: : : : : : : How to sell any player for £60m

Football Manager Handheld 2010 Tips

How to sell any player for £60m
This cheat does work.

1) Select any player you want to sell.
2) Select Offer To Clubs and make it £0m.
3) Wait until a club offers.
4) Change the amount to £60m. After you have done this press the L button - Don't press accept.
5) After you have done all of that press square. You will go back to the offer and the offer will say £60m.
6) After you have done that press undo changes and accept.
7) If you want to check that you have done it right select the player that you wanted to sell and select Contract and it will say the price that you are selling him at.

Don't use this unless you're desperate as it ruins your gaming experience.