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Ford Racing 2 is the sequel to Ford Racing. In it you will find 35 cars from 1949 to the concept cars of tomorrow. Well what is it like? You ask. The best thing to describe it is an arcade racer. There are 18 different tracks and most, if not all, are beautifully detailed and vibrant. Just like some arcade racers. There are several differnent types of cars (Classic, Movie Stars, Modern, Off-Road Concept, Performance, Custom, and Stock) and there are specific tracks to each. One of the best parts about this game, though, is the many different types of races that are in it. There's your standard race, time trial, and duel but there are also types called drafting, which requires you to get behind (in the draft if you will) your opponents car until you eliminate him, elimination in which the last two cars are eliminated each lap, and seconds out where you start with a small amount of time to collect objects on the road that will decrease your time enabling you to finish a mile long track in a few seconds.You get awards for each type that you complete. No think back to a time when you have raced a full-sized pickup truck in a game. Drawing a blank? Not anymore you can race Explorers, F-350s, F-150s, Rally Cars, Concept Off-Roaders, and even 1948 and 56 F-100s. Unfortunately you can't upgrade any of the cars and the paint jobs are very few. The handling of the cars are all completely different, so first-time driving is difficult. This game wasn't made to be physics-realistic. You can launch yourself in a F-350 going 70mph. But that really isn't a problem. The game is also really short. I finished almost half the game in an afternoon. The graphics are really good. There are almost no-bump mapped objects on the cars (mump mapped means a 2-D picture of a 3-D object) which is a much better experience when you're really close to your car. The price on this game is phenominal! $19.82 is the price you would expect to pay for a brabd-new game you haven't heard of or a used older game. This game is a must for any Ford or car enthusiast. You should get this game! (Mach III Concept!!!!)

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