. We like to speculate on features that can be added to future games while giving advice on how to master current ones.

When you are done feeding your cows and tending your crops, you are welcome to hang out with us. We are a friendly group who enjoy sharing tips on how to woo a potential spouse, how to grow the best crops, and how to become great friends with everyone you meet! So come on in, introduce yourself, and welcome to town!

Special Thanks to Stigmatised for creating the header and Amsey for creating the logo!

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