Football Manager 2008 review
Football Manager 2008- The Devilish_Red2 review

The good:

  • as addictive as ever
  • new fresh look
  • greatly detailed with thousands of players to sign, clubs to join and staff to steal
  • confidence section is a great addition

    The bad:

  • international management- there was meant to be a complete overhaul but adding your assistant recommending games to watch and a separate happiness indicator for internationals is not what i call an overhaul.
  • bugs. the game can be unplayable at times. defenders don't close down, vidic can't out jump defoe and the amount of chances missed is unbelievable.
  • the media. it is supposed to be expanded but there is little more in the way of things to say to the press.
  • as addictive as ever


    On the day it came out we were all rushing off to game or waiting impatiently for the postman to deliver it. But was it worth? I'd have to say yes, but it's a close call.

    the new skin is much better then the previous one but due to the fact you can download skins this is neither here nor there. Layout however is improved and it is much easier to navigate round all the endless amounts of information that absorb you.

    as ever there is a huge amount of information and the usual stat changes are made. you can view anything from information regarding the year Hapoel Tel.Aviv was founded to AFC's Wimbledons stadium capacity.

    the best new feature is the confidence section. at the click of a button you can found out that the fans don't think francis jeffers is a good acquisition for arsenal but they are pleased with Toure's performances. This system really lets you understand where you need to improve to please the board and how your making the beloved fans happy.

    As said in The Bad section- the bugs are atrocious. Rather then me going over what i said there I will tell you that know you can download the patch which fixes these bugs. hooray! you can find the link in the forum header of the fm2008 forum. I also said that International Management is still disappointing. It is still very much a job that doesn't at all compete with the thrills and spills of club management.

    I was very disappointed when I discovered that the media was the same. Thus is one of the biggest part of being a football manager yet there is still no press conferences and the responses you are given to questions asked are still the same, five, mandatory responses that we got on last years version. I also felt that team talks should of been improved, which they weren't. The only purposeful thing that could count as "expanded media" is the fact that you only get information regarding your club in your inbox and information regarding other clubs in your league is in a separate news section, which is a nice addition but not what we were hoping for

    Overrall it's a very good game. But this is not a complete overhaul of the game that people hoped for. Some say that the game is not worth £25 pounds as it is little more then a stat update. I, however, think that the small things they've added in, like squad bonuses and pitch sizes make this game one of the most realistic, absorbing and fun that SI have made.

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