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Bio And Attire
Raphius is a human male, Caucasian in ethnicity and currently 22 years of age. He stands 5 feet 8 inches/173cm tall and weighs about 175 pounds/80kg, with a light-to-medium build and moderately trained, fit physique. His eyes are best described as turquoise, and his hair is a plain black, hanging straight down to shoulder length at the sides and back and to his forehead above his clean-shaven, youthful face. Naturally he is right-handed, but has achieved fluent ambidexterity through extensive practice. He bears a faded diagonal scar across his chest, a memento of a particularly fierce battle.

Raphius belongs to an order of swordsmen, and wears a slight personal variation of their uniform. As is standard he dresses in a long-sleeved, hooded white top with a matching pair of trousers, a pale red bodysuit concealed underneath, plus basic white travel shoes and socks. Where he differs is a pair of red slings that form an X on his chest and back, running over his shoulders and connecting to a matching red belt at his waist. Each sling provides a harness for a sword or similar weapon on the back. He also wears a child's green scarf around his neck, small enough to resemble a cosy collar.

Equipment And Abilities
Raphius carries an official sword matching his full-fledged rank in the order, with a white blade 3 feet in length and standard dull-grey handle and guard. It is well-made and balanced, but if necessary he can focus his energy to call into being a superior alternative. The result is a silver sword with a blade a metre long, a narrow ruby crystal running along its spine and another set into the hilt. This weapon is known as an Avatar, and is a manifestation of Raphius' will to fight. Breaking it will only physically disarm him, although forming the sword anew further taxes his stamina. He can channel energy into the crystal to make it glow, creating a light source. The swordsman's skills, while far from those of a master, have attained a notable level through time and dedication, and he is competent in unarmed combat. His bodysuit is made to resist blade strikes, offering protection comparable to light leather armour. Raphius is an experienced traveller, and can normally find the essentials (edible food, clean water, shelter etc.) in wild environments. He has also learned a few low-key magical techniques, and can use them from a few to a few dozen times in a day, depending on the energy he puts into them.
  • Shadowblade: Imbues his sword with a shadow of itself, reinforcing its primary trait, its sharpness.
  • Barrier: A standard defensive technique that forms a temporary, convex wall of solid light. Raphius can usually generate a shield a few feet in diameter, and with the constitution of a decent brick wall.
  • Fireworks: Adapted from a common festivity display spell, which disperses several multi-coloured shapes over an area randomly, the combat adaptation making them combust explosively on contact.
  • Tri-Blast: A basic offensive spell, it fires three white bolts of wind energy with minor homing ability.
  • Cleanse: Raphius can concentrate upon the blood, water and other flowing elements of his body to purify them of lesser poisons and alien substances, provided a few moments of peace to meditate in.
  • Poison Globe: Summons the noxious and acidic elements of the earth into a glass sphere. When shattered, these evaporate into a toxic and blinding mist, which will disperse quickly in open spaces.
  • Afterburn: Raphius can draw residual natural energy from his surroundings to augment his speed, leaving a faint red afterimage behind him. Unlike his other skills, this does not drain his own energy.
Personality And History
Raphius' nature is one of modesty and quiet contemplation, yet also exploring curiosity and honest transparency when he opens up. He takes an engaged interest in many things around him, and will gladly discuss them if invited to, yet his musings are usually kept to himself without others showing an explicit interest. This is indicative of a core trait in his personality, which is that Raphius feels like an outsider in most situations. A guest, possibly a welcomed one, but still a guest, cautious not to trespass in his input or presence beyond the extent they are wanted. He is not entirely passive, and tries to uphold what is right, even at mortal risk. He lacks in conviction and confidence though, and while he acts partially in bravery, he also does so from a weak sense of self-worth. The swordsman tends to be quite earnest, and while he rarely make jokes or fools around he will laugh when others do so, being far from uptight. He is friendly, polite and often giving, with a desire to contribute when he can and an innate drive to try to understand others. If angered he can act rashly or turn apathetic however, and may criticise freely without his usual reservedness. His birthday is the 9th of February.

Raphius was born to loving parents in a modest but happy village. As a child he was fascinated by a local swordsmanship school, an outpost for a widespread order, and he joined their junior schooling program when he was old enough. A few months after Raphius turned 14, his village was completely destroyed in the span of an hour by a cadre of expert warriors, their motives unknown. Raphius was in his second year of schooling, knowing little but theory, and so he was ordered to stay clear of the battle. The instructors of the order faced the invaders, and fought well, but they were outnumbered, outclassed, and massacred to the last. Raphius would have likely joined them in death, as even the school was reduced to ruin. However, since he was in the armoury intending to join the fight despite his instructions, he was able to escape the burning building with a sword he found. Roughly a week later, a party from another outpost arrived to investigate. They found Raphius, the only survivor, and took the traumatised orphan in. He grew up in the order, being sworn in as a full-fledged swordsman at the age of 22, and now wanders the land, searching for an answer to his lacking sense of purpose.

Bio And Attire
Crysis is a male Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris). He is about 8 inches/20cm in body length, with a long fluffy tail that measures a further 7 inches/18cm, and weighs just over half a pound/250g. His body is covered entirely in a coat of fine soft fur, which is a rich sunset red everywhere except his underside, where it is white instead. His eyes appear entirely black, but if looked at closely have light orange irises. The squirrel can get by fine while naked, but he usually wears a small black backpack to carry things in.

Zone is a Syrian (or 'Golden') Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus), and male as well. He measures 5.5 inches/14cm from nose to stubby naked tail, and weighs about a quarter of a pound/100g. His pelt covers the rest of him save his paws, and has a fuzzier texture than his friend's, being a honey tan around his head and tail and off-white elsewhere. His eyes have dark blue irises that are usually hard to notice. Zone carries two weapons, but wears nothing save his fur, not even Crysis knowing where he keeps them.

Equipment And Abilities
Due to his small size, Crysis is fairly limited in what he can effectively use as a weapon. To address this, Zone has designed and supplied him with sophisticated, compact yet potent explosives. These bombs are a centimetre across, lightweight, and easy to throw. They each produce a focused blast half a metre in radius, which at point-blank range can destroy weaker objects (like normal doors) or damage stronger ones (like bulletproof glass), and combining several will increase their potency. The devices can be attached to most surfaces, and have five modes of detonation: timed delay, remotely triggered, on contact, by proximity and via sound. Crysis can launch himself on the blast force, and usually carries a supply of a hundred on him. He also has a motion scanner, which is able to detect movement through obstacles up to 6 metres away. Equipment aside, he has the agility and climbing affinity of his species, being acrobatically talented even for a squirrel, and a nearly prehensile control of his tail. Crysis has human-level intelligence and can articulate their languages fluently, though he only knows English. He sees in full colour, and is able to digest many foods rodents usually cannot.

Zone's own arsenal consists of two weapons. The first is a rodent-size lightsabre, which generates a red energy blade roughly 3 inches/8cm long. Its strength can be adjusted, for example lowering it to anchor into an object instead of cutting right through. The second is a laser gun, which can integrate with and separate from his lightsabre on the fly. Being too small to produce effective levels of power itself, it acts as a battery and conductor, able to absorb energy from compatible sources and store it as ammunition. It fires focused beams of heat bolstered with kinetic force, the size, power and drain of which can be collectively varied, ranging from pencil-thin shots that sting naked flesh and may be fired in their hundreds, up to blasts able to fill a hallway and demolish a brick wall while depleting its full capacity in seconds. Zone can also disable the recoil suppression to propel himself around. Last of all, he has access to a pair of minor psychic powers. One lets him detect the presence and some traits of nearby beings and energies, and the other is a telepathic scream that can provoke panic in its targets. Like Crysis, Zone has a human-level intelligence, speech, colour vision and dietary range.

Personality And History
Crysis is a cheerful, friendly and at times excitable individual, the old saying 'Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed' fitting him perfectly. He is gentle-natured and kind of heart, caring for others and ready to put their interests ahead of his own. The rodent has a positive outlook and bounding enthusiasm for life, grateful for and almost always content with what he has, a trait that can leave him prone to gushing at times. He is polite in a warm, affable way, modest by nature and sometimes bashful, especially if receiving strong praise. He has no anger or malice in his soul whatsoever, and if faced with adversity he will try to help out, or failing that to stay out of the way. Sincere and full of curiosity, he can seem childlike, and enjoys simple things like make-believe or role-play. His birthday is on the 9th of March.

Zone on the other paw is bold, ambitious and a smart-ass. Confident and strong-willed, he has great aspirations and the drive to match, showing a lot of courage for such a small creature, although this can make him headstrong as well. His fierce spirit is partially tempered out by a playful and cheeky attitude, the hamster having a quick wit and smart tongue he shows little restraint in using. Although cocky and something of a showoff, he is friendly and neither selfish nor a bully, merely candid in his thoughts and actions. He is keenly fond of puns and innuendos, and can come across as impulsive and immature. Despite this he is quite intelligent and cunning, with a particular aptitude for science and technology most evident in the devices he and Crysis use. His birthday is on the 6th of October.

Despite their contrasting personalities, Crysis and Zone are lifelong companions, and the closest of friends. Crysis is content with this, but Zone, although happy with their friendship, is unsatisfied with all the problems in the rest of the world. He has thus decided, in testament to his audacious nature, to set things straight by becoming the planet's ruler, so he can fix them himself. He asked Crysis to join him, fully aware he needs all the help he can get with such a daunting task, and trusting no one more. The squirrel agreed, despite apprehension about the means, out of a desire to help others and not stand idly by. Zone built a secret base to conduct work and plan ventures towards this goal, and so the two rodents fight side by side and back to back in their daring mission to take over the world.

Noxequa Enay

Bio And Attire
Noxequa in an irregular entity, whose base state is a formless purple substance halfway between a vapour and a liquid. Though inherently genderless, he generally identifies as a male for convenience, and will often fashion a human shell for himself to inhabit. His preferred avatar is a Caucasian man, standing 5 feet 9 inches/175cm and weighing roughly 126 pounds/57kg, with a sinuous, emaciated build. He is pale of skin and has thin, visually mid-to-late 20's features. Shadeless black hair hangs around his head in a manner reminiscent of a spider, while his eyes are an amethyst tone of purple.

Noxequa does not maintain a consistent uniform, but his clothing tends to display certain recurring traits. The strongest inclination is for dark colours, including pure black, with other subdued shades used as highlights. It will often be tightly layered, such as having an undershirt, top and jacket all in one, and cover him fully save his face, with features like long sleeves, gloves, hoods or bandages. It usually matches the materials, if not the style seen around him. However, whatever he wears will be torn, frayed, beaten or otherwise worn, such that even the greatest of capes looks like a trailing rag.

Equipment And Abilities
Noxequa's abilities stem from his unusual nature. His original form is purely psychic in composition, resembling an inky purple cloud with zero physical mass that can change shape at will. It is able to pass through corporeal barriers freely, although Noxequa cannot bring any tangible matter with him, including his flesh-and-blood body. Conversely, he cannot travel through a dense psychic presence whether he is inhabiting a body or not, which includes sentient souls, although attempting to break through with sheer force is a different affair. He is also able to sense, and feeds upon displacements of psychic energy. These are not emotions themselves, but are generated by them in the same way living bodies give off heat. The stronger and more uncontrolled a feeling is, the easier it is to detect, and the more sustenance it gives. He can project his speech telepathically, which is his true voice, one heard directly in the mind. It neither affects nor is affected by physical objects, but is otherwise similar to normal sound. He is not able to hear the thoughts of others in return, but his perception of undisciplined emotion lets him read most people well, and he can prove quite adept at mind-games.

Noxequa can darken parts of his psychic body to black, causing them to both affect and be affected by the corporeal world. In this fashion he may interact with matter using tendrils shaped as he sees fit, producing limbs, weapons or other implements to suit his intents. The feats these manifestations are capable of depend upon the energy he has absorbed and is willing to expend. He normally limits himself to exertions on a roughly human level, but with enough power at his disposal he can match the strength of modern personal firearms. In his natural state his condition is visually apparent, with his essence being rich and deep in its colouration while well-nourished, and fading towards a palish grey if deprived or exhausted. His human body is merely a vehicle, one he can leave and return to at will. However it is also his only means to freely interact with the physical world, and costly to repair or replace. Lastly he has the ability to corrupt matter, twisting the laws it operates under towards his intents. This is his most taxing power, and how he creates his host bodies, although it cannot affect already living things. Noxequa is not limited to one appearance or even a human form for his vessels.

Personality And History
Noxequa's demeanour is wry, dark-humoured and carefreely irreverent. He holds himself as entirely insignificant and worthless, no more than a parasite, but this is a status he is comfortable with. Free of compulsion to prove or uphold himself to any standard, he accepts criticisms and ridicule without defence and often with amusement. Instead, he has a deep fascination with the purposes and goals that others find and create for themselves, and what they are willing to do and sacrifice for them. He will freely question, mock or satirise the motives and values of those who catch his intrigue, picking at their ideologies for weakness. His antagonistic behaviour can seem amoralistic, and he is wholly willing to engage in dangerous or destructive action to his own ends. Despite this, he does possess some notion of ethicality, however personal or abnormal. He can be intelligent, incisive, honest, and may perform acts of benevolence as readily as harm, but his unfettered tendencies make few lasting good impressions. While he can feel frustration, disappointment and the like, emotions like grief are beyond him. The first date he was aware of, the closest he has to a birthday, is the 14th of February.

Noxequa does not know what he is or how he came to be, nor extensively care. His existence had a beginning, but there seems to be no greater significance to his first moment. He could potentially be described as a psychic virus, as just like computer and biological viruses are an alien violation of the systems they inhabit, Noxequa's being is a transgression upon reality itself. Having encountered no others like him, and falling outside any classification that he has come across, his entire identity is self-assumed. Even his last name is intentionally pronounced the same way as "N/A". Rather than concerning himself over such matters, he simply accepts that he is and where he is, and in his own unique way makes the best of it. He wanders the world as a perpetual foreign element, taking in the highs and lows and psychological geography in-between of the beings that inhabit it. As his curious whims and outlook dictates, he sometimes involves himself more directly, to either the detriment or benefit of those he is around. He is not all-powerful, touched by destiny, or in fact part of any plan or design anywhere. He simply exists because reality has, thus far, failed to prevent him from doing so.

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