Football Manager 2010 review
Football Manager moves forward with the biggest step in years

The good:

SI have tweaked almost everything about the layout Football Manager for the 2010 release and its largely for the better. The new interface is easier to navigate than previous versions and the 3D match engine is smoother and more responsive than ever. This year's new tactics layout lets you get the most out of your team by allowing you to instruct your players every behavior without using the old "trial and error" method that previous versions required.

If you happen to not like your team at all the revised attached Data Editor makes it easier than ever to change the game to exactly what you are looking for, be it through editing player stats or creating whole new leagues in which to play. As an added bonus, the leagues are now saved as low-memory flash applications which can be stacked on top of each other in order to play more than one at a time; something that you could never do with the old data storage system.

The bad:

Press conferences are still terribly monotonous and the set piece tactics are rudimentary and buggy in contrast with the rest of the tactical options. Having a more robust set piece system would go a long way towards adding realism.

The scouting system is adequate but is probably due for some advancement given the additions that the competing Championship Manager has made recently and sometimes the player ratings suffer from an understandable Anglo-centrism.

The club finances too, could use an overhaul, as everything outside of player wages, transfer fees and scheduling friendlies lies outside of your hands.


Football Manager 2010 is the best installment in the series in more than a few years. The new graphical layout for the menus and general navigation is absolutely superb and intuitive. Plus, most of the extra managerial options, tactical controls and feedback feel more realistic than ever for all of you miniature Wengers and Fergusons out there. In addition to that the 3D match engine has had a massive overhaul from last year, making it not only a smoother playing experience but also a more realistic one through new player animations and pitch and stadium detail. There are more than a few occasions in this year's installment, in fact, where you will briefly forget that you are watching a tactical sim at all and instead think that you are already at the match (only very, very far away!)

The addition of touchline shouts this year help to add to that level as realism as well by allowing you to adjust your tactics on the fly without ducking into a menu and messing round with a few sliders. The end result leaves you feeling more like Rafa Benitez adjusting play in action with a wag of the finger than previous editions in the series. Be prepared however, as the AI managers on this year's version are much more elastic than their predecessors; they will match you tactical change for change all match long depending on the score and situation.

SI isn't entirely covered in glory this year as they haven't fixed the continued problems with the tedious and repetitive managerial press conferences or the tactics engine for set pieces but those are relatively minor details for a simulation as deep as this one.

Even with those one or two particular quirks, Football Manager 2010 is the best sporting sim on the market by a very large margin even in their worst years but when an edition like this year's comes along it is definitely worth picking up and it makes an excellent change of pace for when you are tired of playing a fast-twitch game like FIFA and are looking for a more cerebral footballing challenge. In fact I would go so far as to say that Football Manager 2010 isn't merely the finest sporting simulation of the calender year but also the finest simulation of any sort that you can buy for your PC.

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Crowy May 17, 10
That is a great review,CP. Couldn't of put it better myself
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Chelsfccg Jun 18, 10
Superb review,CP. And I agree that this years is the best in a while.
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Spireite_UK Jul 8, 10
I'm now in your profile CP ;D I think, not quite sure where I am tbfh D: Anyway yeah, good review! I might stay here, it's quite cosey.
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