Football Manager 2007 Tips

Must buys
Amazing players

David villa - 38m quality st will always find the net at least 30 times a season.

Klose - 28m-32m again a quality st who scores 30 or more goals a season.At 28 he only has bout 4 years in him but what a 4 years.

Lavezzi - 6m is never mentioned but trust me he scores as much as anyone, he is younger and cheaper aswell. However he can be injury prone

Ribery - 8m an explosive winger who can score goals aswell

chivu - 10m A versatile but class defender. He is keeping ahley cole out of my chelsea team


Costil - free and becomes a fantastic gk

bale - 1.9m at start of game. brilliant but can be hard to sign with contract negotiations etc

Dos carlos - a very capable cb. bout 4 m but after 3 years costs 25m

Eduardo ratinho - 17 year old wonderkid rb. Already as good if not better than alves at sevilla and only costs 3.2m aswell.Get him while you can

Cardenas - amazing midfielder who becomes the next gerrard. Can play well as soon as you sign him aswell. Never lets you down , is a free transfer at start of game and his freekicks are brilliant aswell.

Dalla valle - Finnish st who is a free transfer. Only 14 but in 2 years time you will see what an amazing player you have on your hands. Will score 30 or 40 goals a year. He is definitely the best of the best st wise in 2 years time. MUST SIGN


Eneyeuma - a brilliant gk who only costs 200k at start of game. The best bargain on the game