Formula One 04 Cheats

Formula One 04 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Control car preview
When previewing a car, use the Analog-sticks to turn the wheels.
Launch Traction Control
Hold L1 and press the right analog stick up when on the starting grid to rev up the car. When the lights go out, let go of L1 to launch the car out of the starting grid. Dont release it too early or you will get a penalty


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Alternate introduction sequence
Get an entry in the top ten lap times in time attack mode to unlock an alternate introduction sequence.
Eliminate you opponents!
When you are coming down a straight into a hairpin (China for example), following somebody (if you are lapping or passing them), save the game. Then go back to the main menu and load the game.
Its good with damage on and at the start of a race.
Unlock all cars
Crate a new profile named RETROF1 then all car lockeds is now unlockeds
Unlock all Classic Cars
Create a profile with the name RETROF1 and all unlockable cars will be in extra features!
Unlock Alternative Intro
To unlock an Alternative Intro movie which just goes round each car in detail, and can be viewed in the Extra Features menu, complete a top ten time in Time Attack mode.
Unlock Classic Car
To unlock the JORDAN 121, finish 1st in an Arcade Mode Season.
Unlock Classic Car
To unlock the WILLIAMS FW14B, win a race in Arcade mode.
Unlock Classic Car
To unlock the LOTUS 72D finish 1st in World Championship season
Unlock Renault
Complete all 5 career years and by winning at least one drivers and one constructors championships.