Football Manager 2007 Tips

Mads Laudrup
Hes incredible! Then again when your dad is Michael Laudrup and your uncle is Brian Laudrup your kinda destined to be amazing!

Anyway I've always had him in my Hibernian team thought i'd sign him for my Man Utd team so after 1 season I got him for £150k! I had a dead easy european group match against Salzberg so thought I'd put out a reserves team see how they do. So put Mads in CM in place of Darren Fletcher. He scored the only goal of the game a 30 yard belter! His value went up £175k to £325k! Played him again against Chelsea. He stood the challenge value went up another £125k to £450k! So after 2 matches his value has trebled and hes keeping Darren Fletcher out of the team!