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With the opportunity to take control of thousands of clubs around the world and put in situations real life managers are put in during their daily managerial careers makes the gameplay of Football Manager 2007 not only exciting but extremely realistic. While you sit and watch your favourite team and claim how you'd make them better in the transfer market, what tactics you'd use and a lot more, you get the opportunity to make your thoughts more than thoughts.

The new features on this year's addition are what set this managerial sim higher than their competitors.

The opportunity to have feede...


Football Manager '07 - Square's Review

The good:

Easier on the eye interface

The new skin gives a cleaner and smoother look to FM, easier to use than ever

Feeder Clubs

As requested from many fans, the option of Feeder Clubs has been introduced. The larger club can take advantage of sending developing talent out as well/or having the first option over any of the feeder clubs most players. The smaller club can gain money from it's parent, as well as receiving loanee's from it's bigger brother.


The scouting system has been improved a lot from last year. One of the best features the "report card" provides more informative reports on players. You can send your scout to view your next opposition, and he will highlight their style of play, probable formation and any strengthes and weaknesses he has found.

Pre - Match Team Talks

Following on from Football Manager 2006, This years version see's the inclusion of pre - match team talks. This can be used to inspire your players before a game. Also, your assistant manager can give you a report on how your players responded at what you have said.

Player Interaction

This allows you to talk about any player in the world, this may such things as admiring his talents or highlighting him as a potential signing. It seems SI have focused on little things as well this year, and some nice touches have been added such as the ability to send a player to the reserves until he has recovered or is match fit.

The bad:

There are very few aspects that can be considered bad in this game. However, with the increasing difficulty that this year's version brings many feel the "pick up and play" factor has been lost. Pre match media comments can also become repetitive, such as stating whether you believe your team can win etc.


An excellent game, Sports Interactive once again bring an addictive game in Football Manager 2007, an improved update from it's predecessor. Football Manager continues to keep players gripped for hours on end.


Football Manager 2007

The good:

There have been several new features added from Football Manager 2006, most of which make the game even better than what it was last year.

Feeder Clubs - Feeder/Parent clubs is a great addition to Football Manager. The option to have a feeder club allows you to send your youngsters on loan for experience which is one of the biggest benefits you can get out of having your own feeder club. You can also use your feeder club to avoid work permit regulations. If you have a feeder club in a country such as Belgium etc you can send the player on loan to the club until he is provided with a full WP. Another benefit from feeder clubs is the extra merchandise that can be received if you are lucky enough to be offered a feeder club in the likes of Japan,China or USA. If you are a lower league team then parent clubs can be of great advantage to you. The parent club could send you their youngsters on loan to gain experience which could be very useful to you for obvious reasons. The parent club will also pay an annual fee to you which will help out finances and also an annual friendly is usually in the agreement. This friendly will be played at the feeder clubs home ground with the home team keeping all profit from the match.

Scouting - The scouting system has been vastly improved from last year as well. You can now multiple select players to scout instead of scouting players one at a time. In my opinion the most useful addition to the scouting system is the 'report card'. This means you can send one of your scouts to get a report card on the player containing lots of useful things such as comparing him to your best player at that position, stating if they think he is likely to improve, his strengths and weaknesses, how much he would be available for and much more.

They are in my opinion two of the best additions from last year but there a lot more. Player Interaction allows you to talk to any player in the world via the media, allows you to praise any player and also to "tap up" a player. These can be used to try and make an opposing player buckle under pressure or get your own players morale high. Opposition instructions is also a helpful addition. Say you are playing Chelsea, it is evident you will want to stop players such as Ballack and Shevchenko and any time during the match you can now tell your team to show one of these players onto weaker foot or even to close down quickly.

All these features and many more make the game so much more enjoyable and are sure to have you addicted for hours and hours playing this game.

The bad:

Not much bad points to the game really. One thing that gets a bit repetitive is the pre-match media comments before the game asking you if you think you can win etc. These can be useful to get your team fired up for the match ahead but in my opinion they become very repetitive and you end up saying the same things over and over again.


Overall an excellent game for all ages and I highly recommend it.

All the new features make the game so much more enjoyable and are sure to have you addicted for hours and hours playin this game.

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