Ford Racing 2 (PS2) Cheats

Ford Racing 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Alternative views and Passing tips
Different views can help you win the race and succeed.


On Ovals Draft the car ahead

To pass on corners go in with a nice fast stedy pace

Faster starts
To get faster starts press the gas button right at GO. Do not rev the engine or you might spin out
Racing line
Try to stay on the line

Don't expect to go fast into a turn and brake suddenly and expect to stay on the line

Nice smooth turns

Good Pace and Momentum

Using Alternate views may help you stay on the line

Using the brake smoothly while keeping Momentum is key

Do your Best to follow these to suceed


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Code Breaker cheat codes
Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On)

FA7A006E 32B3E8D9

1 Always Low Lap Time

2A133B21 00000000

2 Unlock All Ford Challenge Cars 2A633E9D 24020001

2A6F3E9D A0620000
2A6B3E9D 03E00008
2A573E9D 27BD0010

3 Unlock All Ford Collection Tracks

2AACC91F 03E00008
2AA8C91F A0620000
2A173E9D 24020001
2A133E9D 08030088

4 Unlock All Ford Collection Race Types

2AEB3E9D 24020001
2AD73E9D A0620000
2AD33E9D 03E00008
2ADF3E9D 27BD0010

5 Unlock All Ford Collection Cars

2AAB3E9E 24020003
2A973E9E A0620000
2A933E9E 03E00008
2A9F3E9E 27BD0010
Super Mustang
Play the Stock Car level. When driving past a certain speed, you will hear a sound that will confirm that the Super Mustang has been unlocked.