Football Manager 2008 review
Ronaldo_7's FM08 Review

The good:

  • A sleek, white new skin gives the game a fresh, cleaner look.
  • Inceridibly detailed with thousands of players and clubs at your disposal.
  • Easier to use with smoother, quicker gameplay.

The bad:

  • Highly addictive.
  • The pre-match media questions can sometimes get quite repetitive.


In the latest installment of the best manager simulation game on the market a variety of new features have been introduced to make the game even more realistic and detailed than previous installments. Some of these features include-

  • Confidence- You can now find out about what the board and fans alike think of your performance as manager, this will go right down to their opinions on individual signings and match performances. They will also let you know their expectations which if not achieved will see you out the door.
  • Finances- You can have more control and flexibility than ever over your finances. This will allow you to make adjustments to your wage and transfer budgets allowing you more freedom in the transfer market.
  • Easier to use- A new layout for the game allows for easier and more flowing gameplay. The adviser system provides you with assistance with everything you need which will benefit players who are new to the series.
  • Fan days- You will now be able to host fan days at your club to boost attendances and fanbases. This is particularly useful for smaller clubs who are looking to move up in the world.
  • Facegen- A new feature that will create human like faces for regenerated players, these faces will age and show different expressions depending on how the player is feeling.
There are also other minor new features like the calender which shows you all the important dates for a particular month, there is now a transfer centre which allows you to monitor all the in's and out's involving your club.

In this years game there is a larger emphasise on the importance of tactics and you will have to vary them for home and away games. You will have to work at this until you perfect it, but when your tactics work out you will have a great sense of achievement and from then on you will be hooked.

In my opinion the only major let down is, as I mentioned, the media questions, they can get quite repetitive when you play the game for a large amount of time and with a very limited number of responses they may start to bore you.

In what is more of a tweaked version of the last game than a huge overhaul Fotball Manager 2008 is a great game, which will have you playing for hours and I would highly recommend it to any football fan.

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